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 15230 NE 24th St #1, Ste 1-S, Redmond, WA 98052US

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5on Demandforce, Jun 11, 2014
Great staff and very professional, yet personable like family. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the feedback. We're glad that you felt very comfortable in our office setting.
5on Demandforce, Jun 06, 2014
Dr. Warren is awesome! He truly cares about your well being and really wants to make a difference. I always leave feeling much better and also mentally better as well. Reason why is because Dr. Warren always asks how things are going and has a very up happy personality. Overall, Dynamic Chiros is a awesome place and I always recommend them! more »
Business Response:
THANKS!!! We always try to educate our patients and teach them how to take better care of themselves. We want to make sure that each and everyone of our patients is getting the care that they need.
5on Demandforce, May 23, 2014
New to chiropractic so didn't know what to expect. Have been happy with the service and doctors. Don't know yet the results. more »
Business Response:
Glad to hear that you're having a positive experience. We'll take xrays and do re-exams to evaluate your progress along the way.
5on Demandforce, May 22, 2014
I am new to chiro and have been happy with the service and the doctors more »
5on Demandforce, May 07, 2014
Excellent, knowledgeable care, and very friendly, welcoming staff. I can enthusiastically recommend Dynamic Chiros and Dr. Mark Thompson! more »
Business Response:
Thanks Pam!! You've been such a great patient over the last few years. We appreciate your feedback :)
4on Demandforce, Apr 30, 2014
First time for chiropractic for me. Has relieved some of my pain. Do not know if correction.taking place. more »
Business Response:
Glad to hear that you are getting relief. Depending if you have a structural change it may take a little longer/shorter to fix your problem. We'll do re-exam and re-xrays to re-evaluate your progress. Thank you for the feedback :)
5on Demandforce, Apr 21, 2014
So pleasantly surprises that they stayed late to see me. Was recommended by a friend and I see why he didn't hesitate. Great staff... Very friendly and everything was easy. Most importantly, Dr. Thompson knows his stuff. I've found my chiropractor. Only negative was the assumption that I wouldn't want to know cost since I have good insurance. But it was late, so I understand. Highly recommended. more »
Business Response:
Staying late was our pleasure. We are glad that we were able to get you in on such short notice. Thank you for the feedback :)
5on Demandforce, Apr 09, 2014
I really appreciate all of the employees in the office. They are always cheerful, friendly, personable and very accommodating The doctors are caring and seem to be gentle, not at all like I expected a Chiropractor to be. The treatment seems to be helping. My husband is also attending and he thinks it is the best thing to happen to him in a long time. His back is getting much better. Thanks more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the kind words. We do our best to help get your body healthy so that you are feeling great!! Out of pain and having overall improved health and wellness is our goal.
5on Demandforce, Apr 09, 2014
Dr. Warren and the team are great! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for being a great patient :) We strive to be the best!!
5on Demandforce, Mar 27, 2014
As always, a fun experience. I especially like Natalie's dog. more »
Business Response:
We love to hear that you always have a wonderful experience here! Bonzie may be shy, but he loves all our patients here at Dynamic Chiros!! WOOF!
5on Demandforce, Mar 18, 2014
I was apprehensive to start with but was very happy with the experience. more »
Business Response:
Glad that you had a positive experience!! Thank you for the feedback :)
5on Demandforce, Feb 27, 2014
Excellent, as always. Every time I come in the entire staff as well as the doctors are extremely nice and thoughtful. Feeling so much better! Thank you, Dr. Warren, for the fantastic care. more »
Business Response:
Awesome, we love seeing our patients get better each and every day!!
5on Demandforce, Feb 22, 2014
Everyone here makes you feel like part of a family. It is also someplace where I never have to wonder if they really care about my health or their customer service. This place is the full package. They will make you feel like a new person and a valued part of the practice. Mark KNOWS his stuff! Melinda is a massage magician! And Natalie keeps that place humming without a hitch. I've just met three new to me staff members and they all seem equally competent, professional, and friendly. No hesitation in recommending Dynamic! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the amazing feedback. We provide top notch care and we enjoy helping people get better. If you know anyone that needs our services please send them our way.
5on Demandforce, Feb 19, 2014
My short 3 visit experience has been pretty good. Keep up the good work, team. more »
