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BirdAI helps you deliver personalized experiences, elevate business outcomes, and better understand your customers — without adding resources.

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Local businesses of all sizes need AI to succeed in the digital age

Rising customer expectations

Rising customer expectations

Customers expect immediate, personalized responses no matter where they interact with a business — Facebook, Google, Twitter, and beyond.

Differentiated experiences

Differentiated experiences

To stand out from the competition and increase customer loyalty, local businesses need to offer enhanced experiences powered by real-time customer insights.

Tight resources

Tight resources 

Local businesses don’t want a lack of resources to stop them from delivering meaningful, personalized experiences at scale. 


AI purpose-built for local businesses

BirdAI is the next evolution of generative AI. It offers the best-in-breed tools your business needs to attract, convert, and delight its customers.

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AI purpose-built for local businesses

AI Everywhere

BirdAI is integrated into every part of the Birdeye platform, from review management to social media, customer engagement, and surveys — driving value across the customer lifecycle.


Keep your data safe and private all while delivering superior, speedy, and consistent customer interactions — even as you grow across locations and countries.

Best of Breed

BirdAI is built in house on top of Stanford NLP and combines multiple generative AI models to ensure you have the best tools for the job.


BirdAI is trained on public data from over 150k local businesses and refined using your 1st party data and individual customer interaction touchpoints to provide truly personalized and contextual results.

Human Controlled

Get human-like responses based on conversation context, review texts, and social comments. You always have the option to regenerate and tweak BirdAI output before sharing it with customers or internal teams.

“AI is changing the game and Birdeye is on the forefront of it. I've rolled it out to my customers. It's making their lives easier and I'm really pumped about where Birdeye is taking it.”
Nicole WoodOwner
Orange Fish

AI to drive your local business

We’ve built on our decade-long legacy to offer local businesses all the AI tools they need to stand out from the competition, win more revenue, and delight their customers in one AI-powered digital experience platform.


Beat writer’s block and spark creativity with AI-generated social posts, SEO-optimized business listings, and replies to customer reviews and messages.


Contextualize and translate customer reviews and messages — then auto-generate personalized replies in just a few clicks.


Effortlessly access meaningful insights and evolve customer experience with AI-generated report summaries, survey responses, and reviews.


Get suggested actions to boost engagement, increase satisfaction, and drive better business objectives.

Unlock enhanced digital customer experience with BirdAI

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Review Replies

Write the perfect review reply

Write personalized review replies at scale with help from AI. Ask BirdAI to generate tailored responses from scratch or rephrase your replies to ensure they're on-brand, empathetic, and consistent. Fix grammar and change tone and length with ease.

BirdAI for Reviews
Review Translation

Translate reviews and responses with AI

You don’t need a translator to serve multilingual customers. Birdeye Reviews will automatically translate reviews into English — then translate your response in your customer’s language.

Review Translation
Social Posts

Turn ideas into social posts

Goodbye writer’s block. Hello increased productivity. Simply enter an idea for a social post and our AI-powered content generator will do the rest — creating a social post optimized with emojis, hashtags, and image suggestions.

Social Posts
Messaging Replies

Write better replies with AI

Send better quality messages with the help of an AI-writing assistant that can generate tailored responses from scratch or rephrase your replies to ensure they're on-brand, empathetic, and consistent.

Messaging Replies
“We've started using the AI-powered response tools, and it is great because it's sometimes difficult to phrase things in a way that speak to that client. Using Birdeye gives us great ideas and insights that we hadn't thought about, which really reduces the amount of time and effort that we need to spend trying to craft a good response.”
Steven GreerCOO
Genesis Counseling
AI-Generated Conversation Summaries

Summarize conversations in seconds

Access AI-generated summaries to quickly recap conversations across channels, share them with colleagues to collaborate and solve problems in real-time.

AI-Generated Conversation Summaries

Engage web visitors with an AI chatbot

Give your teams the breathing room they need to focus on more complex work with effortless and efficient customer support powered by our AI chatbot, Robin.

Sentiment Analysis

Uncover insights, instantly

Summarize the sentiment of hundreds of reviews or survey responses with a single click to quickly learn what’s working — and what isn't. Create reports by location and share with ease.

Sentiment Analysis
“One of the big reasons why we came to Birdeye is leveraging the AI insights. We analyze performance by location. We look at review count goals for each store. We analyze sentiment found throughout content in reviews and surveys. We're really looking for opportunities to improve.”
Melissa CameronSVP of Customer Acquisitions
National Storage Affiliates
BirdAI for Listings

Boost your SEO performance

Set up your listings right the first time. With AI-generated business descriptions, you can effortlessly boost SEO and attract more customers on day one.

BirdAI for Listings
BirdAI for Surveys

Summarize surveys in a single click

Sort, summarize, and analyze survey responses in a single click. And get granular, sorting across or by questions to quickly find the data you’re looking for.

BirdAI for Surveys

Birdeye outranks the competition

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AI?Click to open

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It is a branch of computer science that enables machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as learning from experience, recognizing patterns, making decisions, and solving problems. AI aims to create smart systems that can mimic human-like cognitive abilities. AI can help local businesses transform their customer experience, bring in efficiencies, and impact their top and bottom lines.

How can local businesses use AI for social media?Click to open

Local businesses can use AI for social media in various ways. AI-powered tools can analyze customer data to understand preferences, create personalized content, and schedule posts for optimal engagement. Chatbots provide instant customer support. AI can also analyze trends and sentiments to refine marketing strategies, reaching a wider audience and enhancing the overall social media presence.

How can local businesses use AI for reputation management?Click to open

Local businesses can leverage AI for reputation management by monitoring online reviews and social media mentions in real-time. AI-powered sentiment analysis gauges customer feedback and identifies potential issues. Automated responses or personalized outreach to dissatisfied customers can help address concerns promptly. AI aids in maintaining a positive brand image and building trust with the community.

Why do I need BirdAI if I can simply use Google Bard or ChatGPT?Click to open

BirdAI offers all the AI tools you need to attract, convert, and delight customers within the all-in-one Birdeye platform. Without BirdAI, you will need to integrate LLM APIs within multiple tools that will need heavy lifting from your IT department and a lot of tab-switching for your marketing teams.

How can local businesses use AI in customer experience?Click to open

Local businesses can enhance customer experience with AI by implementing chatbots for instant support, using AI-driven analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences, and offering personalized recommendations. AI can streamline processes, improve response times, and create tailored interactions, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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