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4on Facebook, Dec 28, 2017
Broadmoore ridge apartments are great! The Fast and professional maintenance crew makes living here a paradise. The office staff are courteous and constantly improving the amenities and conveniences, they even give away free waffles😜. If you dont live here the you should move. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for providing us with your feedback Quintin! ! I'm so happy to see that you're enjoying your stay here at Broadmoor Ridge. Please reach out to our team if there is ever anything we can do to further improve your experience.
5on Facebook, Oct 05, 2017
The ladies at the front are so helpful! Helped me out a lot! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback for our property, Sarah. We're so happy to help in anyway we can and if you need anything in the future please reach out to our team!
4on Facebook, Oct 02, 2017
So after reading through several "reviews" I figured I would throw my hat in the opinion ring. I have lived here for almost 2 years now and have nothing to complain about. The staff in the front office has been more than accommodating. The walk my packages out to my car and have made every "handicapped' request I have put in.

Since living here the only complaint the I might have is shoveling of the sidewalk. I can only get my wheelchair over the sidewalk if the snow has been shoveled. Other than that this isn't a bad place to live.
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Business Response:
Thank you for taking the time to review our property, Kevin. It is our mission to make sure that each and every resident receives great service here at Broadmoor Ridge and we appreciate you letting us know where we can improve. Please reach out to us in the future if you need anything at
5on Facebook, Jan 06, 2017
Vivo aquí es un lugar tranquilo protección y todo lo que me imaginaba esta aquí more »
5on Facebook, Mar 23, 2016
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5on Apartments, Jan 20, 2016
Cates Family
We have lived here aver an year and the staff and office personal have been very helpful. Being handicap I have bars in the bathroom, and handicap parking in front of my door. The k
eep the sidewalks clean of snow and ice. The garbage is picked up out side your door. They have summer party's at the pool so that you can meet other tenants. The workout room is 24/7 and is save to go at any time. They repair faster the any place we have lived. If you have problem after hours they are there within 15 minutes and then the office calls the next day to make sure you are happy and the problem was taken care of. When our microwave broken instead of given us another, they made sure we got a brand new one. They respect everyone and their pets are also treated as if they are family members. You don't have to worry about being alone at night because it is gated, well light and save to walk around. We do not plan to move ever, I'm close to everything that you can need. You can walk to king soopers and the shopping center, gas station are with in minutes from your door. They make sure that you are always treated with respect and want to see you walk in the office. I was in need of a print out and they were happy to help me, they have 2 computers and a printer for the people to use and I have never had to wait to use them if needed. If there is trouble with a noisy dog, or an loud party if is deal with as soon as you let them know. We have a quite building and have only once had to let the office know about a loud party. And it was handled. You could not ask for a better place to live. They make sure that the people who move in are not trouble and if they are they are ask to move. We hope to keep our area friendly, with people who look out for each other. more »
5on Apartments, Sep 18, 2015
Awsome place
Never had such a wonderful staff to work with. Always friendly even after my stroke.
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5on Apartments, Sep 01, 2015
Old Man Sez
Terrific access to grocery store, fast food, or delivery. Excellent transit service, conveniently located. Reasonable rent; excellent staff & maintenance, very responsive & respectin
g of tenants' needs. In driving, very easy access to major roads & highways. One of the best places I've lived at in, having 40yrs experience in renting! more »
3on Apartments, Aug 18, 2015
Broadmoor Ridge
I moved from Ohio to Colorado Springs in March 2015. I looked at only two apartments in the Cheyenne Mountain area and decided upon Broadmoor Ridge. Overall, they have been great
. The view of the mountains is what sold me over. This being my very first apartment by myself also played a factor in my decision. I think i could have picked a card board box with a bathroom and still be satisfied. I give this place a three because I believe it is an average place. Not too small, not too big. A bit pricey, but, being in Colorado and being by the mountains was totally worth paying anything. Two out of Three of the tenants are awesome; the other not so much. It is also a convenient location because I'm able to walk to the grocery store, gas station, starbucks, jimmy johns, and this amazing Thai place. If it were not for the view and the location, I don't think i would pay the amount I am paying right now to live here. Broadmoor Ridge is * * * worthy. more »
4on Apartments, Aug 11, 2015
Broadmoor ridge
The apartment was initially great, moving here from the Army was difficult but the staff was really nice and helpful. They're great starter apartments. I would recommend it
to smaller families. more »
3on Facebook, May 23, 2014
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5on Facebook, May 04, 2014
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5on Facebook, Jan 29, 2014
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4on Facebook, Jan 15, 2014
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4on Facebook, Nov 01, 2013
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3on Facebook, Oct 29, 2013
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3on Facebook, Sep 05, 2013
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3on Apartment Ratings, Jul 01, 2013
I've been living here for 6 months now and honestly its not that bad
Cons: Trash- Theres only one dumpster through out the whole apartment unit so they make you leave your trash out on the
side walks every Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday and the staff will pick it up in the morning. But of course there are people who do not care and throw out there trash everyday so on windy days theres trash every where
Dogs: They do allow pets so you will see people walking their dogs but unfortunately lazy dog owners don't pick up after their dogs even though there doggy poop trash stations everywhere.
