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 680 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209US

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32 reviews
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5on Apartment Ratings, Jan 27, 2018
From the minute we drove up to move into the Meridian Apartment community we were greeted with the upmost respect and courteousness. Mr. Ray Gonzalez, who was on duty upon our arrival, went beyond and above the call of duty with his service as security and concierge. He was very gracious and assisted us with helping us get situated to better accommodate our needs so that our move in process could run smoothly and more easily. The entire staff here at Meridian Apartments have been nothing but respectful, helpful, and courteous since day one. Ms. Angela Rocha, who is in the leasing office, has always been genuinely ready to listen and help in any way she can when we have needed her assistance. In fact, any chance I get I go into the office just to see her beautiful smile and say hello because she truly is a courteous and professional staff member. The maintenance team always does a great job. Plus, they do it with the upmost respect and work well around your own schedules. My husband and I have been extremely happy with the entire staff at this location that we renewed our lease and have delayed our departure back to our home state. We truly feel safe and secure here. I know there are some reviews indicating the mess and disruption of the property but in my honest opinion, there is a silver lining at the end of all these renovations; keeping the property safe, secure, and preserved. The community here genuinely cares about their surroundings and it has been wonderful meeting new friends and neighbors while sharing the comforts of what we call home here at the Meridian Apartments. more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm so happy to see that you're enjoying your stay here at Meridian and hope you'll reach out to our team if there's ever anything we can do to improve your experience!
5on Apartment Ratings, Jan 26, 2018
We just moved in this week, but Angela has been amazing. We weren't originally looking to lease right away, but there was a good deal and Angela stayed hours after close to help us get our application in so that we didn't miss out! She is amazing. We turned in our list of minor issues the day we moved in, and by that night, 8 work orders had been completed. To say the least, my husband and I are thrilled that we are living at the Meridian with such great staff! (Thanks again Angela for staying late on an already crazy day)! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your feedback! We take pride in providing our residents with an enjoyable living experience at our community through our spacious apartment homes and superior customer service. I am pleased to hear your experience was just that and we will definitely be passing along your compliments to our team!
5on Apartments, Oct 26, 2017
Great choice!
Had a wonderful experience leasing from the Meridian Apartments!
Highly recommend asking for Nathaniel or Angela, they made my leasing process very easy and enjoyable.
Great customer service and attentiveness to detail of what exactly you are looking for.
Again I highly recommend this property and their staff!
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5on Apartments, Oct 26, 2017
Great choice!
Had a wonderful experience leasing from the Meridian Apartments! Highly recommend asking for Nathaniel or Angela, they made my leasing process very easy and enjoyable. Great custom
er service and attentiveness to detail of what exactly you are looking for. Again I highly recommend this property and their staff! more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Apr 11, 2017
Having been displaced by a tornado, I thought the chore of looking for another place to live would just add to the stress. After looking at a few places, it appeared my thinking was correct, but then I stopped at The Meridian. Greeted by Angela, she quickly made this a pleasant and relatively easy task. Angela was friendly, informative, knowledgeable, LISTENED! to my needs and wants and worked directly with my insurance adjuster. I looked at the one, two and 2 plus study and was impressed by the size and layout. The layout of the complex us pleasant and pleasing. Since moving in, I have found all the staff - office, concierge and maintenance - friendly, helpful, considerate and prompt. They have quickly addressed any issue quickly and thoroughly.
The location is perfect; it's very close to the Quarry Market and Lincoln Heights shopping center, (I walk to both).
The rent may not be the lowest out there, but I feel i have gotten my monies worth. I am definitely a happy resident.
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Business Response:
Thank you for your feedback! We take pride in providing our residents with an enjoyable living experience at our community through our spacious apartment homes and superior customer service. I am pleased to hear your experience was just that!
