Former Yahoo executive. CPO at RingCentral. Product innovator. Table tennis player.

Naveen Gupta

Co-Founder, CEO

Engineering architect at Oracle and Yahoo. Makes things happen at BirdEye. Warriors' fan.

Neeraj Gupta

Co-Founder, COO

Global sales at Eventbrite. Sales and marketing leadership for SMB and Enterprise markets.

Chris Aker

Chief Revenue Officer

Finance at world class companies - DocuSign,, Banana Republic, Gap.

Waifa Chau

SVP, Finance and HR

Designed for Ferrari and Amazon. Design thinker. Design maker.

Pietro Consavari

VP, Design and Growth

Veteran CTO. Full stack technologist. Jabong. HT Media.

Sumit Jain

CTO, India

Yahoo dude. Eats full stack for breakfast. Highest calibre, highest integrity.

Ameya Virkar

VP, Engineering

Stanford Phd. Big brain. NLP, computational semantics, information extraction and stuff.

Nate Chambers

Chief NLP Scientist

Customer happiness advocate, scaled Demandforce through Intuit acquisition.

André Pimentel

VP, Customer Success

All things demand generation. Powered the hypergrowth for Act-on.

Janelle Johnson

VP, Demand Generation

Proven innovative Go To Market strategist and team builder. Powered the hypergrowth for CVENT to $200M+ in revenue.

Taran Bir Singh Nandha

VP, Marketing

Board, Advisors, Investors

From living room to IPO with Pinnacle Systems.

Ajay Chopra

Gen. Partner, Trinity Ventures
Board Member, BirdEye

Builder of category winners: HubSpot, RingCentral, DocuSign.

Rob Theis

Chief Investment Officer, WiL
Board Member, BirdEye

One of the pioneers of cloud computing.

Marc Benioff

Founder CEO,
Investor, BirdEye

Co-created the Yahoo Internet navigational guide in April 1994.

Jerry Yang

Cofounder ex CEO, Yahoo
Investor, BirdEye

Author, Female in tech advocate, Founder CEO at Hearsay Social.

Clara Shih

Board of Directors, Starbucks
Advisor, BirdEye

The most connected woman in Silicon Valley (Fast Company).

Ellen Levy

Managing Director, SVC
Investor, BirdEye

The Twitter insider that ran all Twitter products. Now Instagram.

Kevin Weil

Head of Product, Instagram
Investor, BirdEye

Godfather of Google AdSense. Then Facebook. Then Square.

Gokul Rajaram

Product Engineering, Square
Investor, BirdEye

3x Founder incl. BranchOut. Angel investor in 40+ companies.

Rick Marini

General Manager, Hearst
Investor, BirdEye

Technology investor, startup adviser, and media personality.

Semil Shah

Author, Media Personality
Investor, BirdEye