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 17722 N 79th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308US

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5on Facebook, May 26, 2018
This is an excellent place to live! My family and I have lived here for 2+ years now and we would recommend it to anyone! I am a Midwestern University Optometry Student in my 3rd year now. We love all of our neighbors and have always felt safe here. Please consider moving in here if you are thinking about coming to the area. more »
Business Response:
Jeremy, thank you for your review. We love to hear feedback from our residents. It is nice to know that you and your family are happy at Tresa; we look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent customer service.
5on Apartment Ratings, Feb 21, 2018
The location was perfect great part of town. Right accross the street from Arrowhead mall and the property was always well maintained. I Love and will miss the gals in the office & maintenance guys are great. Loved living here going to miss my beautiful pool view apartment. 65 more »
Business Response:
Thank you for taking the time to write a review for Tresa at Arrowhead, we appreciate your feedback. Should you need housing again in the future please feel free to contact us.
5on Facebook, Jan 08, 2018
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5on Facebook, Aug 14, 2017
Been here for a few years now. I love ALL our neighbors. They each contain a uniqueness of t
heir own and that's good. It brings people closer, helps us learn something new about different
cultures and creates new bonds. It makes you feel better, gives you Lots of love and respect. They are willing to work with you when needed. I really enjoyed those Fridays when I was taking the kids to & got stobpped for a surprise lunch more »
Business Response:
Rachel, thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback regarding your experience at Tresa at Arrowhead. We value you and appreciate your long term residency. Having great neighbors that you can interact with always makes your stay more enjoyable. We happy to hear you found this at Tresa and hope you'll reach out to our team if there's ever anything we can do to improve your experience!
5on Apartment Ratings, Mar 18, 2017
We just moved here from Oregon, and though our time has been short- the experience has been great. Every morning I see maintenance out picking up trash and waving to residents. The women in the office are polite and professional always, and the apartment is very quiet and spacious. We are loving our new home, and so grateful to the Tresa staff! more »
5on Apartments, Sep 29, 2015
Tresa at Arrowhead Apartmemts
For starters location,location, and location is a huge key on why my family picked Tresa apartments to reside. Everything you can imagine is just a few minutes away
. The complex is good size. Great neighbors beautiful scenery. They're animal friendly which makes that great for my family having two dogs. We live in the three bedroom and two bathroom apartment. The apartment is huge with it being 1400 square feet with more then enough room for 4 family members. The walk in closets in every room are very spacious. The kitchen is perfect for those holidays seasons when you have all the family over. Ceilings in every room has a built in fan which keeps the whole apartment cool specially in the summer time in Arizona. The only downside I can honestly say living here is the built in cabinets in the restroom are out of date. They need a upgrade in that area for sure. But last but not least the office personnel are great to deal with. Every time I have a issue they're fast to respond back to me in a short period. So I would recommend anyone looking for a new apartment complex to check out Tresa at Arrowhead Apartments. more »
5on Apartments, Aug 28, 2015
Thankful for has led my new family to a wonderful apartment in the perfect area. Located off the 101 and Arrowhead Mall Tresa Apartments offer luxury at a very reas
onable price. The floor plans are spacious and unique and has a very "at home" feel to them. There are three pools that are all heated! A gym, a sauna, a tanning bed, and even a movie theater you can rent out for the day! Everyone is very neighborly and the office and maintenance crew really make an effort to keep you satisfied. My husband, daughter and I have been here for 4 months and we already know we will renew our lease when the time comes. FIVESTARS! Mark as helpful please! :)God Bless. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Feb 04, 2014
As a single female, I have always felt comfortable and safe in my one bedroom apartment at Tresa. I keep to myself most of the time, but I occasionally socialize with my building mates. I am able to walk my dog around the complex every day without problem, and I even take her into the office for treats. It is unfortunate that I will not be renewing my lease this year, but I need to move closer to work. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Aug 13, 2013
Never had a problem, everyone is nice and seems to want to help. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Jul 02, 2013
I've never had a problem while living here. It's beautiful, well kept, and people tend to mind their own business. It is quiet and peaceful. Compared to what else is out there, this place is like heaven. more »
3on Insider Pages, Jun 02, 2012
These apartments were very nice. They have upgraded features like ceramic in the kitchen and doorway and full garden tubs. They have washer and dryer in every unit too. When I lived t
here it was 5 years ago and I had some major problems with the staff. When ever something broke it took forever to get it fixed and it usually took me complaining and getting on their case to get it corrected. Their prices were reasonable. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Apr 30, 2012
I will be the first to complain when there is something wrong with the apartment I am living in (just read my other reviews to learn that) and I will say there are few things that need to be complained about with Tresa, but comparing it to our old apartment complex, this place is heaven!!! Sure there are stray/feral cats everywhere and it smells like piss .... spray the area with bleach or vinegar and your problem is solved!! Or you can get a dog and let him chase the cats off!! Maintenance is a little slow, but I have a handy man husband so I'm OK with him doing the small repairs. The office staff is extremely friendly, the neighbors I have met have also been very nice, some could use a lesson in friendliness, but whatever. I am so happy here! If we do move it will be out of state but if we stay in AZ I can guarantee we won't be moving from Tresa! The pool is around the corner from my apartment, the gym is easy to get to! The grounds are so clean!! I have yet to see any dog poop! Speeding through the parking lot is near non-existent (those speed bumps will kill your car) I love everything about my apartment!! And for anyone that says "sounds like an office person writing reviews again" I'm in unit 1030 if you want to come verify that I do live here and my name is Tori :) more »
3on Apartment Ratings, Apr 21, 2012
I have lived at Tresa for going on 4 yrs. I love this place it is in a good location, safe neighborhood, the office and maitience staff are great and helpful. I see these bad reviews and I wonder to myself why people have such bad things to say. Here's my view on things. Tresa can only be as good as it's residents. It is you who make noise, don't pick up after your pet, you who throw your cats out into the street to become Tresa problem. As a resident you need to respect others. The office staff can only do so much. Every apartment complex is going to have their problems, not everyone can be happy. Yes I do agree that so upgrades do need to be looked at in the apertments. But if everyone takes care of their apartments and do their part in letting the office now if something is not working right then it can be fixed before it has a major problem. The point of this review is give Tresa a chance, if you have a problem ask the office to help in a polite manner (get more with honey then with vineger). These apatments are not brand new and with any established housing you will have issues. Be respectful neighbors, pet owners. Don't be afraid to say hi to your neighbors it goes along way. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Apr 12, 2012
I am absolutely stunned to see so many horrible reviews of these apartments! I have lived here for a year and have had minimal problems. The staff in the office are so kind and always available if you have any questions or concerns. I have not had any maintenance problems the entire year I have lived here. The day I moved in I needed the weather stripping fixed around the front door and a burner on my stove and both were fixed within 2 days. The grounds and pools are always kept clean.
