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Improve ad performance with Google Seller Ratings

Unlock Google Seller Ratings with Birdeye to increase click-through rates by 17%, drive more revenue, and convert more customers from your search ads.

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Increase click-through rates by 17%

Convert more customers and drive more revenue with a platform built to perform on Google.

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Certified Google Seller Ratings Partner

Our direct integration with Google and trusted Google Seller Ratings provider status makes us the obvious choice for growing on Google.

Quick and easy

Birdeye does the heavy lifting, so you can get up and running with Google Seller Ratings in days, not months.


Our platform provides everything you need to attract, engage, and convert customers on Google.

Outperform on paid search

Once Google Seller Ratings is enabled, you can add your business's reviews and ratings to your Google Ads —increasing visibility, improving conversion, and building trust with potential customers.

Outperform on paid search

Get growing fast

To add Google Seller Ratings, you’ll need at least 100 verified reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars in the last 12 months. Birdeye Reviews helps quickly generate a steady stream of the reviews you need — getting you up and running with GSR in just 4-6 weeks.

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Stand out everywhere

Get everything you need to grow on Google. With Birdeye, you can improve your online reputation, boost your SEO ranking, and reach more customers through a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Spring & Sprout Dental
“Birdeye makes our PPC campaigns more efficient and puts us in a better light when people are just searching and comparing us with other dentists. Being competitive in the market is extremely important as most people will look to reviews from others as they want a real experience.”

Todd Boak

SVP, Marketing & Communications
Todd Boak, SVP, Marketing & Communications

Meet the all-in-one platform to drive customer acquisition and retention

Drive traffic

Put your business at the top of search with a stellar online reputation and local SEO.

Connect & convert

Message customers from anywhere, stand out on social, and collect payments faster.

Raise the bar

Create exceptional experiences that boost brand loyalty and set you apart from the competition.

Products that pair well with Google Seller Ratings

Birdeye is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience to offer a range of products that scale with your business.


Connect with customers across any digital channel from one simple inbox.


Engage visitors instantly to grow sales and delight customers

Common questions when considering Google Seller Ratings

Why do I need Birdeye for Google Seller Ratings when I can enable it for free myself?

You’ll need at least 100 first-party reviews with a > 3.5-star rating to go live with GSR. You will also need heavy lifting from your IT department to integrate your website with Google Customer Reviews. As a certified Google partner, Birdeye can help you meet Google’s criteria and go live with GSR in weeks.

How can my business get started with Google Seller Ratings?

It’ll need >100 Birdeye (first-party) reviews with an average rating of > 3.5 stars in the last 12 months. In addition, at least 10 of those reviews must be in the language the user uses to search on Google (e.g., if someone finds your site using French keywords, you must have at least ten reviews in French).

How can I check if a business is using GSR?

To find out if you have a seller rating for a specific country, edit the following URL to replace '{yourwebsite}' with the business’s home page. Try it out for


Start growing with Birdeye today

Start growing with Birdeye today

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