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Manage your business listings to rank higher everywhere online.

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Put your business on the map and
be found everywhere

Birdeye keeps your company listings (name, address, and phone number)
for each location consistent across 50+ global partners, including Google,
Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo so you’re found easily by search engines.

Put Your Business On Map And Be Found Everywhere
Google my business integration

Make sure you’re found on Google

Create and manage your Google My Business profile for all locations through Birdeye. Add your business hours, websites, and more. Engage customers with Google Q&A and dynamic content like posts, images, videos, social links and more.

Make Sure You Are Found On Google
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Rank higher everywhere online with listings management

Update and manage your business listings for every location across 50+ sites to ensure you’re found easily by customers, no matter where they’re searching.

See how your business appears online
Rank Higher Everywhere Online Using Listings Management
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See how customers are finding you

Calls, directions, website visits - see how your customers and prospects engage with your business on Google.

See How Customers Are Finding You
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Drive more customers with your Birdeye profile

Your SEO-enhanced Birdeye profile showcases all your reviews from 150+ sites in one place to
to drive more traffic to your website and more customers to your door. Add your business information and social feeds. Chat with leads directly on your profile with Webchat.

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Drive More Customers With Your Birdeye Profile
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Use your reviews to shine in search results

Display your reviews as part of your search result and stand out from the pack.

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Use Reviews To Shine In Search Resutls
Managed Services

Be found and chosen where it matters most

Most people who search on Google, stay on Google. Our team of experts can ensure your Google listing is accurate and complete, and provides all the information consumers need to choose you and take action.

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