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Hi, can I book an appointment tomorrow at 11am?
Yes, of course. Your appointment is confirmed. See you soon!
Thank you so much!
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More than 90,000 local businesses message customers using Birdeye

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Engage on demand

Chat with prospects in real-time, conduct virtual consults, and even text leads 1:1 or in bulk after they’ve left your site to keep engagement and conversion high.


Convert leads with ease

Birdeye does the busy work for you — collecting contact information and funneling all your website leads, from Webchat and your Webforms, into a single inbox so you can easily contact them via text and email.


Reach more with less

Scale your customer support and engagement without adding resources. With Birdeye, your site’s chatbot can auto-respond to an unlimited number of FAQs, freeing your teams to handle more complex questions and tickets.


See how Webchat helps engage more website visitors

Chat with an expert

Stay alert

Get notified the moment new leads arrive and immediately route them to the right team for the best experience. You can even respond on the go with Birdeye’s mobile app to ensure you never miss another opportunity.


Track performance

Our Google Analytics integration creates detailed reports that help you understand precisely how visitors interact with Webchat. Track response times, active conversations, and page performance to optimize customer experience and thrive.

Real results




Jason HartlineMarketing Consultant for SkinSpaMed

Why businesses choose Birdeye



A modern solution to meet today’s customers — Live chat boasts a 92% satisfaction rate.



Our AI chatbot automatically provides exceptional customer service with on-demand answers 24/7.



Manage conversations and customer experience from the same inbox that powers your Reviews and Referrals.

Birdeye is built to grow local businesses

Over 90,000 customers use our all-in-one platform to effortlessly manage online reputation, connect with prospects through digital channels, and gain customer experience insights to grow sales and thrive.

Birdeye Marketing Platform

Create revenue-driving conversations at every stage

Our products are built with customer connections in mind — it’s why we’re the #1 rated platform to help local businesses grow.


Respond to prospects from your website, Google, Facebook, Instagram, text, and more from a single Inbox

Mass Texting

Reach and re-engage thousands of customers at once with high-converting, personalized messages


Follow up post-sale with text-friendly surveys to better understand and optimize customer experience

Engage and convert more website visitors with Webchat

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Common questions when considering Birdeye Webchat

What is Birdeye Webchat?

Birdeye Webchat is a chat window you can add to your website to get new business. It allows you to engage prospects and address post sales issues in real time. If you are busy, you can text your customers back or even use the chatbot.

My team is too busy to use yet another tool. Why should I use webchat?

If your phone is ringing off the hook and your team is missing leads, Webchat offers you an efficient way to capture and convert leads, while freeing up time for your team. Customers today prefer to chat rather than call, why not give them the option to do so.

How can Birdeye Webchat help me grow my business?

Birdeye Webchat will help you chat with customers live, reducing the chance that they will navigate away to a competitor’s website. Majority of businesses say that live chat increases revenue and customer loyalty. It also collects your website visitors’ contact details giving you a pipeline of hot leads.

What are Birdeye Webchat’s features and capabilities?

Birdeye Webchat gives you ability to:

  • Chat with customers live
  • Text customers back if you are busy
  • Answer FAQs 24/7 with a chatbot
  • Respond to chats using the mobile app
  • Assign conversations to team members
  • Track agent productivity, average resolution times and much more

Can I customize Birdeye Webchat?

Make Birdeye Webchat your own by customizing everything from its size and colors to the ‘away message’ and FAQs. Add your logo, names, photos, custom chat icons, and greetings. Got multiple brands and multiple locations? We’ve got your back! Create a unique Birdeye Webchat for each one of them.

Will the Birdeye Webchat slow down my website?

Birdeye Webchat is light and quick to load, so it will not slow down your website. The chat window loads only after your business webpage has loaded or when a visitor clicks on it to ask a question - you choose. This prevents it from ever affecting your website’s speed or performance.