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 8527 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78759US

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5on Apartments, May 02, 2018
You will love it
Office staff is very respectful, manager is great and responsive to issues. Grounds are well maintained and the creek that runs through the property is beautiful. Great location
2 minutes away from the arboretum 5 minutes away from the domain. Some people put negative reviews on here about repairs but every single issue I’ve had (big and small) has been repaired in a timely manner. I highly recommend you check this place out. I’ve been here for 7 months and I love it. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Apr 06, 2018
Office staff is very respectful, manager is great and responsive to issues. Grounds are well maintained and the creek that runs through the property is beautiful. Great location 2 minutes away from the arboretum 5 minutes away from the domain. Some people put negative reviews on here about repairs but every single issue I’ve had (big and small) has been repaired in a timely manner. I highly recommend you check this place out. I’ve been here for 7 months and I love it. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We really appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to reach out if there is anything we can do to improve your stay.
5on Facebook, Mar 18, 2018
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5on Apartment Ratings, Jan 29, 2018
I am new to Austin and wanted to be in the Arboretum neighborhood. The Falls on Bull Creek Apartments are in the perfect location and the staff is very friendly and helpful! Property is clean and the pool area has a beautiful waterfall. more »
Business Response:
Thank you very much for the feedback! Our team works hard everyday to make sure our community is taken care of and our residents are happy. The Arboretum neighborhood is a wonderful place to be with the shopping, dining, and scenic views - great choice! If you need anything in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we would be happy to help!
5on Facebook, Dec 20, 2017
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5on BirdEye, Oct 27, 2017
I love the office staff!! Everyone is so helpful!! They always remember me, ask how my day is going, have packages waiting when I arrive, and treat me with respect. ....the best part is they are genuinely ready to help me whenever I need something & they do it with a smile!!
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5on Facebook, Jul 27, 2017
Extremely spacious one bedroom apartments, staff is great, maintenance is very responsive, and great location off 360 with competitive rates!
Edit: I just read through the rest of these comments
, and see quite a few people have complaints to get off their chest. I want to add to this review board, I've lived at this complex for 3 years and have had a great experience all 3 years. I would recommend to people with issues...go visit your leasing office, talk to property manager in person, and come up with on the spot solutions together! I have introduced myself to our new property manager personally and she very nice and approachable and willing to help. They've made dozens of improvements around the property that made a great apartment even BETTER, like upgrading new exterior paint on all buildings and balconies, remodeling gym (with everything you need!), pool (with built-in stainless steel grill and outdoor kitchen) business center with free wifi, coffee and chilled drinks and added a game room. And maintenance is quicker than ever - responsive and to your apartment THAT DAY any time I've called since Mission Rock Residential bought the property over a year ago. I'd recommend this complex! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 15, 2017
Excellent location on Capital of Texas Highway! With excellent Hill Country views and easy access to beautiful Bull Creek, Great Hills, and the Arboretum! more »
5on Facebook, Jan 31, 2017
Obviously it's not the newest and most lavish apartments... but if you want to live on 360 and actually afford the rent this is where you need to go. The rates are ridiculously competitive probably because they ARE older apartments. But as a third generation Austinite I can tell you that it's really hard to find affordable places to live in this particular area. I've seen a couple of complaints about the property on here... well duh it's old. So keep that in mind! But management is aware of this. So if you are patient with them, they genuinely do care and try to make your living situation as best as it can be. I've lived here 2 years, going on 3 and can't see myself anywhere else :) more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your feedback Chelsea! We are glad to hear you have enjoyed your stay at The Falls on Bull Creek. Please reach out to us if we can assist you in any way!
4on Apartments, Sep 06, 2015
Quiet little place
Moved here in May, nice and clean. They tend to have a small bug problem due to all the awesome trees, but nothing intolerable. Ok maintenance repair time, but needs a way to
let tenants know how long before someone addresses the problem. Roomy apartments, and nice balconies. more »
3on Apartments, Aug 11, 2015
Great location!!!
The location of this complex is awesome! Super convenient to the greenbelt as well as all kinds of shopping and many restaurants. Overall awesome.
