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More reviews = more shoppers

More online reviews on sites like Google mean more credibility for your store and more customers. Birdeye allows you to automatically send review requests via email and text the same day as an in-store visit.

More Reviews Equal More Shoppers

Get discovered on Google search

Rank higher in local search results. New reviews and Birdeye’s SEO-optimized custom profiles make it easy for new customers to discover and choose your business.

Get discovered on Google search

Referrals bring in new customers

Effortlessly turn happy customers into advertisers with Referrals. In just a few clicks, customers can refer their friends and family to your business. Track customer engagement and take advantage of modern-day word of mouth marketing.

Referrals bring in new customers

Engage and convert at the start of the customer journey

Create beautiful, easily-found custom pages for every location, each updated in moments through one API. Let shoppers search by zip code and location to find their closest store.

Engage and convert at the start of the customer journey

Turn website visitors into customers

Connect with interested prospects while they’re still on your website with webchat. Answer questions in real-time and turn them into customers.

Turn website visitors into customers

Easily connect with your customers via text

Reach out to your customers on their preferred communication channel: text messaging. Birdeye Messaging allows you to send and receive texts to one or multiple customers so you can promote sales and discounts and build customer loyalty.

Easily connect with your customers via text

Understand your strengths and weaknesses with NLP

Dive deep into customer reviews to get the insights you need to improve business operations. Birdeye’s natural language processing engine Athena helps you understand the areas of your business customers love and the areas that need improvement.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses with NLP

Beat the competition with Benchmarking

Find out what your competitors are excelling at and beat them at their own game. Benchmarking allows you to see how you're stacking up with your competitors in various categories.

Beat the competition with Benchmarking
“Getting reviews and managing our online presence has made an impact and this has definitely equated to an increase in people coming through the door and landing on our website!”
Cindy McCabeBed Pros

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Moore Pet Supplies

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Crystal Prints Inc.

Retail Woolford, MD

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SaferWholesale - Great Sports

Retail New Lenox, IL

Customer Since 2017





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Winning over 400 awards for 10 quarters in a row, Birdeye is the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software for retailers of all sizes.

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