Business Response:
We appreciate your feedback and will work hard to make every experience here the best. Please let us know how we can be better!
5on Demandforce, Feb 14, 2014
Excellent customer service; kind, knowledgeable and professional staff; great results. Highly recommended! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for that wonderful comment! We appreciate you for being an outstanding patient.
5on Demandforce, Feb 08, 2014
This is literally the best service I've ever had in chiropractic care. I've been treated in three other offices for extended periods of time over the past 20 years, and this by far is the most friendly and thorough on the part of the doctors and the staff. Thank you! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the kind words and awesome feedback. We strive to be the best that we can be and help as many people as we can. We are glad to help you achieve your health goals by maintaining your overall wellness.
5on Demandforce, Jan 31, 2014
Very very enjoyable massage. It's nice to have a professional massage for once, it really makes a difference. more »
Business Response:
Our massage therapist are the best!!! We are a great team here and provide top notch service in all areas. Thank you for the great feedback.
5on Demandforce, Jan 27, 2014
I love how friendly and relaxed the office feels. There are great systems for reminding patients of appointments and everyone is very flexible with accommodating different schedules. It is always a pleasure to visit because of the people as much as the adjustment! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the positive feedback. We are glad that your care is going well and that you are enjoying the whole process. Thank you for being such a great patient :)
5on Demandforce, Jan 24, 2014
As usual, I was given a warm welcome and was seen immediately. Felt great after my adjustment and will look forward to my next appointment. more »
Business Response:
Can't believe we've been seeing you for 3 years. We love helping you stay healthy and seeing you each and every adjustment. THANKS!!
5on Demandforce, Jan 14, 2014
I'd been suffering with a crick in my neck for a week and a half. Dr. Thomas adjusted, iced and adjusted again and I'm good as new! more »
Business Response:
Fabulous to hear that we are able to help you out when you're in a pinch. You've been a great patient and we love helping you out :)
5on Demandforce, Dec 29, 2013
Wow! is the word to discribe Dynamic Chiros. I had suffered low back pain for years to where I couldn't tie my shoes. after starting with Dynamic Chiros I was releaved of my back pain after the 4 weeks of going 3 times a week. I can tie my shoes and able to be active again. Thank you Dynamic Chiros. I have my family going to him as well. more »
Business Response:
Linda!!! You are a great patient and so is the rest of your family. We love hearing about how well our patients are doing, it keeps us working hard. Thank you for the feed back and we look forward to helping other friends and family members in the future :)
4on Demandforce, Dec 19, 2013
Dr. Thomson is awesome . The doctor really understands the issue and proposed a plan for remediation. The office staff is very helpful in scheduling the appointments to the best available times. I really appreciate their help and awesome services.
more »
Business Response:
Vijay, we are lucky to have you as a patient. Thanks for trusting us with your health choices. You are doing great!!!
5on Demandforce, Dec 17, 2013
Dr. Mark Thompson is the best. more »
Business Response:
Thank you Joann, you are a great patient too :)
4on Demandforce, Dec 07, 2013
Friendly staff with great treatment. So far so good! more »
Business Response:
Kendall, We look forward to helping you get your spine in tip top shape. Thank you for the feedback - Dynamic Chiros
5on Demandforce, Nov 30, 2013
Everything was much better than expected. more »
Business Response:
Thank you! We are glad to exceed your expectations! -Dynamic Chiros
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15230 NE 24th St #1, Ste 1-S, Redmond, WA 98052


Our mission is to provide exceptional care, cutting edge results. We specialize in results and want to get you progressing on the road to achieving optimal health. Dynamic Chiros provides services for the entire family, with patients ranging in age from just a few weeks to nearly a century old. Our staff is dedicated to raising the standard of life in our community by delivering high-quality health care to those in need of help. We are successful in returning our patients to optimal health because we locate the cause of your condition and establish a treatment program to correct it. Each treatment plan is individually tailored to your needs and may include adjustments, therapy, dietary changes and or exercise recommendations. Study after study has found that patients are more satisfied with the quality of care received with chiropractic than with traditional medicine. We trust you will find that satisfaction at our clinic.more »

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