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Realtor review sites to find a good realtor

Purchasing your own home is many people’s ultimate dream and realtor ratings will help you make their dreams come true. Once upon a time, customers looking for their dream home would start with asking friends and family for a referral to a trusted realtor. But nowadays, it’s more typical to search for a realtor to start online, and the first thing most searchers are looking at is real estate agent review sites. According to a recent study by ZipRealty, 62% of home buyers choose a realtor based on online reviews and real estate agent ratings.

But where they see those reviews has no easy answer as reviews for realtors are scattered across a number of different websites. So which sites are best for online review monitoring if you are a realtor?

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Realtor Rating Sites

Following are some of the top real estate agent rating websites:


The thing that works in Zillow’s favor is that this platform is specifically designed for real estate. They have separate star ratings for attributes like process expertise, local knowledge, negotiation skills, and responsiveness. They also do one thing differently from most other sites: they break down the local real estate agent reviews by zip code. For posting a review, the user must create a Zillow account. This step should cut down on fraudulent reviews.

For a more in-depth look how real estate agents can build their online presence on Zillow, check out our article Zillow for realtors: The ultimate guide to success in your market.


Here comes Google, the big daddy of the search engines. Any user with an active Google account is good to post a review on Google. When searching for a realtor, searchers will get to see the listing on the right side of the page. If everything is configured properly, alongside the listing will be a star rating with the hyperlinked words “X Google reviews.” After clicking on the hyperlink, searchers will be able to read real estate agent ratings left by other users.

It is the official website of the National Association of Realtors and hosts the listings for land, homes, and rentals. It collects information from MLS. Since it caters to realtors, the rating categories are specific, such as market expertise, overall rating, responsiveness, professionalism and communication, and negotiation skills. At, you get an overview of the local housing market, market trends, currently available homes, school ratings, and top-rated local agents.


With almost everyone on Facebook, realtors are cashing in by having a business Facebook page that allows people to submit local real estate agent recommendations. The best part is that you know who wrote the review and get an indication of how you can improve your services. Also, the reviews on the page to appear in the Google search results. Since it is easily accessible; it’s very easy to ask your customers for reviews on Facebook.

The Bottom Line

Now you know where most searchers are finding realtor ratings, so here are the Top 6 practices that a realtor should follow to make the most of those reviews. Follow these tips and you will not only get more reviews but also improve your online reputation.

  1. Focus on a variety of sites – Sites like Google are an absolute must, but many real estate specific sites are home to highly qualified prospects with a specific need in mind. Prospects like this won’t even consider you if you don’t appear on their go-to real estate review site.
  2. Respond to all reviews – Thank happy customers for the great feedback, offer solutions and support contact information to unsatisfied customers.
  3. Display great testimonials from third-party sites like those mentioned above on your company website to reach a wider audience.   

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