5on Rent, Apr 17, 2015
We have been extremely pleased with everything at The Meridian. Our small complaints are cosmetic..NOT about the personnel! Your EXCELLENT Staff could not be more accommodating. However, there needs to be more attention given to things like: keeping the garbage doors closed around entrance circle, checking to make sure lights are on above parking, etc. and..the swimming pool needs DAILY professionals. However, the grounds are looking very nice!! We are 95% happy!! more »
4on Rent, Apr 17, 2015
Everyone is very nice....the grounds are kept and have had no issues more »
4on Rent, Apr 17, 2015
The maintenance crew is quick to respond/address to any problems. The concierge services and team have alwaysbeen very kind and helpful whenever their services are needed. I've lived at the Meridian for 5+ yrs. However, I'd like to see the pool area & walking trail near golf course updated it is very dark at night. Also, the walkways leading up to each apartment door need to be pressure washed (I have only seen this done once). The garages are pressure washed but walkways need cleaning. more »
5on Rent, Apr 17, 2015
I RATE THE mERIDAN as excellent because I have lived here 8 years and lived in 4 different apartments Each time it was necessary to move the Meridian gave me option I needed/ more »
5on Rent, Apr 16, 2015
Immediate service on repairs, etc. friendly, helpful staff. Lovely apt. w/new appliances, fixtures. Quiet. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Jun 06, 2009
So I've been living here since February and I just felt compelled to write about how much I love it here. I'm not going to lie though, since I arrived in San Antonio in February I've been looking all over the place for somewhere else. I contemplated building a house out west of Dominion, I've looked at other apartments, condos, etc. The reason is that, yes, these apartments are probably the most expensive apartments around and you could save a TON of money by living somewhere else (to me this is a good thing because it keeps out the non-professional crowd. ie people that blast music till 3 in the morning and such). But I never actually go through with any of these things because it's just so nice here...I seriously can't bring myself to leave as much as I try.
It is dead silent here. That is the number one reason that I won't leave. To me this fact alone makes it worth the cost of rent. The only noise you will hear is coming from Basse Rd if you live on the street side like I do, but eventually you get used to that.
One thing that also says it all is that a lease doesn't really exist here if you don't want it to. You can sign a lease for different lengths, or you can pay month to month. In any case the cost of rent is the same. To me that says it all. They know that this is the nicest place around so they don't have to "trap" you like everywhere else.
The office staff are extremely nice and helpful. Also the doormen are always nice and super cool. There is a package service and even dry cleaning service if you are extremely busy and need it.
Any time I have had a problem in the apartment it is IMMEDIATELY fixed. I'm talking sometimes in a manner of minutes. It seriously has blown my mind the speed at which things get fixed around here and how nice and personable the maintenance guy is. After years of moving around the globe and living in various apartments, I have never in my life witnessed something akin to the maintenance here.
There is a very diverse mix of people that live here and almost everyone is really friendly. You would expect that since there is so much money here that there would be a certain level of "stuck-up-ness" but I just haven't seen that to be the case at all. I know one review on here said that people were "snooty"...I have no idea where that person lives but it's obviously not here.
The area here is also very impressive. I can walk outside and within a 5 minute walk I've got the nicest HEB in the city, dozens of outstanding restaurants, golf course (even though I don't play), and all the stuff at the quarry (restaurants, movies, shopping, etc). It's no secret also that Alamo Heights is the most desirable place to live in the city. I could go on and on about the area on a whole, but that's another kind of review.
Also, if you are a runner like me, this is one of the best places you can be. You are in the safest area in the city and there are sidewalks for miles and miles through Alamo Heights. I love running through the Alamo Heights neighborhoods because it's so beautiful and peaceful and you can run on the roads without getting plowed over.
The last thing is that the apartments here just feel so much like a home rather than an apartment. I don't really know how to describe it. You just don't feel like you are in an apartment complex.
Are there cons to living here? Absolutely. The pool is tiny, the gym is tiny, but I don't really use either one. Also amenities just have never been a huge issue for me. What I care about are the things I've said above. If you want a huge gym, go join Spectrum. If you want a huge pool, go to Seaworld, lol. So if having huge flashy amenities is important to you, than this is not the place for you. Also, as stated earlier, the rent here is sky high. You will easily pay 3 times what you would pay at a typical apartment for the size and you won't get near the amenities. But like I said, I don't care. It's a matter of priorities.
I know that in a couple of years I'll probably move because I'll have to go back to school for my PhD, but until that point I'm not going anywhere. I absolutely love it here and I'm going to be very sad when I have to leave. If you can afford it, and what is important to me is just as important to you, this is as good as it gets.
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5on Apartment Ratings, Jan 18, 2009
Because I am about to graduate and move from San Antonio, I'm going through an extensive apartment search and using this site frequently. As such, I feel obligated to write a helpful review about my current experience in this complex.
Tenants: There is an eclectic mix of people living here: retirees, doctors, professors, students, couples. I see very few children around; in my opinion, this is not a great complex for children because there is very little area for them to play outside. The few times I have seen children out playing they have been in the parking garage or driveways without supervision. It's also a very quiet complex, and any loud noises from young children at play would seem out of place.