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5on Apartment Ratings, Apr 22, 2014
I have had alot of tragedy and the courtesy given to me is appreciated. It is a relaxing community away from all the congestion in Austin. It is peaceful, the neighbors are great and my pets love it also. My brother with his wife lived her 25 years ago and they like living here. I love the bay window, the fireplace and the spacious closets. . more »
Business Response:
Dear Resident, Your review is appreciated. I am glad to hear that you like your apartment and like living at the Falls. Thank you, Keri Mohler, Community Director
3on Apartment Ratings, Apr 18, 2014
I love the location because it is near work, school, and groceries. The apartments are affordable. A drawback is the units are old. I have made a request to replace the water heater because my electric bill is high and the neighbor across my hall had her's replaced and her electric bill went way down. Also, I have made a request to repair the heater because it wasn't heating properly. Nothing was done about it. more »
Business Response:
Dear Resident, I am happy to hear that you like our location and affordability! I hope to be able to help with your other requests as well. We replace appliances on an as needed basis and would love to take a look at your water heater if you feel that there is a problem with it. I would like to speak with you in regards to your heater as well so that we can get that working properly. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss a resolution. Thank you, Keri Mohler, Community Director
4on Apartment Ratings, Apr 03, 2014
It honestly boggles my mind to have read so many negative reviews about this complex. I lived here from 2009-2012 and had a great time. I lived in two different units during my stay there (the third story unit was my favorite--the skylight made a huge difference). In my experience, every single person in the management office was friendly and professional. Neighbors were also typically friendly. Always had a parking spot somewhere, and so did any friends who I invited over for dinner (one advantage to open parking). Loved living by Whole Foods, Torchy's Tacos, the Arboretum, etc etc. Loved the easy access to 183 and Mopac. To be certain, not everything was perfect. But for the rent price, the responsiveness of management, the location, parking, and neighbors, there really is very little to complain about. --Nathan more »
Business Response:
Nathan, Thank you for your kind compliments! I am happy that you have had a great experience with us! Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do here to continue to make Falls on Bull Creek a great place to call home! Keri Mohler Falls on Bull Creek Community Director
3on Apartment Ratings, Jul 24, 2012
I have lived here since Nov of 2011. I was very happy when we first moved in. The units are spacious and the price is great. It is quiet and I LOVE the location. However, the abuse my car has taken has been very upsetting. The second DAY my boyfriend and I lived there, BOTH of our cars were broken into. The back driver window on both the cars were broken and they took his 2000.00 stereo system and my laptop. We dont usually leave our belongings in our vehicles but we were still moving some stuff in and it was raining when we arrived home. We had planned on going down in the morning to get the rest of our stuff. When I went down stairs it was all over the parking lot and all of the valuables from both vehicles were gone. There were four other cars in the area of our building that had unfortunately had the same fate. Then about two months ago someone got into my car again and took my stereo ipod wire from my dash and dug through my stuff. The last straw is last night for NO REASON someone stabbed the hood of my boyfriends car. I have seen many vehicles in the complex with taped up windows and there is broken glass in certain places that leads me to believe we are not the only victims of this situation. Its really upsetting to me and I dont feel like our cars are safe. The repairs for this stuff really adds up and in my opinion the great price of the apt doesnt make up for insurance claims. We will be moving in Nov. I am expecting a child and these types of things make me really nervous. more »
Business Response:
I am sorry to hear that you had this problem here with your vehicles. We try to prevent these types of things as much as possible and would love any suggestions or comments that you may have. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss any issues that you may have. Thank you, Keri Mohler Community Director
3on Apartment Ratings, Feb 07, 2012
The parking situation can be really annoying , and it's not all that pedestrian friendly (yet), but I have to say that overall I have had a positive experience living here. I recently had an issue with the office that made me furious, but they were very nice, took time to really listen to my concerns, and they worked with me to resolve the issue. Amazing! Just goes to show you that direct and polite communication really does go a long way. The units are older and the construction isn't that great, but it's also very reasonably priced and takes two minutes to get to Mopac or 183, so it's a very convenient commute. Again, there are some negatives, but it's definitely not as bad as some people make it out to be. more »
Business Response:
I am happy to hear that you had a positive experience living here. Thank you for your recommendation. Our terrain here definately makes it tough to walk the community at times, however it also allows for our phenominal views that this area has to offer. I am glad that any issue that you may have had with parking or other concerns during your residency was resolved to your satisfaction. It is our goal to provide the best in customer service at all times and keep all of our residents happy. Sincerely, Keri Mohler Community Director
3on Apartment Ratings, Jul 14, 2011
I love my apartment here! It's right across from upscale shopping and nestled in the hills among very nice neighborhoods. There are hot cyclists in spandex pedaling by on 360 every day. The apartment administrators are nice and courteous. Avery and Billy have always been super-responsive to my requests. Billy's cute too. When things need repair a maintenance man responds quickly. The absolute best part about living here is the view. My apartment overlooks lush green hills and the arboretum. The apartment itself is maintained nicely although it is was obviously built in the 1980's and my apartment still has the original appliances. The rent isn't terrible. It's an affordable way to live in an upscale area. I'll be renewing my lease. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Aug 11, 2010
I have to say... I've lived at The Falls on Bull Creek for over a year and haven't had the slightest problem with living here. Certainly no problems with the $499 I'm paying for rent either. I couldn't believe the deal I got. Esp in this area.
