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5on Facebook, Jun 02, 2015
Future Faces NYC has changed my daughter’s lives. I always worried
about the work aspect that comes with child modeling. As a parent, I feel that children shouldn’t be working, they should e
njoy being kids. My 2 oldest daughters (13 and 8) always dreamed of being in front of a camera for either print or acting. I did extensive research on NYC modeling agencies because I have fallen into a few traps with other talent agencies in the past. I never thought it was a realistic endeavor for my girls until I met Nina at FFNYC. She made their dream a reality. She addressed every single one of mine and my husband’s concerns. She is very knowledgeable in this business and taught us so much during our first meeting with her. Nina made us feel very comfortable and assured us that we were making a great decision. We NEVER felt pressured. This agency has opened so many doors for my girls. They have been called to numerous castings and love every second of it. My youngest, who is just a toddler, is a force to be reckoned with. I was hesitant to pursue modeling with her because of her young age. The minute she met Nina and took her first photos, it was as if she was a natural. Nina and her team’s professionalism made all 3 of my daughters feel comfortable and allowed them to have such a fun experience. My 3 daughters have since had the most amazing experiences with FFNYC and look forward to having many more. FFNYC is hands down the best NYC agency out there. more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 31, 2015
I’m a mother of year and a half old Linar and I’m writing this recommendation letter about Future Faces NYC Nina Lubarda’s Modeling Agency.
We have had an absolutely wonderful expirience w
ith Nina. We’ve signed up with Future Faces NYC about 4 months ago. And we are so lucky to be
with Nina, she is such a great person,professional of what she does. Right after we’e got our paperworks done, Nina did an amazing, stunning photos
for Linar. We’ve been in so man of Go-sees based on portfolio photoes, and recently less than a 3 months ago we’ve got our first booking with Prestigious
Joe Fresh. I’m so thankful to Nina Lubarda. As she works so hard and takes her kids well. We are always in touch with Nina. Anything I wanna ask or know,
I always can all or text her. She always responses me back right away. Nina is persoanl and caring agent. Only through Future Faces NYC our dreams came
true.We are extremely happy with Nina. I feel honored to be my son part of Future Faces NYC!!!
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4on Facebook, May 19, 2015
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5on Yellow Pages, May 16, 2015
My name is Natasha. I found Future faces NY through another mother who's daughter has had a lot of success with Nina and her future faces agency. I checked them out myself and came across lots of great reviews. So was lucky to get an appointment with Nina. Nina Lubardu
Was very professional yet friendly. She was very sweet meeting my Anya and after checking her out and speaking with her colleagues. We were accepted. She explained everything clearly with no false promises. She thought my daughter had potential and would try and give her the opportunities, as long as we made an effort to. We would need to obviously agree to go on castings and be on time. And Nina would do her part shaping Anya as a new young models career. We decided to do new photos with Nina as she is an amazing photographer. I had seen and heard from other mothers what an amazing photographer she is. Well we were very lucky, we had driven far and she set up styling and photos asap so we did not have to travel back to do them. When I seen the photos two weeks later. I was so happy. She made the whole experience fun for Anya. If you check out Anyas photos on future faces website, you will see why after four days of Anyas photos being on website. We got called for a casting. Anya booked job at casting, and actually did the job there and then. This was wonderful as we were there in NY already.
We also got called to do a video of Anya back at future faces that day too, as a top client was interested in Anya. Once again Nina fitted us into her schedule so we would not have to drive back a long way to do it another day. Our portfolio is beautiful, our compcards amazing. Anya already feels so excited to go and see Nina of future faces as she is a sweet yet hardworking lady.
I think it is amazing how after only being with future faces three weeks and photos only in site a week and we had booked a job. I also notice the variety of children on the site are amazing. I love that we get the feeling we are a team and Nina wants us all to do well. We are proud to be a part of future faces NY. We applied to a couple of other agencies in NY they loved thought Anya was great but would not give us a chance because we did not live in the tri state. We live in a small town in NH and this type of opportunity to be with top agency does not exist. As long as Anya wants to do modelling. I want her to be safe and represented in the right way. Our short time with Nina feels right. We look forward to a long successful career with Nina and future faces model management. Another last important part that made it perfect for us. Nina helped us get all the correct paperwork. This was very important to check Anya doing well at school and doctors note to insure she is healthy and last of all a secure bank account and child work permit. All this ensures everything is done with child's interest put first. Future faces wants us to succeed . If we do well they look good too. I am excited and know Anya will book some great campaigns and bookings. I am glad another agency could see the potential we did. Modelling is fun for Anya for now, as long as she stays sweet and does well in other areas we are happy with our choice to be a part of such a prestigious agency.
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5on Facebook, May 10, 2015
I'm wanting to know more about your agency. Its for my six year old son.Please email info. about any hiden fees etc. to more »