Although the apartment offers a monthly book club and occasional seasonal resident activities, I think most people prefer to keep to themselves and choose the Meridian because it affords them that luxury.
Parking: There is ample assigned and guest parking in the two parking garages. Each resident has an assigned covered parking space. There is also a good amount of guest parking. The controlled-access gates are operated with a clicker; I appreciate the heightened security of a clicker over a code. Guests must dial your apartment from the gate in order to get in; you push "9" on your phone to open the gates for them. A closed-circuit channel on your television shows you who is at the gate at any time.
Amenities: The complex offers a video lending library in the leasing office but I've never used it. The 24-hour fitness room is minimal but gets the job done. There is one computer and fax for business use and a nice reading lounge. The pool is lovely, kept clean, and there are plenty of comfortable lounge chairs and umbrella tables around it; however, the pool itself is somewhat smaller than I would like and the apartments next to the pool start to cast a shadow over the pool area fairly early in the afternoon in the summer months. There is trash pickup Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:00am, but the staff requests that tenants do not leave trash out overnight so as not to attract any animals/rodents. I'm never up early enough to put my trash outside the door, but it's a fairly short walk to the trash chute over the dumpster so I take my trash out myself.
Office staff, maintenance and concierge: In my opinion, these people make the Meridian entirely worth it. The concierge staff accepts packages for you, and they do not mind if you are unable to pick them up for some time. They also have helped me transport large packages to my apartment. The office staff are all friendly and personable and I end up chatting with them each time I visit the office. Maintenance has responded the same or next day to all my requests. I have had four or five maintenance requests in the past 9 months (multiple dishwasher malfunctions, water heater leak, broken key/lock replacement), but I have been more than satisfied with the quick response, friendliness, and capability of the maintenance staff. When I am not home for a repair, they always leave a note of what maintenance was performed.
Apartments: Spacious, clean; depending on your budget and your choice of view, some can be luxurious. Noise from other tenants is almost never an issue. I am occasionally annoyed by the loud footsteps on my ceiling, but I have never heard a sound from my neighbors through my walls. Unfortunately, street noise (a few big trucks, motorcycles, and lots of car horns) can be an issue if you have an apartment facing Basse, like I do. If you take out a lease at the Meridian, I would recommend springing for a top floor apartment that faces the golf course in order to avoid street and ceiling noise (and to have a great view!)
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5on Apartment Ratings, Jun 09, 2007
These are the nicest apartments in San Antonio. The units are enormous, bright, and beautiful. I have a bay windowed breakfast nook in my kitchen! People are way impressed when you say you live here. There is only one gate in and out, and there is a guard there 14 hours a day. The grounds are lovely. Parking is easy, and I feel so safe here. It is expensive, but this keeps out the riff raff. Most of the tenants have been here for years. It is mostly older people, so it is super quiet. I can't say enough good things about this place. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Jan 29, 2005
I love this place!But most of all I love that all my friends and family adore this place. If you're a kind of person who loves having company over for dinner or movies this is a great and cozy place to live, the exterior is to die for as well as the interior. The people in the office are so sweet and helpful.This has got to be the best place in Alamo Heights to live and call home. I hope to have you as a neighbor. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Aug 05, 2004
These apartments are very nice. Great entrance and excellent security. It is very quiet and the apartments themselves are spacious and elegant. Great views in an oh so convinient location. Golf course, Quarry, Grocery stores, and great restaraunts all within walking distance. I loved living there. :) Thanks! more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Sep 25, 2003
5on Apartment Ratings, Apr 25, 2003
It´s a nice place to live...really quite...big rooms and bathroom has a garden tub and a shower. The staff is extremely nice and things are fixed promptly. Plus it is in a great location near the Quarry. more »
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San Antonio, TX Apartments
In the distinguished Alamo Heights neighborhood, Meridian Apartments showcases luxury living at its finest. With incredible golf course views on one side and the amazing Alamo Quarry Market on the other, the possibilities for convenient and elevated living are endless. Choose from well-appointed one, two, and three bedroom apartments with unique features such as granite countertops, garden tubs, stainless steel appliances, and walk-in closets. Take advantage of the location with shopping and entertainment within walking distance, and downtown San Antonio a few miles away. Come home to a beautiful apartment in a gated community with stunning surrounding scenery at Meridian Apartments.

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