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Online feedback provides vast amounts of data, but this data is scattered across hundreds of sources in various forms, making it impossible to interpret—until now.

BirdEye’s Business Insights tool cracks the code of unstructured online feedback, and uncovers root cause of sentiment, giving you actionable intelligence you can share across your entire company.

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Real-time business analytics

The BirdEye platform scales thousands of locations in real-time, and BirdEye’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, Athena, humanizes big data so you can understand the sentiments expressed in feedback — both company-wide and location-specific.

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Quantifiable customer experience

BirdEye structures insights on a 3-tiered hierarchy: business drivers, sentiment drivers, and customer verbatims. Insights are designed to spur decisive action from executives down to the frontlines. For example, category analysis tells a restaurant its food has negative sentiment. Digging deeper, the restaurant finds a surge in negative mentions for “pizza”.

Preemptive crisis management

Sudden negative shifts in feedback sentiment may imply emerging customer experience trends. In the restaurant example, a closer look reveals that their pizza is frequently described as “burnt”. Location analysis tells them which locations are receiving the most mentions of “burnt pizza”. Corporate can contact these locations’ managers to fix this problem before it escalates.

Drive improvement and growth

Operational excellence and customer satisfaction matter only as much as they impact your top and bottom lines. Online reputation determines success, not the other way around — and reputation is built by shared customer experiences. Share robust analytics reports with every department to activate customer insights and let the voice of the customer guide decisions company-wide.

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BirdEye humanizes big data so you can understand the sentiments expressed in feedback and take decisive action.

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