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“62% of homebuyers choose a realtor based on online reviews.” —ZipRealty

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Get new reviews with BirdEye

Gather new reviews from your clients via automated SMS and MMS alerts sent to their mobile devices. Intelligent deep linking directs them to crucial sites to post on -- Google, Zillow and Facebook. BirdEye allows you to customize all text messages and emails. BirdEye is integrated with 95% of CRM systems, so this entire process is automated.

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Turn homebuyers into advocates

Let your happy clients do your marketing for you. BirdEye lets you amplify positive feedback across the web.

  • Auto-promote positive client feedback to sites that matter to you
  • Prompt satisfied clients to post reviews on top review sites
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Rank higher on Google search

Bolster search engine optimization for your business through a steady flow of real-time clients reviews automatically published on your website, blog, and social pages like Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Easily set up a personalized business micro-site displaying all of your best reviews with information about your business -- optimized for search engines and indexed by Google.

Manage reviews, boost ratings

Monitor your online reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook-- as well as real estate industry sites like Trulia and Zillow, in real-time.

  • Respond to all feedback directly from one dashboard
  • Manage negative feedback directly through private channels

Mobile app

Get video reviews via BirdEye's mobile app, which fits the platform's features in your pocket for on-the-go review management.

Premium support

Get results quickly with premier customer service and a dedicated support representative.

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