Business listings management made easy

Manage your business listings to rank higher everywhere online.

Map Location

Put your business on the map and
be found everywhere

Birdeye keeps your company listings (name, address, and phone number) for each location consistent across 50+
global partners, including Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo so you’re found easily by search engines.

Put Your Business On Map And Be Found Everywhere
listings management

Keep your listings

Maintain accurate business listings for all
locations across 50+ sites to ensure
you’re found easily by customers.
Optimize listings for Google, Facebook and
Bing based on their specific requirements.

Rank Higher Everywhere Online Using Listings Management
Google reports

See how customers are
finding you on Google

Get a complete picture of how prospects are
engaging with your listings on Google, across all
your locations.

See How Customers Are Finding You
Rich snippets

Use your reviews to shine in search results

Display your reviews as part of your search result and stand out from the pack.

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Use Reviews To Shine In Search Resutls
Google my business fields

Enhanced Google My
Business fields

Rank higher on Google by optimizing your
Google listings with maps, service areas,
and business status details.

Img Gm Bknowledge Panel
Easy to update, easy to be found
Icon Fb Black
Facebook fieldsEnrich your Facebook profile with
specific category and business
description details.
Icon Bing Black
Bing fieldsGet found on Bing with specific
category and business description
Icon Covid 19 Black
COVID-19 fieldsEnsure your listings are up to date with
remote support information, current
business status and more.
Icon Gallery Black
Photo galleryDisplay up to 100 photos on your listing,
and push to multiple sites.
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Powerful alone. Unstoppable together.

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