Kitchen: I live in a 2 bedroom i love size of the living room bathroom and rooms but the kitchen is too small for me because the washer and dryer are in the kitchen i have no room for my dining table.
Pros: New dog park!-They recently built a small dog park I love it and my dogs love it!
Neighborhood: I love the neighborhood we are close to everything. Right across the street theres a 24 hour king supers, liquor store! and theres a park for kids and dog park walking distance.
New Management: Theres been about 3 different management changes since I've been living here but current one we have now is great! Every time I've had a problem (ex. broken ac, plumbing) they had someone come and fix it the next day.
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5on Apartment Ratings, Jun 08, 2012
Let me start by saying I have been there for the good in the bad. I first moved in back in july of 2010. Back then the office staff left alot od room for improvment. We decided to move back here recently after i returned from deployment and everything is great our apartment was clean and ready for us. The office staff worked with us while i was deployed and my wife was in california to get the apartment and sign the lease, they even went and took pictures of the apartment and e mailed them too me. We have now been here for about a month and have no complaints. The office staff is very nice and helpful, the maintance guys are great and show up very fast. One of the main reasons we chooose to live here is how safe they make it. Gated community, every resident is ran threw a background check which give me peice of mind i dont have a sex offender living next door. Privacy locks on the front door are nice ( except when your wife accidently locks you out and falls asleep) and a new security patrol ( which i did not have when i lived here before.) Last thing i am going to touch on is ground maintenance, every morning i see the maintenance guys out picking up any trash that may have been left behind, i personally have had no problem with trash or anything the ground are always neat and well maintained. All in all a great place to live and a great family environment. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Mar 01, 2012
I have been renting here for about 1 year now since my hubby and I have been stationed at Ft Carson. Unfortunately, we are PCS'ing to Ft Campbell which was the reason why I was on this website to begin with. Out of curiosity I wanted to see what everyone was saying about the apartments I live in now. I was really shocked to see all the previous comments that were made about the community. I have actually really enjoyed it here. When we moved in, we signed a 6 month lease because we were hesitant about signing anything more than that without really knowing about the complex or the area. I love that it is really close to Ft Carson and there are stores right across the street from us. As far as the staff, we haven't ever had any issues with them at all. They have always responded to our maintenance issues pretty quickly. The girls in the office have always been really pleasant everytime we go in to pay rent. I referred someone to move in and they gave me a $300 rent credit which really shocked me in a good way. The only downfall is the pet owners not picking up after their pets when there is a dog station right next to them.
I would and have recommended these apartments to my friends. You can't beat the location and it is decently priced.
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5on Apartment Ratings, Jan 25, 2012
I have lived here for a while now and gone through several managers and the girls in the office now and maintenance team are always helpful. They are really trying to take care of everything in the complex. The gates havent worked for a while but when I talk to them about it, they really are trying to have the entire thing replaced and guess what I saw them here working on it today! The girls in the office were even excited about it when I went in to use the business center. I have only had minor maintenance issues and they have fixed them immediately. The parking kinda stinks in my are but they are removing the dumpsters too add parking and we will have trash pick up too now. The utilities were kinda high too but they have lowered since I know alot of people complained and they bill back a lower amount. Check it out for yourselves. They are really nice. I have even asked military questions since I know one of the girls is a wife like me and she was very informative. The maintenance guy even knows my dogs name and is always nice when he sees me and says hi. more »
3on Apartment Ratings, Dec 21, 2011
Ok one yes the rent is a little high but you are close to a grocery store #1 and and not even 5 minutes away from Ft. Carson #2 so that does play a little in cost right? you have to pay for convenience. The gates are broken but if you go in and talk with management they will tell you their is a wiring/ programing issue all you have to do is ask. And they are privacy gates NOT security gates sorry to say it but yes there are some car break-ins but your car can get broken in to anywhere these days! The hot tub does have issues but i recently found out that it was previously a fire pit converted and the underground pipes that were put in broke. As for the dog waste put in a complaint the person not cleaning up will get fines added to their rent higher and higher every time. I have had to do it myself a few times it pisses your neighbors off but so does having to smell their dog ---- everyday. As for water leaks and things of that sort ruining your belongings... thats the sole purpose of having renters insurance you can't help when appliances break down they do that from time to time its not the apartments fault. As for ants and spiders all you can do is ask to get sprayed these apartments are 30 years old and they are right next to a field you're going to have bugs. And how can you complain about someone elses kids in an APARTMENT review you're going to have rowdy bad --- kids anywhere you go maybe you should go talk to their parents if you're having problems with them. Read your rental agreement and ask questions. Go into the office,YOU have to be proactive if YOU want things done thats how things go in this world I like living here at Broadmoor Ridge the maintenance and office staff have always been very nice and informative to me and my family even through their many management and owner changes this year. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Nov 15, 2011
I lived at Broadmoor for a year. I overall liked the place. Sure it had a few issues, but what apartment complex is perfect? My husband and I loved the place as far as easy to get to base, big living/dining area, huge kitchen and pretty good sized master bedroom. I had very few maintenance issues while I was there, but when I did the crew was there to help me quickly and it was always fixed. The staff is friendly and did a lot to help me out when I needed it. I think the problems would be the people that live there. Some are pretty noisy and have really loud cars. I know the first neighbor I had was great and the second one I had would have their music way too loud enough so that my apartment would shake from the base. I told the staff about the neighbor and they put a note on his door right away. This was a nice place to stay and the only reason we left was because of deployment. I would definitely go back! more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Jul 21, 2011
I just moved in back in April and have to say that I am more than happy with my new home! The grounds are always picked up every morning by the maintenance guys. We get to enjoy the pool everyday which is perfectly heated. We were a little bummed out when the hot tub was out of order but it is fixed now. We also just referred a friend to live here also and we are going to get $300 off our rent which I thought was fantastic.
