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5on Demandforce, Dec 04, 2016
Dr. Thompson is great! Always recommend him to friends and family. more »
Business Response:
Thank you, we appreciate your kind review and enjoy helping you, your friends and family!
5on Demandforce, Dec 03, 2016
Dynamic Chiropractic employees are super professional and always make me feel cared about. I am glad I was referred there. more »
Business Response:
Hi Cecilia, thank you so much, we appreciate your review and kind words! We care about our patients and the care provided in a professional setting. Look forward to helping you, friends and family always.
5on Demandforce, Nov 22, 2016
Excellent Staff Amazing People! Great support, care, & treatment. After the first initial visit they won me as a returning client. Keep up the amazing work! more »
Business Response:
Hi Larry, Thank you so much for your amazing review! We appreciate your feedback very much! We look forward to providing you with the best care and professionalism possible!
5on Demandforce, Nov 18, 2016
I had a severe back pain. The x rays were taken, and the correction was performed. Right after the correction, I could have felt the huge difference that my pain scale went down from 8 to 3. It was unbelievably amazing experience. I highly recommend Brian Jang. Thank you.
more »
Business Response:
Hi Yongchang, Thank your amazing review of Dr. Jang's care we appreciate your feedback regarding your care and outcome. We look forward to helping you, friends and family now and in the future.
5on Demandforce, Nov 16, 2016
Excellent more »
Business Response:
Thank you! We always appreciate feedback and work to provide you with excellent care and service!
5on Google, Nov 09, 2016
more »
5on Demandforce, Nov 04, 2016
Very good service at the front desk.
Mr. thompson job's is unique. Very gently and respectful.
I really recommend the service.
more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for those kinds words, Guillermo! Top service is key, and making our patients comfortable is our priority.
5on Demandforce, Oct 29, 2016
The best ever! more »
Business Response:
We say the same about you, Sandee!
5on Demandforce, Oct 19, 2016
Very nice, clean, organized, and professional. more »
Business Response:
Thanks for the kind words! We try our best here :)
5on Google, Oct 10, 2016
Dr. Thompson has the smoothest and best neck adjustment of any Chiropractor that I have ever seen. This office has been extremely helpful in recovering from a back injury and maintaining health. The staff has always been helpful, courteous and understanding.
Ludette, one of the massage therapists, is also the best massage therapist that I have worked with. She can be a touch aggressive for some and for therapy style massage it is a huge asset.
Combining the two has proven the best method for recovery and maintenance for me.
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5on Google, Oct 10, 2016
I have had debilitating back pain after a side swipe t-bone collision. Eventually I was forced to take pain medication daily to cover up the pain that increased after I was finally able to return to work. Physical Therapy helped but I noticed the pain eventually came back and really bothered me after standing on my feet all day.
Dr. Thompson and staff have literally saved my spine.
For the first time in months after my accident I have experienced relief at the hands and services of Dynamic Chiros. I truly wish I had visited this place immediately after my accident. Dr. Thompson was able to explain to me why I was still experiencing this pain in a very clear manor as well as provide what felt like almost immediate relief after many months of nagging back pain. I was not sure I would ever feel right again and now I truly believe with chiropractic care from Dynamic Chiros this back pain wont be a problem that haunts me forever. Thank you so much Dynamic Chiros and Dr. Thompson.
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5on Demandforce, Oct 02, 2016
Always a great experience. Staff and doctors very friendly and fast. more »
Business Response:
Thanks for the shout-out! We're always happy to help! :)
5on Demandforce, Sep 15, 2016
Love Shane King's work all the time! more »
Business Response:
Thank you!! Shane is an amazing therapist that is dedicated to his patients. We are so happy that he has been able to help you so much!
5on Demandforce, Aug 30, 2016
Awesome experience. Dr. Jang is very knowledgeable. I felt a difference after the first adjustment. I wish that I hadn't waited so long because my pain has improved and I am moving much better now. more »
Business Response:
Wow! We are so excited that you are experiencing such positive results so quickly. Hopefully it won't be long until we can help you get back to 100%.
5on Demandforce, Aug 05, 2016
Dr. Jang is always excellent. more »
Business Response:
Dr. Jang is a very thorough doctor that feels it is very important to educate his patients. We are so happy that he has been able to help you!
5on Demandforce, Jul 29, 2016
After years with DC, I cannot find a thing bad to say about them!! more »
Business Response:
Thank you, we are so happy to have had you as a patient over the past few years!
5on Demandforce, Jul 26, 2016
I have never been to a chiropractor and the doctors were very helpful in explaining everything that was going to happen. I am glad that I was referred here for the first time. more »
Business Response:
We're so happy too! Our doctors love educating their patients on how to properly care for their spine, and why that care is so important. We're very happy to be able to you get your spine back into tip-top shape!
5on Demandforce, Jul 14, 2016
Wonderful service and massage! more »
Business Response:
We are so happy to hear that you have been enjoying your visits to Dynamic Chiros!
5on Demandforce, Jul 13, 2016
I don't know why I wait so long to go back when I realize how much better Dr. Thompson makes me feel! Highly recommend more »
Business Response:
We love seeing you at the office! You are more than welcome to come see us anytime you want :)
5on Demandforce, Jul 08, 2016
Very friendly, responsive and attentive. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the kind words! We are always doing our best to help our patients feel comfortable and cared for!
5on Demandforce, Jul 08, 2016
Always well needed and always given relief with great care. Mark Thompson is very professional and the best!!! more »
Business Response:
We are so glad that we can help you feel relief! Thank you for the kind words
5on Demandforce, Jun 28, 2016
Dr Thomson is very competent and trustworthy. Helped me a lot after my car accident. more »
Business Response:
Wow! It is so great that Dr. Thompson was able to help you so much after your accident. Thank you for the positive review!
5on Demandforce, Jun 24, 2016
it was a good experience with these guys and they did help me a lot to get rid of my neck pain more »
Business Response:
It was a pleasure being a part of your health journey! We are so glad that we could help you.
5on Demandforce, Jun 05, 2016
Good massage. Jennifer is sensitive to my wishes. more »
Business Response:
We are so happy to hear that you're happy with the care here at Dynamic Chiros!
5on Demandforce, Jun 04, 2016
my condition really improved after few massages My neck is back in check and my mobility is much better. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the kind words Irina! We are so happy that we could help you with the issues with your back and neck!
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Our mission is to provide exceptional care, cutting edge results. We specialize in results and want to get you progressing on the road to achieving optimal health. Dynamic Chiros provides services for the entire family, with patients ranging in age from just a few weeks to nearly a century old. Our staff is dedicated to raising the standard of life in our community by delivering high-quality health care to those in need of help. We are successful in returning our patients to optimal health because we locate the cause of your condition and establish a treatment program to correct it. Each treatment plan is individually tailored to your needs and may include adjustments, therapy, dietary changes and or exercise recommendations. Study after study has found that patients are more satisfied with the quality of care received with chiropractic than with traditional medicine. We trust you will find that satisfaction at our clinic.more »

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