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Social Publishing & Scheduling

Use AI to generate targeted social content

With Birdeye Social's AI-powered content generator, effortlessly create engaging posts that are tailored to your industry and customers. Get contextually relevant image recommendations based on prompts to bring life to your posts.

Social Publishing & Scheduling
AI-Generated Social Replies

Respond in seconds with AI

AI lets you rapidly draft responses to comments and messages, or effortlessly edit or rephrase existing replies to suit your preferences, ensuring quick and tailored interactions.

Respond in seconds with AI
Social Engagement

Monitor social engagement

Engage your followers in real time with instant notifications — answering questions, responding to comments, and driving the conversation around your brand from a centralized inbox.

Social Engagement
Social Reporting & Analytics

Quantify your social performance

Measure top performing content, social reach, engagement, and audience growth by account or location — uncovering insights and trends you can use to optimize your social strategy.

 Social Reporting & Analytics
Local Social Media Management

Manage multi-location social publishing from one place

Easily create and publish social content for multiple business locations from a single dashboard. Create one post that can be automatically personalized with local details to save time and create brand consistency.

Birdeye customers get results

Valley Veterinary
Meghan S. Bingham
It's so important for each of our practices to share their own personalities so they can keep that authentic local presence. Birdeye Social allows us to post across locations while still connecting with our communities
Meghan S. BinghamSenior Operations Manager, Valley Veterinary Care
Christina Lamotta
It has been so efficient to post advertising onto our multiple social platforms from 1 central location! We also find it really convenient to have various templates established for different client types.
Christina LamottaMarketing Manager, PRD Panania
Riley Torrence
Birdeye Social has been huge in keeping me organized as a social media manager for 90 facebook pages. I just know that everything is in one place and organized. It's been a huge time-saver!
Riley TorrenceSocial Media Manager, Pacifica Senior

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How quickly can I start using Birdeye Social?Click to open

As you sign up for your 30-day free trial, you can connect your social accounts immediately. To access the free trial, you have to connect at least one social account.

Which social accounts are supported in the free trial?Click to open

Birdeye Social supports all popular social accounts such as Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can connect and manage all your social accounts from a single Birdeye dashboard.

Does the free trial include AI capabilities?Click to open

Yes, you can extensively create social posts using AI by simply entering an idea for your post in the AI content creator. Your post will also be optimized with emojis, hashtags, and image suggestions. You can also draft responses to comments and messages ensuring quick and tailored interactions.

How soon will the data start to appear in my account?Click to open

Birdeye Social will gather data from your social accounts as soon as you connect them. In some cases, it may take up to 24 hours to appear.

What happens when my free trial is over?Click to open

After your 30-day free trial, you can simply upgrade your plan by setting up your subscription to continue accessing Birdeye Social