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5on Google, Jul 20, 2017
I have been living here since 2014, and I have to say that the knolls is a wonderful place to live. MOST of the residents here are nice and friendly. The mainlanders team Jason and Zach work extremely hard to fix all the issues addressed in work orders that I have submitted. Rent here is at a fair value for the location and the amenities that are offered here. The my have a fitness center,pool and hot tub( which are taken care of and look beautiful every day) and a dog park. The community is laid out very well and is great for a afternoon walk. I would recommend this property to anyone looking for a new home. Plus where we are located we are within 30 minutes of Peterson AFB, AFA, and Fort Carson. more »
5on BirdEye, Jul 20, 2017
I want to to say that I have been long time resident here at the knolls. I have seen a lot of maintenance techs come thru this property BUT this crew we have now (Jason.S, Zach.C and David.D) are the best that we have seen. David the Groundskeeper has done so much for this property. I have never seen this property looking so good. Thank you everyone on the maintenance team for making my apartment an home. more »
5on Google, Jul 18, 2017
As a current resident i'd like to say the maintenance staff get 5 stars from me. never had any issues. I've had to summit 2 maintenance request and they answered that day and they fixed the issue the following day. the first time zack and david came out and they were awesome people very polite and did everything to fix the issue. the second time jason came out. another awesome person. very polite and went above and beyond to do his job. the office people are great. the whole experience living here is great. just want to give a shout out to all the staff especially the ones mentioned above. Thank-you. more »
5on Google, Nov 06, 2016
Great place to live for dog people. more »
5on Google, Oct 04, 2016
Not sure what everyone's problem is as I have had no problems. Property is kept nice, staff is very friendly. Never had anyone look into my car or apartment let alone any near me. Only issue is my neighbor is an a hole but that's not the apartment complexs fault. So all the people putting bad reviews must be over exaggerating. Price is reasonable and layouts or nice. Buildings just got painted so it looks alot better. Come see the property for yourself. Do NOT take a negative review as truth.have lived here for 7 months without any issues. more »
4on Google, Aug 09, 2016
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5on Google, Aug 04, 2016
These are the most awesome apartments my wife and i have ever rented at, its super quiet everybody super friendly and a great view of the peak, people pick up after there pets and the staff are great about maintenance in a timely manner, thank you knolls for a wonderful living environment. -J.A.P. more »
3on Google, Jun 07, 2016
They are ok. Lived here a while back. Parking was a pain and the apartments were super hard to heat in winter and impossible to cool in summer. The window unit didn't cut it. more »
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Thank you so much for taking the time to review our community! We greatly appreciate the feedback and want to improve our services for current and future residents. Your feedback will go a long way in accomplishing this goal, so please feel free to contact me at if you have any additional comments or concerns you would like to share.
3on Apartments, Oct 11, 2015
Charming but Outdated
The apartments are rather outdated. There is little to no insulation with original windows. The heating is electric which costs a fortune in the winter. There is a wall uni
t air conditioner but does little to ease the heat, especially if you have vaulted ceilings. The maintenance men are quick to arrive but do little to actually solve the issue and do more of "quick fixes". On the plus side, the grounds are lovely and well kept. The floor plans are open and well planned. They are very pet friendly which is a huge plus. It's a nice part of town with great views. Overall, for the amount of rent paid plus heating and cooling, it's overpriced for what you actually are getting. more »
4on Apartments, Aug 15, 2015
Spacious, updated ammenities
Lots of space, the two bedroom has a great layout for quiet and privacy. Noise doesn't travel too bad from neighbor to neighbor; the carpet floors probably help
with that. Mail and trash are a bit of a walk, or drive, to get to. Pet friendly for a deposit and pet rent (lame, but all of the rentals are doing it now so be prepared to pay that). Maintenance is a little slow to respond though and doesn't always finish the job right. Get covered parking though, it's well worth the expense; otherwise parking will be very hard to find. Overall, enjoying the apartment 8 out of 10! more »
5on Apartments, Jul 26, 2015
The Knolls at Sweetgrass
These apartments are spacious, clean and cozy. Minutes from the highway, Old Colorado City, Downtown Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, with a shopping strip right in
front of us for grocery convenience, I would have to argue if there is better placement in Colorado Springs. The club house, pool, and grounds are very well kept and are beautiful all year around. Pet friendly and quiet - I have yet to find another complex in the Colorado Springs area that has it all! more »
4on Google, Jul 21, 2015
I thought it was a nice place to live. I never felt unsafe. For some reason my electric bill was through the roof the entire time I lived there, but that is really my only complaint. I don't like apartment managerial staff up in my business all the time, so it was a win-win situation for me. I would recommend living here to young professionals that like the west side. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, May 30, 2015
