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3 out of 4 customers consult online reviews before deciding where to purchase a product or service.

BirdEye offers a solution specifically tailored to the complex needs of retailers. With BirdEye, turn your customers into your marketing engine and use reviews to drive customer loyalty, ratings, and revenue.

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BirdEye integrates with the review sites that matter most to your business

Get reviews, boost ratings

Collect feedback from every customer at every store via automatic SMS review requests sent at critical moments (i.e. after a transaction). Customers are routed to top review sites like Google and Facebook to share their feedback for the world to see.

Maximize the power of testimonials by auto-promoting your reviews to your company website, blog, and Facebook and Twitter pages.

Increase web traffic to drive walk-in traffic

“Near me” searches have nearly doubled since 2015. Show up at the top by keeping a consistent online presence across the web. BirdEye keeps your business information (name, address, phone) accurate and up-to-date across 50+ consumer sites and business directories and business directories. Stand out on Google with star ratings from all your reviews displayed beside your business in search results.

BirdEye creates a custom review microsite for each of your locations displaying your reviews from 150+ sites . Each microsite is optimized for SEO and indexed by Google so it shows up on page 1 of search results.

Take great customer service to the next level

Turn every store into a well-oiled customer satisfaction machine with role-based dashboards for each location. New review alerts are automatically sent to relevant employees instantly so they can solve problems before the customer has even left the store, turning bad experiences into outstanding ones.

Streamline support efforts with systematic ticketing and tracking of complaints from review sites, social media comments, emails, call centers, and in-person -- all in one place.

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Stay engaged on social

Monitor every social mention in real-time, even if the customer doesn’t tag your brand directly. Listen and engage with comments, photos, and videos to discover rich User Generated Content, identify conversations that convert, and discover influencers to increase audience engagement.

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Improve store operations

BirdEye converts all the unstructured data from customer feedback into straightforward insights you can actually take action on. Identify root cause of positive and negative sentiment, and pinpoint where to go to fix issues or replicate positive performance. Access competitors’ customer insights to benchmark performance and spot opportunities to capture market share.

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Motivate frontline employees

Refine training procedures and foster a customer-centric company culture. Filter feedback for mentions of individual employee names, and report employee-specific insights to employees themselves, and share feedback that mentions specific employees.

Mobile app

Engage with your customers on-the-go to improve their experience and acquire new customers--all from one cohesive dashboard that fits in your pocket. Push a button, get reviews, connect with all your customers. It’s that simple.Premium supportGet results quickly and guidance is just a click away with access to our world class support team.

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