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Birdeye automatically sends your customers to Google to share their feedback.

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Get reviews via text messages

Send your customers a review request using texts, and quickly turn them into your biggest advocates on Google.

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Automate everything

Get up and running in weeks, not months. And do it efficiently, with AI-powered workflows and event based triggers — all designed to get your more reviews, without any extra work.

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Automate everything

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Birdeye Awards: Top Rated, 2022Stevie Gold Winner for Sales and Customer services, 2022Crozdesk Customer Engagement Software Winner, 2022Spurceforge Leader Spring, 2022
Birdeye Awards: G2Crowd Leader Spring Awards, 2022

The power of Google behind your reviews

Birdeye’s partnership with Google makes the process of getting new reviews on Google simpler, faster and more secure.

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Automate everything

Integrate easily

Birdeye works the way you do - easily integrate with over 300+ apps, CRMs, and PMSs.

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All Review Site In One Dashboard

With Birdeye you create happy customers who spend more, come back, and refer their friends.

Collect reviews, convert leads, run surveys, get referrals - all with messaging.

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You use it, you love it.

strickland brothers

Birdeye allows us to “make Google happy”. Now anytime a potential customer searches for us they feel confident in bringing their car to us

Carmen Garcia, Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change
hillcrest animal hospital

Everyone has a phone, everyone Googles everything: BirdEye makes us the obvious choice in town now with very little effort from our staff.

Amanda Knight, Hillcrest Animal Hospital

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