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Birdeye is the most complete reputation management platform in the industry as rated by G2.


Generate and manage reviews with ease with powerful, yet intuitive AI capabilities.


Everything you need to build your reputation, grow revenue, and deliver exceptional customer experiences under one roof.

Review Generation Campaigns
Review Generation Campaigns

Generate more reviews, automatically

Minimize effort. Maximize reviews. Pair Birdeye with your CRM to trigger review requests to right customer at the right time without lifting a finger.

Scan to Review

Collect reviews in real-time

Ask for reviews before your customers leave — then send them straight to your favorite review site with a custom QR code.

Scan to Review
AI-assisted responses

Reply with AI

Personalize your review replies at scale with help from AI and generate tailored, error-free responses with a single click.

AI-assisted responses
Review Monitoring

Monitor reviews on 200+ sites

Keep tabs on hundreds of leading review sites from a single dashboard and maintain a spotless reputation wherever customers search.

monitor reviews on 200+ sites
Review Management

Auto-reply to customer reviews

Make sure no review goes unanswered. Reply to reviews at scale with auto-response rules and personalized templates.

Review Management
Review Translation

Translate reviews and responses with AI

You don’t need a translator to serve multilingual customers. Birdeye Reviews will automatically translate reviews into English — then translate your response in your customer’s language.

Review Translation
Review Widgets

Share reviews on your website

Keep five-star feedback front and center. Showcase new reviews on your website and turn first-time visitors into repeat customers.

Review Marketing

Turn reviews into social posts 
in one click

Stop the never-ending search for social content. Turn your best reviews into powerful posts using our easy-to-use templates.

Google Seller Ratings

Use reviews to improve Google ad performance

Add your Google star rating to your search ads to increase trust, improve click through rates, and reduce your PPC budget.

Google Seller Ratings

Birdeye customers get results

Smile Workshop Logo
Brandon Dowdy-Ernst
“With Birdeye, we’ve increased  our number of reviews by nearly 200% YoY, which has greatly contributed to brand lift and recall.”
Brandon Dowdy-ErnstChief Experience Officer, Smile Workshop
Novello Group Logo
“Birdeye gives our company instant credibility and makes getting reviews easier. We’ve seen an increase in customers contacting us directly from online, which gets our foot in the door. Birdeye also helps us build trust with customers, which is invaluable.”
Aaron NovelloTeam Leader, The Novello Group
Affordable Family Storage Logo
Gina Svendsen
“Our online reviews have increased exponentially! As a result, we’re getting more business because we know our potential customers make buying decisions based on current customer reviews. It’s a cycle — and it works!
Gina SvendsenDirector of Marketing, Affordable Family Storage
Logo O'brien Automotive Group
“We’ve dramatically improved our online reputation. We have a direct connection to our customers that we’ve never had before — and with that, we’ve improved customer retention and customer experience.”
Mark BurshearsDigital Marketing Director O’brien Auto Group
Logo Southern Career Institute
“I’ve loved watching our reputation transform from dismal to extremely healthy. Birdeye has one of the easiest platforms and teams to work with and has outperformed the others we've tried. This is a big deal!
Justin Shook“Director of Marketing, Southern Career Institute
Logo Custom Lawn Landscape
“Birdeye makes it easy to give your customers a number of different ways to reach you. They’ve been an integral part of us reducing our customer cancellations by over 50% this year.“
David MagruderDirector of Sales and Marketing, Custom Lawn and Landscape
Logo Black Bear Diner
black bear diner
“From diner manager to regional vice president, every person using Birdeye can filter and fine-tune the platform to make it work best for them.“
Denise D’Amico JohnsonCommunications Manager, Black Bear Diner
Logo Sono Bello
sono bello
“We are laser-focused on the patient experience from the top down. With Birdeye, we’re able to get a detailed look at our patients, our successes, and areas where we could improve.“
Tim SurowieckiChief Marketing Officer, Sono Bello
Logo Saxton Group
saxton group
“Birdeye saves us time, improves our hospitality efforts, and helps us be strategic. The platform allows us to keep all of our attention on the guest experience, not on technology.“
Amy DickeyDirector of Marketing, Saxton Group
Logo Zodiac
“Birdeye has revolutionized the way we engage customers and promote positive user-generated content online.“
Briana NunezReputation Management Administrator, Zodiac Pool Systems, LLC
Logo Mcduffie Dentistry
mcduffie dentistry
“Patients always tell us how great we are. Now our patients can tell everyone else. Easy to use, set up and Birdeye maintains it.“
Jennifer SalinasManager at McDuffie Dentistry
Logo Patterson Law Group
patterson law group
“You spend your time turning clients into evangelists, and then Birdeye will give them a platform to evangelize to the masses. It’s a perfect system. Everybody wins.“
W. Travis PattersonAttorney at Law, Patterson Law Group


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online reputation management software?