The only problems I have had while living here, were neighbors parking their car to close to mine and dinging the side of my car. After one visit to the office my neighbors were spoken to and have been considerate ever since. The other is that the stairs leading up to my apartment are somewhat "wobbly" and noisy (but completely safe) so my upstairs neighbors are a little noisy when coming home; however, they were INCREDIBLY nice and considerate when I brought home a new barking/shrieking puppy, so I have no complaints.
My lease is ending next month and I will be moving, BUT only because my job is forcing me to move to the East valley. I tell everyone I wish I could pick up the entire apartment complex and neighbors and bring them with me :] I have been apartment hunting for a couple months now and cannot believe how incredibly lucky I was with finding these apartments!! I wish I did not have to move!
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4on Apartment Ratings, Jun 16, 2010
I shopped around for my 1 bedroom for awhile, and am very happy with my decision. I have lived here about 3 months now and love my apartment! The staff has always been courteous and professional and very responsive, even though every time I go in the office they are very busy. I would recommend these apartments. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Apr 30, 2009
my husband and i moved in to Tresa in October 2007 and have loved every day since...i have lived in MANY apartments and this is by far the best! we have never had an issue with anyone in the fact, just the far we have only worked with Michelle and she is THE BEST! everyone else seems really nice and very willing to assist with anything we need. the maintenance guys are awesome too! rreally nice! all in all..WE LOVE IT and are still here in 2009..just signed our third it!!! more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Jul 23, 2007
I didn't live here in 2003, when all of these reviews claimed to have noise problems and punk problems and such, but now it's near perfect. I can't hear our neighbors, we live right by the pool and we never hear them. I never hear cars drag racing through the parking lot and parking is easy. We've never had an insect problem, and when we had maintenance problems, they came within 24hrs and fixed it. I have no problems with this facility. more »
3on Apartment Ratings, Feb 11, 2007
I never lived in the Tresa Apartments and it s a good reason. My wife and I had made an inquiry about a one bedroom apartment and of their prefer employer. We were quoted a very reasonable price. So I mention to the leasing agent that I will get back with her the following Monday. I went through some paperwork with the company I work with (for preferred employer) and when my wife and I returned that Monday we noticed the management jacked the price up and would not honor the original price proposed to us. I talked to some residents living at the Tresa and they say it s nice there but the management don t seem to be very up front and honest. For some reason it s always that way with apartment management when they know you really need an apartment. We also noticed a car drag racing in the parking lot that I did inquired. My review is sincere and honest. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Jul 25, 2004
I love it here at the springs. This could not be a better place to live. The staff in the office is great, and the other residents are nice. If you are looking to move to the springs I would say go for it. more »
3on Apartment Ratings, Apr 11, 2004
I have lived in the springs @ atrrowhead for two years now and i cant wait to move, when i moved here the office staff was great, they worked with you did the walk thourghts and know who everyone one they maintenance team took care of everything becuase of hidye but when the new office staff come in everything went to sh$^ danielle is not a go office mang. the hot tubs, or not hot, all three are cold, the maintenance team dose not repair i have put in three tme to have my tolit fix it was not i had to fix it, when i have a proble with your naboir and talking dose not help the office team dose not help i say spend your money NOT ON THE PILLER apartment and if you do make sure you get a resit for your rent they WILL loose and and you OVEr pay for water i was in alaska for 1 month and when i got back my water pill has 40 still. and bugs bugs bugs, dont move in herethe gates never work more »
3on Apartment Ratings, Mar 27, 2003
I have lived at The Springs going on a year this month. I have always had things repaired in a timely fashion. The staff has been very courteous for the most part. And, I enjoy working out in the exercise room. It is adequate in lieu of paying high fees for a fitness club membership. The only thing that has been bothersome is the bug problem in the summer. I think I conquered it by keeping all the drains closed or plugged, but, it was pretty disconcerting, since the place I lived before seemed a lot less nice and had a lot more standing water but I had no bug problems there in the 2 1/2 years that I lived there. I also have noticed that since the first week I lived there it seems the grounds have not been kept up as nicely. The first week I moved in on Saturday morning I notice grounds people walking around sweeping off stairs and ledges--I was very impressed with this. I never saw those people again after that week. All in all though I still like living here. I was going to move to be closer to my boyfriend, but, decided to stay because it has become a place I call home. I would recommend it. more »
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