The knolls is a great place to reside! I have lived at the knolls for 14 months. My husband and I have enjoyed creating awesome memories at our home. The management team, has been awesome, I am not to mention names, so J & M, we want to Thank you, both of you have gone above and beyond accommodating our request and needs! The maintenance team is always professional , courteous , trustworthy and complete the work order in a timely manner, as a matter of fact, several times , I have requested or have had a maintenance issue, to my surprise, have shown up the same day. The grounds are lovely and colorful, all the amenities are great, especially year round jacuzzi! The knolls have a pool, work out room, gazebo, dog park , awesome upper deck to lay out in , also computer/office room for residents. I would like to comment, please do not believe all the negative statements, give the knolls a chance. I am not staff in any way , shape or form, oh yes and by the way, I have had Comcast , since I have moved in , yet I read in a post, that a resident could only have Direct tv, another untrue statement. In closing, Thanks to all of you, at the knolls for everything! ! more »
5on Apartment Ratings, May 06, 2015
The Knolls is an amazing place to raise a child it is a quiet safe atmosphere staff is amazing and the maintenance is beyond amazing when you need something fixed they usually fix it within 24 to 48 hoursand the apartments are very very spacious you should make your next home The Knolls at sweetgrass more »
5on Google, Dec 09, 2014
Love it more »
3on Google, Jul 09, 2014
I lived at The Knolls for 11 months, and overall I would say that it was a decent experience. For the seven years previous I lived in a small "mom and pop" rental, so moving here to a large "professionally managed" complex took some getting used to. What attracted me was the great location with gorgeous mountain views, the really nice grounds, and the fantastic pool area. Also, the price was right, at least for a two-bedroom, and the apartment itself was spacious and came with a washer and dryer. Really loved the layout too! What I didn't appreciate was that no one, not even Colorado Springs Utilities, would tell me how much utilities were going to be, which is the main reason why I am writing this review. I agree with the previous reviewer completely that these are the most energy-inefficient apartments ever. Electric baseboard heating, super low-quality windows, and no effort made to seal up places where air comes in makes for ridiculously high electric bills in the winter. Seriously, just take a look at all the daylight you can see around the air-conditioner before you move in. Expect to pay 25% of your rent in electric alone in the winter. More if you are not conservative. You will also be paying for water, sewer, and trash. The management neglected to mention I'd also be billed every month for pest control, real estate tax, and a service fee for the convenience of receiving a bill for my rent and all of these things. about nickel and diming! You might also want to pay for a carport if you'd like to park anywhere near where you actually live, as there's not enough unreserved parking for everyone. On any given night, most if not all of the unreserved parking is full. So, if you can afford a carport or two, and don't mind the super-high utilities, it's not a bad place to live. I found the maintenance to be above-average, with requests being handled promptly. I didn't have any problems with break-ins, nor with my neighbors. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 17, 2013
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5on Facebook, Dec 15, 2013
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5on Facebook, Dec 05, 2013
Great place to live! The office staff make everything so easy to move in and beyond! Great group here! more »
5on Facebook, Nov 01, 2013
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5on Facebook, Jun 24, 2013
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4on Apartment Ratings, Nov 01, 2012
I have lived in these apartments for 7 months and I think they are better than most. There are a lot of negative reviews, but living in an apartment sucks. It doesn't matter where you are, they all suck. People shouldn't have to live so close, and there shouldn't be so many jerks out there. However, there are plenty out there.
The maintenance does a good job keeping up the place, but why do people think it's okay to have a dog stuck in a little apartment all day, just so you can take him out to to watch him poop? Then, if you are responsible enough towork pick up that turd with your plastic bag hand condom through which you feel safe from the foul beastly logmonster? That is sick and pathetic! Who is the master now, huh?
Anyways, my family and I do avoid all grassy areas because of the turd, but also because it still had a turd there recently. I wouldn't run my toes through someone's freshly wiped rump either, especially after only one quick wipe! Yuck!
The apartments are pretty solid and soundproof, it is an apartment, though, so you do have neighbors in the walls. I haven't been able to make out any juicy conversations while pressing my ear to the walls, so since I gave up on that, i would consider them better built than most and rather quiet. I am a human and don't mind making noise myself, so I have no problem with the occasional muffled sound from beyond my world. If they aren't complaining about me, great! I think people in apartments have to accept that they are not relly here by choice, but by circumstance so shut up and deal, or buy a house!
I hate the utility expenses, but when you total the utilities with their very resonable rent (for Colorado Springs)tomorrow it is still cheaper by far than the competition. I have been pleased with the service from maintenance, they were pretty quick every time i have used them. The neighbors are what you get from apartment living, but we have had no crime and feel relatively safe. The gates add a little security. That doesn't mean everyone knows how to use them, but those people probably have a hard time with tying their shoes and doing most things.
Overall, it has been a fine experience for the money, and although I wouldn't recommend living in an apartment to anyone, if you have to, th Knolls is better than most.
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5on Apartment Ratings, Aug 29, 2012
My husband and I moved into the Knolls Apartments in May of 2012.
