BirdEye gives you the power to improve customer experience in real-time for all your locations.

Engage with customers and improve operations using one intuitive and scalable dashboard.

Connect marketing, sales and support with unparalleled insight from every customer touchpoint, turning every bit of data into an actionable item.

Meet your new marketing engine: your customer

Monitor sentiment, measure experience, drive growth, in real-time, from one place

Countless perspectives, one login

Seamlessly integrate BirdEye into your existing CRM platform for organization-wide customer experience improvement.

Streamline management with role-based dashboards and custom reporting. Benchmark across products and locations to identify root cause of overall sentiment. Pinpoint opportunities to improve performance and capture market share.

Flexible feedback management

Monitor customer feedback from 250+ review sites, social channels, and surveys in one place, in real-time.

Easily create your own engaging surveys, enhanced with advanced logic and grouping to optimize response rates. Slice and dice star ratings and survey scores however you like to uncover feedback trends.

Proactive Solutions

Leverage actionable insights to increase customer acquisition

Data-driven decisions

BirdEye converts mountains of unstructured feedback into straightforward insights. Spot overarching themes, and drill down to uncover root cause of positive and negative sentiment.

Evaluate where you stand in your industry by accessing insights from your competitors’ customer feedback. Make informed improvements where it matters most.

Higher conversion & ROI

Maximize the power of reviews. Auto-share your reviews to any company-managed site or social media channel.

BirdEye enables customers to share feedback on top sites like Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

Automate everything with Enterprise APIs

BirdEye offers Enterprise APIs for everything! We integrate with 300+ leading applications like Salesforce, Google, Paypal, MailChimp, ZenDesk and Zuora. BirdEye automatically detects when you sign a new customer and proactively gets their feedback for you.

Collecting customer feedback is now an integral part of your business process.

Let us know a bit more and let’s get started.

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