I think most of these reviews must have been written by other apartments in the area. The only water problem I've had is a frozen pipe this past winter. I have had a few scorpions, but this IS the hill country.
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4on Apartment Ratings, Jun 12, 2010
All of these negative reviews worried me before I moved in, but I moved in this month anyway because of the good service and impressions I got after visiting four times. My experiences so far have been great. The office staff were really patient and flexible. On my first day there, I placed a maintenance request and the guy came to fix it with in 20 minutes. The apartment grounds are clean and the neighbors seem chill. And about the water breaking. I'm from the North and pipes burst every once and a while due to cold freezes. I bet many pipes in Austin broke this past winter because it was unusually cold. The pipes in Austin weren't built to withstand freezing temperatures like they are up North. 20 towns in the Boston area lost access to clean water in March for 4 days in a row. But people didn't go crazy, most people cooperated and were patient. Imagine no safe water at your house, plus restuarants had to close or use bottled water to serve their customers. I think people are just spoiled and have no tolerance for anything these days. I will post updates to let you all know how things are going in the future at this complex. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Mar 22, 2010
To begin, I'm an apartment locator. Most people only write reviews when angry, that should always be kept in mind. I went from being a homeowner for 11 years, then moving at The Fall. I really like it here. Although I was w/o water for a few days, I managed. After speaking with the office about it, I was told there would be no compensation for a rent deduction b/c they were in between management companies (bank owned). I didn't like that but I understood. I will live here as long as I'm a renter because the apartments are great and super reasonable, the location is great and the staff is great. Sometimes people should be more understanding. I will show these apartments to clients because of those positive aspects and will stand by it. more »
3on Apartment Ratings, Mar 22, 2010
I have no problems living at the falls. I was worried when I heard about peoples electric bills, though I have not had any problems. I have lived at the falls since 11/2009 and the highest my bill has been was this past month for $95.00 and that was because my heat was running all day everyday. I have heard if you live on the top story with the two high windows in the ceiling then your electric can get out of hand. So if you are offered one of those just decline it. Also, when I first moved in I ask for them to seal all of my windows to save electric and they did no problem. I have only had a problem with my water one time and it was no biggie, it was back on within a few hours and I haven't had a problem since. I talked to the office and they said that they kept fixing the same pipe that kept busting then realized that two others weren't working so I'm under the impression that all pipes are fixed because I haven't seen any dug up and there haven't been any problems. Also, I am very happy with my water pressure..out of all the apartments I have ever lived in which is about five this place at least my apartment has the best pressure. Also, I moved in at a great time...my rent is only $499 a month for a one bedroom that is over 700 square feet. Maybe I am just very blessed..because I have no compliants. One more thing the two times I needed maintence because my boyfriend clogged the toliet :( gross...they came and fixed it within twenty minutes! more »
3on Apartment Ratings, Jan 11, 2010
I have to say the Falls of Bull creek was not great on upkeeping, but the
meories of my GF and wyatt were great the views were nice. I would take anything
to be back with my GF and I again
cassie> more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Nov 05, 2009
...That is the question...
I personally am a active duty service member of the Army and have been since I was 17 (1996). I have been overseas once in my military career and I have been through t
he most drilling and challenging of environments.
When it comes to living at The Falls @ Bullcreek, it is true that the water is out sometimes. I am a bit on the fence when it comes to where to direct my concerns and/or frustration. I used to direct it towards the management at the leasing office.
After living here for two years, I've noticed that last year the front apartments used to be the ones that would occasionally go out of water, while the back apartments were fine.. Each time the would fix it, they would replace the pipes with brand new piping. Now, the tables have turned and it is only the back apartments that occasionally go out of water. True, like some below me mentioned, this year it's more than usual.
