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5on Superpages, Jan 09, 2017
The way they treated me really made me feel like family and I really appreciated that. They provide their client's with the best. They were amazing and went above and beyond on behalf of me and my family. more »
5on Superpages, Oct 13, 2016
Every time I called the firm I received a direct answer and update on my case. They were always professional in the way they handled things. more »
5on Google, May 06, 2016
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5on Google, May 06, 2016
I was involved in an Accident on thanksgiving weekend ( November 2015 ) , the same weekend I lost my mother. My wife, brother in law, and I was driving thru McKinney, TX on highway 75 leaving Sherman, TX passing the white exit. I heard a loud boom sound, I thought I had a blow out, not knowing I was hit from the rear passenger side.
The truck began to spin around several times until it came to complete stop facing the opposite direction facing traffic. The rain was pouring down unable to see the oncoming traffic headlights. I jump out of the truck to yield the traffic from hitting us.
After the police showed up and assisted us by getting both drivers information. We head on our way home in Arlington, TX... My brother in law calls Godsey & Martin and started the process. The next business day, we receive a call back. I talked to Jasmine. She tells me that they would request the Police report & Copy of the Accident Report, to start the Claim. After 2 weeks pass, I get the status of the case. I was told we haven’t heard anything but if you can get the information, it would be helpful.
I called my insurance company (Allstate) and requested all the information Godsey & Martin needed to start the process. Allstate asked why was I requesting the information if I was being represented by Attorneys. My answer was they don’t want to take the time to get the information but still want to invoice their Clients a $200 Admin Fee & 33 and a 3RD percent of the claim.
The driver of the other vehicle that hit me, insurance company (Nationwide) accepted 100% reasonability. I had to get into a rental vehicle until my truck was repaired but Allstate was giving me a hard time about paying because they’re going to invoice Nationwide and needed an upfront payment. I was on the phone with both companies about who’s going to pay but my Adjuster told me that My attorney need to call. I called the law firm Several Times, Day After Day. No Answer or Return Call Back. Left Several Voicemails.
When I called the firm to speak to my Attorney, Never Met Him or Her but I was told he left the company. I asked could anyone at the firm call Allstate / Nationwide back to give payment info. I did a conference call with one of the representative from the Law Firm to confirm payment.
We finally resolve that issue and it comes time to settle with Nationwide. Karl called me and gave me the amount Nationwide offered to settle. I advised him to fight & get more, his words was so discouraging telling me he wouldn’t do it if he was me. I tell Karl, that you’re representing me and at least try to fight for your Clients.
I thought I would ever in life say this but, “I would never Use a Black Law Firm”!!!!!.....After seeing the commercials and ads, Godsey & Martin Words Are Yet To Catch Up With Their Actions…They Do Not Treat Their Clients Right!!!!
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5on Google, May 06, 2016
One of the first firms out there when it comes to customer service. Had 2 cases with them. Couldn't be happier with the results. more »
5on Superpages, Apr 27, 2016
I would recommend this law firm to anybody. The lawyers here are very informative. All I had to do was worry about my treatment, and they took care of everything else. more »
5on Superpages, Mar 24, 2016
I can honestly say that I received excellent service throughout the entire process. Everyone was warm and friendly and I truly felt like they cared about me. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Mar 02, 2016
I had two accidents within the last 3 years. They represented me both times. Long story short, Justice was served. Communication was great and the Doctors they sent me to were professional, caring, and accommodating. This is my go-to firm when it comes to wrecks. more »
5on Superpages, Feb 25, 2016
Throughout my case they were available to me and when I called with a problem, it was taken care of immediately and to my satisfaction. more »
4on Google, Feb 05, 2016
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5on Google, Feb 05, 2016
They're awesome really helped me with my settlement!!! more »
5on Superpages, Jan 07, 2016
They were great throughout my case. No question was irrelevant to them. They kept me aware of what was going on and never seemed to mind when I called. I was extremely well taken care of. more »
5on Superpages, Dec 24, 2015
Everybody I spoke with was very helpful and always had time for me. They helped me so much. I was very pleased. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 07, 2015
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5on Facebook, Nov 29, 2015
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5on Superpages, Nov 17, 2015
I was kept aware of what was going on with my case at all times. Everyone was friendly, no matter how many times I called. more »
5on Superpages, Sep 24, 2015
The case managers were very helpful and kept me informed about my case. Organized and very informative. Wonderful service. more »
5on Dex Knows, Aug 11, 2015
Quick and professional
This was my second time using the Godsey Martin Law Firm and each time they handled my case quickly and professionally. They took care of everything and did their best to
solve any problem that arose. more »
5on Superpages, Jul 24, 2015
I was hit hard from behind and knocked into oncoming traffic. I had bleeding in the brain and an aneurysm that burst and they had to do brain surgery. I called IJustGotHit because I decided I needed an attorney. The experience was awesome. i was happy from day one for calling this firm. more »
5on Superpages, May 28, 2015
It was obvious to me that the Godsey Martin law firm really cares about their clients and that it is not just about money. I received excellent service from beginning to end. They did a great job with my case. more »
5on Superpages, May 06, 2015
I was on my way from work and a car came barreling down the road and hit me. It was a major accident. My family told me to call I Just Got Hit. Everything was easy and convenient. I wouldn't call anybody else. more »
5on Superpages, Apr 10, 2015
I had heard the commercial and I decided to call and they got right back to me. I didn't have to do any paperwork. They took care of it all. I kept hearing from them with updates. They walked me through the steps and I was never left with questions. They kept me informed. more »
5on Superpages, Feb 27, 2015
When I did have a problem, it was handled immediately by one of the firm's founders. I received great service and quick settling of my case. more »
5on Dex Knows, Feb 18, 2015
Great service
Great people, great service. Above and beyond on everything they did for me. I found them to be very courteous and professional throughout my case.
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5on Yellow Pages, Feb 15, 2015
My daughter and I got into a wreck in June 2014 and my daughter was unharmed, but still received a settlement. They work hard for their clients and I am so glad that I called them. I finished my therapy last month and my case is in negotiations now. I am happy with the customer service overall. Very professional. They send emails whenever they can't reach me by phone. I just love Yvonne Wyatt and Carencia Barnett. They are such professionals and answer all questions I have. Thanks, M.Miller-Williams more »
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1909 Woodall Rodgers, STE 200, Dallas, TX 75201
Personal Injury Law
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David Godsey and Justin Martin put together a team that is focused on protecting the community. All of our lawyers and legal professionals use their experience, time, and skills to improve the lives of the people they help. We work hard every day to reach these goals by helping you get your life back on track and bringing you the financial compensation you deserve.

Before obtaining his law license, David Godsey spent several years as a claims manager for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies. He trained and taught his adjusters the skill of convincing injury victims to accept less money than they deserved. David witnessed first-hand that many corporations were focused on money, not people. David found this experience so unsettling that he cites it as one of his chief motivations to become a lawyer. He determined that his calling was on the other side of the fight – making sure victims were heard after being wronged.

Justin Martin spent his early professional career in service, sales, and public relations roles. He has always been driven to help people succeed. Justin believes that we all must find a way to meaningfully assist those around us. This was his inspiration to become an injury lawyer.

Since launching IGotHit.com in 2007, David and Justin have dedicated themselves to helping victims in the community have their voices heard. We have since grown to become one of the largest personal injury law firms in the state of Texas. With offices across the U.S., IGotHit.com currently recovers no less than $3,000,000.00 each month on behalf of victims and their families.
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