BirdEye Goals Tool – Boost customer happiness for your business

Aanchal Narad

2 min read Last Updated Jun 12, 2020

Businesses can now set review goals and track their progress on third-party sites using the BirdEye Review Goals tool.

BirdEye’s Review Goals tool is designed for small businesses to set and track goals for their reviews on third-party sites. The Goals feature takes review marketing to the next level, allowing businesses to understand exactly how many authentic customer reviews they need to reach their desired rating.

So how does the Goals feature work? It’s simple: just select the review site where you want to grow your reviews and add the growth of reviews you want to see on that platform. You can also let BirdEye know how many customers you see in a month.

Eg: I have 86 reviews on Google and I want to grow the review count to 140 to overtake my competition.

The Goals calculator will calculate the number of review requests you will need to send out in order to get to that number. And if you have added the optional information about how many customers you typically see in a month, it will also tell you how long it will take you to reach your goal.

Set review goals

What’s more, you can also track your performance within your BirdEye dashboard in an easy to monitor graph.

Review goal tracker

Businesses can track the progress of their review generation campaigns over time with a Goal Tracking Chart that shows them an updated count of how many reviews are still needed and how long it will take to collect those reviews.

“The Goals feature motivates businesses to consistently collect more feedback, and with more feedback comes a deeper understanding of what drives customer happiness,” said Sumit Jain, CTO BirdEye

The BirdEye platform offers several tools to help small businesses reach their goals, including:

  • Review Generation: automatically ask every customer for a review via SMS or email
  • Review Management: respond directly to customer reviews on 200+ sites from one place
  • Review Marketing: Automatically share reviews to social channels, search engines, and website
  • Reporting: track reviews and ratings over time and by source, track conversion rates of email and SMS campaigns

Customer expectations today are rising more rapidly every day, so businesses need to keep up in order to win. That’s why with BirdEye, once a goal is reached, a new one can be set, allowing businesses to improve constantly and continue raising the bar for customer happiness.