However, my theory is that eventually as they begin to replace the pipes in the back (as they did the front) the problem will soon fix itself. Perhaps I would've been furious by now, thinking that management doesn't care about us. But after talking with them, I realize that the maintenance, security, and managers all live here too and when the water goes out, that means no water for them as well and they are as frustrated as we are.
OVER-ALL: I've decided not to get angry anymore because
1)I know that they are working on it right away because they also like to have water in their home
2)I found out that the wait is them waiting on the new pipes to come in.
3)My theory is that this problem will soon resolve itself (keeping fingers crossed)
4)I recognized that by speaking with management in a calm reasonable manner, they really are on top of this issue as soon as they learn about it and they will give us all of the details.
5)I've been in situations much worse in my experiences, so to me, being patient is worth the reasonably-priced rent I'm paying for a great location in a great spacious apartment.
6)I am still very picky and have lived in various apartment complexes right here in Austin. So I can honestly say that this management really does care about us; we are not just a number to them (which is far more than I can say for the 4 other complexes I've resided in).
7)Anytime I have an issue, maintenence always has it fixed by the time I come home from work that same day.
So as long as I am stationed here in Austin, I will continue to live here. Customer service is more important to me than living in a totally upscale snobby complex with snobby management. If you do not wish to deal with the current situation, maybe moving out is better for you. But I believe that by being patient, it would be beneficial to us all. We are all in this together. So hopefully they will be able to resolve our issues soon.
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4on Apartment Ratings, May 08, 2009
I have been a resident for two years. I live in a renovated unit, that means new appliances and carpet.
Living in this complex is like most things in life, there is a plus and a minus. I am will
ing to take the negative because the location is so convenient, rent rates work for me, I feel safe and the wooded areas are beautiful.
Views: Great views to the hills and canyons. My unit backs up to a canyon, great if you enjoy wild life; tons of birds here and some critters too, lets not forget that; but this is only natural because is wooded and the creek is so close.
Parking: There are flat and hilly areas. I have NEVER had parking problems here, there is plenty of parking for residents and guest, especially on the hilly parts, some people steer away from parking on the hills; it reminds me of parking in San Francisco, CA. if you have been there, you get an idea.
Safety: I walk my dog late at night, and I have never had a problem.
Noise: I rarely hear the people above my unit, but that happens in almost any apartment unit. Overall this is a quiet place; I see very few kids here.
Grounds: They could be better. Last year was really bad with the dog poop. This year it has gotten better, but there is still work to be done in this area.
Insulation: This has been my challenge, my unit gets cold in the winter and my electric bills are high, but it compensates in the summer because my unit stays cooler and the bill is cheaper. Unit location makes a difference.
Water: We have lost water service for several hours at a time, but not lately. I have had plumbing problems in my unit, but it has been taken care of.
The water bill is cheap, I usually pay under $10 a month.
Maintenance: The maintenance guys have been extremely helpful and courteous. They have taken care of repairs promptly. When I experienced problems with my heater, he stayed after hours fixing the problem; he made sure it worked before leaving.
Office Staff: I rarely go to the main office, but the times I have interacted with them, they have been professional and respectful. Any time I have requested a repair, it has been handled in a timely manner.
Location: This is a great location, its a step away from shopping and major highways. A little over a mile from the Arboretum.
I do not use the pool or gym facilities so I cannot comment on that.
I read some of the previews comments and they make it sound like cars are broken into daily and the mail is violated regularly. I'm sorry for the person who got broken into his truck so many times, he must be leaving an incentive in it. I drive a fairly new luxury vehicle and I have not been broken into, and my mail has not been violated. Different people have different experiences. I have friends that live in high end apartments and this kind of stuff still happens.
I hope this information is helpful.
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4on Apartment Ratings, Mar 30, 2009
I leased a top floor unit for 9 months, in a building set back against a quiet creek with great views of just trees. I never heard my neighbors or traffic, and I could always find parking. This is a large complex and maybe all of the other poor reviews apply to other buildings in the front of the complex towards Hwy 360, however I was in unit 3087 and the only challenge was parking on a hill. The buildings are not new and do show some age, however the pricing is very affordable and if you consider a unit along the back perimeter of the complex, there is ample parking and views of lush trees the windows. Also, this location affords very quick (walk or bike) access to Bull Creek greenbelt from the Spicewood Springs and 360 intersection. I have heard of concerns about vehicle safety (and I love my Audi and always used a steering wheel lock), however I never had any security issues. more »
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