I would recommend this community to anyone looking for a great apartment.
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5on Apartment Ratings, May 17, 2011
Okay I have read a few of bad reviews on here and I am going to sum it all up for everyone! This is NOT a bad place at all, everything is great from the grounds to the staff. Now let me clear up a few of the other comments, first off someone wrote about how were evicted after only 20 days of not paying rent, simple solution.... PAY YOUR DAMN RENT and you will keep your apartment! Second issue the Staff, I have lived here for almost a year when I first moved in the staff was okay but the office manager SUCKED! so guess what, they gave her the boot and brought in a whole new staff who are GREAT! I'll tell you right now the complaint about the office manager is from a person who claim they put there 60 day notice in the RENT drop box... Key word the box is for your RENT! they clearly tell you when you move in your notice has to be given to them and I happen to be using the computer they provide in the office when this lay came in and the office manager gave the lady numerous different options to help with the problem but the lady was to busy swearing and yelling at everyone to listen before storming off. I have delt with the office manager alot and she is more than willing to bend over backwards to help you in anyway she can with whatever problem you are having and this place is VERY MILITARY FRIENDLY!!! Next issue the complaint of the gate being opened, well they try to keep it closed but everytime they do some JACKASS HITS IT and they have to fix it. So if you come and the gate is open dont worry they are probably getting it fixed. Next Subject Maintenance, you must understand that there are 3 or 4 guys working and about 100 apartment so they have to prioritize. I will tell you this the hose that goes from the wall to the toilet sprung a leak and my wife called the office and 2 minutes later all 3 guys were there to fix the issuse. Same thing when my daughter put something in the toilet and clogged it at 1030 at night we called the after hours line and about 15 min later a guy was here to fix it. So if its urgent they will be there and I will also say if its not urgent and they schedule a time to fix something they will be there on time, everytime. Last topic saftey, I know for a fact not anyone can live here. When you come to rent an apartment along with credit they check criminal back ground state and federal. It is also mostley military and they generally keep to themselfs. If you have children this is the place to be! Everyday I see kids of all ages running around playing the all of the many parks on site. Overall like I said in the begining, this is a great place to live and is great for kids. It has an amazing heated pool and spa. I came to this place a year ago because it was the only gated place around. Don't let the stupid people discourage you this is the place to live! Oh and the price They have the best prices on all of westmeadow dr.! more »
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3893 Westmeadow Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
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Apartments in Colorado Springs

Conveniently located near Fort Carson against the backdrop of Colorado's Front Range, Broadmoor Ridge Apartments is close to downtown and I-25, and minutes away from neighborhood dining, shopping and unlimited outdoor recreation. Our garden-style community is a mile north of Fort Carson and only 10 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs. While location is key, we also pride ourselves in providing quality and stylish apartment homes with an emphasis on superior customer service in hopes to make your living experience at Broadmoor Ridge Apartments enjoyable.

Choose from one, two, and three bedroom homes, all featuring private patios or balconies, roomy and fully-equipped kitchens, large windows, spacious closets, and air conditioning. Every apartment home also comes with a washer and dryer INCLUDED not to mention we offer upgraded apartments with hardwood floors, black appliances, and more! Call today to schedule your tour and see for yourself just how perfect Broadmoor Ridge Apartments is for your lifestyle!

Did we exceed your expectations? Please let us know if a Mission Rock team member brought this value to life by emailing more details regarding your superior customer service experience to!
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