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5on Google, Oct 01, 2022
Very kind staff. Short wait. Clean area. Well decorated. more »
3on Google, Aug 28, 2022
They do their jobs fine but really have no patience with older clients such as I. They’re the kind of place to say “come on you’re too old to be acting like this” sorry if it’s just me but i dont know anyone else who’s gag reflex goes away because of their age. Again like I said, they did their jobs fine but the things they say make me not want to go back. more »
5on Google, Jul 18, 2022
I had a complex case that required years of treatment. The team at Precision Orthodontics has always been a great balance of fun and professional. Dr. Suffield and the staff make each visit as fun and efficient as possible. They understood my long-term goals and made it easy to coordinate my cosmetic procedures with my dentist. I had the added bonus of being in network through my dental insurance and my out-of-pocket expenses seemed reasonable. I highly recommend the team! more »
5on Google, Jul 15, 2022
Awesome experience. I waited until I had completed my orthodontic treatment to write this review. It’s a fun atmosphere. You’re getting the best orthodontist in the region and a very kind, competent and hilarious staff. Ultimately the best thing though was the final result. I’m very happy with my teeth and bite. I couldn’t chew food normally before because my teeth clanked together. But now I can eat like a normal person! Yay! Thanks guys more »
5on Google, Jun 24, 2022
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5on Google, Jun 19, 2022
You know it’s an AWESOME practice when the conversation goes: “your braces are coming off next month! Are you excited??”
“Yeah! Well… I’m gonna miss seeing Dr Suffield and his crew.

I could not recommend them more. From the beginning, they’ve made my daughter so comfortable, and she still looks forward to her appointments.
I’d give way more stars if I could.
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5on Google, Apr 30, 2022
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5on Google, Apr 28, 2022
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5on Google, Apr 26, 2022
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5on Google, Mar 23, 2022
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