An online reputation management software, or review software, helps you build a strong online presence and boost credibility with your potential customers using reviews. A good review software should let you solicit reviews from your present and past customers, help you with customer review management across sites, and leverage reviews wherever they’re likely to be noticed by your customers.

Why is online reputation management important?

98% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. An online review management platform helps you build credibility with potential customers using reviews. It also boosts your SEO and helps you attract more customers on Google.

What are the key capabilities within Birdeye Reviews?

Birdeye Reviews lets you:

  • Generate and manage reviews from 200+ review sites
  • Manage all customer communication from one inbox
  • Respond to reviews easily with templates and rules
  • Amplify reviews to your website, social, paid ads, and search
  • Track reviews, NPS, response times, and more from one dashboard

How much does Birdeye Reviews cost?

Birdeye offers plans that are customized for your business based on the number of locations you operate and the solutions that you need. Take a look at our pricing page for more details.

What reporting capabilities do I have with Birdeye Reviews?

Birdeye gives you complete visibility into your online reputation management program. You can track reviews over time or by location, review sites, region, or country. You can also know the response times and response rates at a location or individual level. In addition, by adding Birdeye Insights, you can also uncover the customer sentiment and top themes in your customer feedback so that you can improve your products and services consistently.

Can I ask my customers to review my business?

Yes, you should. Customers talk about their brand experiences all the time - be it with family and friends or on social media and online forums. Soliciting reviews helps you channel customer feedback to your brand’s advantage and build a strong online reputation. It also uncovers insights that can help you improve your products and services.

Can I exclude unhappy customers from my review campaigns?

We recommend that you send review requests to all your customers so that your online reputation is a true reflection of your brand’s customer experience. Consumers understand that no brand is perfect, and a couple of bad reviews actually make your business look genuine. Excluding unhappy customers from review campaigns can also amount to review gating, which might lead to penalties from Google or other legal and financial damages for your brand.

Should I offer incentives in exchange for reviews?

We strongly recommend that you don’t offer incentives in exchange for reviews. While this approach might seem appealing to get more positive reviews, it comes with inherent risks that might damage your brand in the long run. Firstly, consumers today are savvy and can easily see through such tactics, which might lead to an irreparable loss of trust. Secondly, Google is against review gating, which includes offering incentives for reviews. Upon detection, Google might suspend or terminate your business profile which can be detrimental for your brand.

Should I send my customers reminders to leave reviews?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend not being too pushy when asking for reviews. Birdeye allows you to automatically send a reminder email with a customizable delay in case customers don’t respond to your initial outreach.

What is the best time to respond to reviews?

You should respond to a review, whether good or bad, within 24 hours. This is important in preventing issues from blowing up on channels like social media and in building a reputation for your brand as one that cares for its customers' feedback. Birdeye offers you the ability to build custom templates and response rules, making sure no review goes unanswered.

How should I deal with negative reviews?

Getting an odd negative review is completely normal, as it’s not possible to satisfy each and every customer. The first thing you should do is respond to the negative review in a personalized and empathetic manner. Next, if the issue can be fixed, turn the negative review into a customer service ticket and resolve it the soonest you can. Once this is done, you can ask the reviewer for a second chance and request them to update their review.

How can I get rid of spam or defamatory reviews?

You can report slanderous or fake reviews to the respective review site like Google or Facebook. After running their own checks, these platforms can help you take down reviews that are not genuine.

Why should I market my reviews?

Online reviews are the currency of the modern customer experience. Featuring reviews wherever your potential customers are likely to look helps you build trust, improves your brand visibility, and wins you more customers.

Can I exclude negative reviews from showing up on my website?

We recommend that you feature all the latest reviews on your website, irrespective of the rating. This will help your brand look genuine and prevent penalties from Google against review gating practices.


Icon Resources Guide

How to get more Google reviews: A no-nonsense guide

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