We have never been happier! Our apt is beautiful and spacious, our neighbors are quiet and friendly, the leasing office staff is
very helpful and gave us great deals upon moving in! The maintenance staff is on top of it, very professional and handy!! I have never had to wait more than one day to get something repaired. Everything in the apt. is like new, the washer and dryer work great! The landscaping around the complex is lush and full of flowers and beautiful trees! The swimming pool and hot tub are routinely cleaned and maintained, as is the fitness center which has an awesome flat screen t.v. complete with all the great satellite channels. We never have ANY problems with parking at all, but it does depend on where you live on property, how much parking is available. The area (located on the west side) is very safe and has AMAZING views of the mountains, and is also conveniently located near a shopping center. We love the dog park as well which is located right on the property! It is worth every penny that we are spending to live in such a pretty, safe, secure community! You must check it out for yourself!! more »
4on Apartment Ratings, May 22, 2012
My husband and I moved in the Knolls in June of 2011. I don t have too many negative things to say about this place. Of all the apartments I ve lived in, I have to say that I enjoyed living here the most. I really did love our little apartment. The layout was perfect for us and so much more like a home than most apartment layouts. I liked that the dining room and living room separate areas divided by a brick fireplace, the vaulted ceilings, a large master bedroom closet, nice sized balcony It had a lot of character. Of course, it is an older complex so there isn t central air it s a window cooler that is very loud and doesn t cool down much of anything. It is baseboard heating and the bill could get quite a bit higher in the winter. Also, the heating ran along the bottom walls of the different rooms, making it seem unsafe to put furniture in front of it.
The parking is probably the Knolls biggest flaw. It s very limited and unless you can get a covered parking spot, you ll probably have to perfect your parallel parking skills. It makes it hard to have people over and there were times when I would get home late and have to park clear up at the office and walk down to my building, all the way at the other end of the complex.
The only other real negative point would be that it is a little pricey for apartment living. You pay 100% of the utilities. Water, trash and sewage are a part of your rent and then you also pay your regular utilities to CSU. For the most part, our CSU bill was around $100 or lower except for in the winter when it did hit $130 a couple times. That was for a two-bedroom, 1-bath and two adults occupying it. That didn t bother me as much as the water bill. Because all the water on the premises is billed to the tenants, in the summer when they had to drain and refill the pool several times, our water bill hit $70-80 all on its own. That was maybe three times though and since then, it s regularly about $30-some dollars a month.
I do have high praises for the office and property staff! The property is well maintained and we never had to wait to get anything done; down to getting light bulbs changed. They were always very timely and never gave us any problems. All the girls in the office go above and beyond to make sure that you re comfortable and happy and that your needs are being met. They pay close attention to detail and they are just so wonderful. I simply cannot express enough how much I appreciated them and all their hard work. It really does show in the apartment community. Things are clean and I always felt safe there. I never once had any doubts that the office or maintenance would take care of anything that we asked for; big or small.
All in all, I really did love living here. It had it s annoyances like any other apartment complex, but I feel like the Knolls really does try to make it a home and a nicely maintained community. The only reason why we re moving is because my husband and I need a little bit more space in a home as my husband is a mechanic and needs a garage.
I would recommend the Knolls to someone who needs a nice, safe place on the West side or to someone who likes that area and just likes apartment living. I don t know that I would recommend it to families with kids because there isn t a lot of outside area for kids to play and the streets are narrow, but it seemed like it was perfect for couples or single people who just want a quiet apartment and an apartment manager that actually takes care of the property.
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4on Apartment Ratings, Apr 09, 2012
Myself and my two roomates just moved into an apartment last month and so far it's been a great first apartment. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the gym is nice. The hot tub was under maintenance when we got here but it just opened again. The only thing that really sucks is the parking. I live on the main drive and I have to park outside the apartment complex on the street. I really wish there was more available close to my apartment parking-wise, but it's not the end of the world. As far as the apartment complexes go they are very nice and it has pretty mature trees and gazebos and it's very rustic looking which is nice. The walls are a little thin and I can hear people walking about above me on the second floor. It does suck that they have a contract with Century Link so there weren't really any options, not gonna lie.
In spite of that I would recommend this apartment complex to anyone who can afford it. I am splitting the rent with other girls so I feel very blessed that I could afford such a nice starter apartment. The staff is super helpful and friendly so that really makes this place great.
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Welcome to The Knolls at Sweetgrass Apartment Homes

Tucked against Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains in a park-like setting, our community at the Knolls at Sweetgrass Colorado Springs Apartments provides the many comforts of home. Close to the Garden of the Gods, downtown Colorado Springs and I-25, The Knolls at Sweetgrass is also within walking distance to neighborhood shopping, and just minutes away from incredible outdoor recreation (such as Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, and more!), entertainment, and dining in Colorado Springs.

The Knolls at Sweetgrass offers one and two bedroom apartment homes in five unique floor plans, featuring washers and dryers, private patios or balconies, updated kitchens with GE energy-saving appliances, plus new lighting and flooring. Select floor plans feature vaulted ceilings, fireplaces and mountain views. We welcome dogs and cats.

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