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Enhance every touchpoint of the customer journey and and take action on feedback insights to build a customer-centric brand that draws in new guests.

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Experience is everything

A guest’s search for a place to stay is based entirely upon experience: What amenities are provided? How friendly is the staff? What’s the ambience like? How close is it to where I want to go? Whether they’re staying for a night or several months, their accommodations can significantly add or detract from their travels, so they want to be confident they’ve chosen the best place. To determine this, they consult the most knowledgeable source: other guests. Review sites and social media are buzzing with shared experiences that can make or break a brand.

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Improve operations with guest intel

BirdEye converts all the unstructured data from guest feedback into straightforward insights you can actually take action on. Identify root cause of positive and negative sentiment, and discover where to go to fix issues or replicate positive performance. Access these insights not only for your own guests, but for your competitors’ guests too. Benchmark operational performance and spot opportunities to capture market share.

Manage reviews, boost ratings

Your guests are talking every second. Monitor your reviews from all the major sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook -- all from one clean dashboard. Easily listen and respond to what your guests are saying about you in real-time and manage negative guest reviews before problems escalate. Negative feedback is kept private and confidential, directed straight to you for quick issue resolution.

Turn guests into advocates

Easily gather new reviews from your guests via automated SMS and MMS alerts sent to their mobile devices at critical customer journey touchpoints. Intelligent deep linking directs them to crucial sites to post on -- Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Facebook. BirdEye allows you to customize all text messages and emails.

Hear every word on social media

Monitor and engage with guest feedback on social channels in real-time, without missing a hashtag. Answer guest questions and solve guest issues before they escalate. Interact with guests to build a personable, reliable online reputation.

Close the loop on guest feedback by converting reviews and social comments into tickets. Assign these tickets to relevant employees and track issue resolution to ensure every concern is addressed.

Mobile app

Get video reviews via BirdEye's mobile app, which fits the platform's features in your pocket for on-the-go review management.

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Get results quickly with premier customer service and a dedicated support representative.

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