5on Facebook, May 03, 2015
We have loved every minute of our time with Future Faces NYC and Nina Lubarda. It has been an amazing opportunity and we could not be happier. We would recommend it to anyone! more »
5on Facebook, Apr 29, 2015
WOW, Just seen photos taken by NINA LUBARDA of my daughter Anya on Future faces site. They are spectacular!!!!!!!! They really capture Anya and show her best features. I was so excited when I spotted her name and realized her photos were up. The more I clicked, the more I loved, Nina was wonderful to work with making Anya feel special and comfortable. She gave great direction and feed back making the whole experience wonderful and fun. From the outfits to telling us how to make the best of Anya's hair. Look forward to see how well we will do booking jobs. I think Nina has helped give us a great chance of being noticed by clients. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 07, 2015
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5on Facebook, Mar 25, 2015
Are just starting in the agency, Nina is very friendly, the pictures are great an so professional. We hope to be part of this big family of Future Faces. Thanks a lot more »
4on Facebook, Mar 19, 2015
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5on Facebook, Mar 15, 2015
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5on Facebook, Mar 13, 2015
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5on Facebook, Mar 06, 2015
My son Mars was just signed by Future Faces NYC, and booked the very first go-see we attended. I was very pleased with Nina's photos, and believe that she has an excellent eye for what clients are seeking! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your review! We are super excited and happy about many of Carter's bookings for our adorable Mars!
5on Facebook, Mar 01, 2015
Future Faces is the best agency you can think off. Not long time ago our daughter was accepted by Nina, and today she's after her first campaign. I can't believe that was so fast... Nina is very dedicated person, pictures she did were stunning, enough for client to accept our daughter without seeing her first.
If you look for Model Agency for your child - look no further!
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Business Response:
Thank you for your amazing reviews! We are so proud and happy about so many direct bookings we got for Matilda! It is such a pleasure to work with loyal and reliable parents as you!
4on Facebook, Mar 01, 2015
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4on Facebook, Feb 19, 2015
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5on Facebook, Jan 29, 2015
Our baby daughter Hudson was recently signed by Nina Lubarda at Future Faces NYC. So far Nina has been very professional, works quickly/efficiently and responds fast to all of our questions. Nina arranged a wonderful photo shoot for Hudson and captured some amazing beautiful images! We look forward to seeing what Hudson's modeling future holds and are excited to join the Future Faces NYC family. more »
Business Response:
Thank you a lot for your honest review. We are TRULLY excited that after the prestigious Il Gufo camping, Hudson just booked also a top H&M campaign. It is always really rewarding to have parents who appreciate.
5on Facebook, Jan 28, 2015
First week after signing with Nina Lubarda and Future Faces NYC, My Daughter has been receiving requests by not One but THREE Big Major Brands and it has only been a month! We can already see the difference in the efforts and quality of the Go see's Nina puts together for the kids. I can rest assure that with the care and exquisite work ethic Nina has; something BIG is headed our way and we cannot wait!!!! We are excited to have become part of this incredible Agency and Family of Future Faces NYC. Thank you Nina and Team! more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for your honest review and recognition of our work ethic. We really appreciate.
5on Facebook, Jan 27, 2015
nice agency for nyc kids, close proximity and accessible, more »
5on Facebook, Jan 18, 2015
I would like to get my 6yr old daughter into some modeling but don't know which direction to take first. Can someone guide me on what to do first? Thank you for all the great reviews I read about your agency!! more »
Business Response:
You can submit by click on this link
5on Facebook, Jan 15, 2015
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5on Facebook, Jan 12, 2015
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5on Facebook, Jan 10, 2015
I would like to have more information about your agency. I have two beautiful little girls that love modeling. I'm very interested in becoming part of your family. Plz email me back. thank you more »
5on Facebook, Jan 09, 2015
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5on Facebook, Jan 01, 2015
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747 3rd Ave, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10017
Modeling and Acting Services


NINA LUBARDA MODEL MANAGEMENT & FUTURE FACES NYC stands for the highest in excellence and achievement in high fashion. Nina Lubarda Stropnik, bachelor of journalism, former international model and one of the top fashion photographers, founded Nina Lubarda Model Management to pursue her artistic vision of intelligent beauty. Nina Lubarda Model Management's selectivity makes it unique among fashion agencies in major fashion capitals.

Models scouted by Nina Lubarda Model Management & Future Faces NYC are chosen for their unique appearance and personality. Investing the necessary time, care and personalized vision for each model, Nina Lubarda helps them acheive a fully rounded career as top models.

The Nina Lubarda Model Management style of management is as particular and unique as the models we represent. Our direction, combined with the hard work and focus of our world class team of agents is what makes great things happen for the models. The best photographers, stylists and designers all book Nina Lubarda Future Faces NYC Models for the most exclusive editorials, fashion shows and campaigns.
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