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LL Realty | Real Estate Services in Fernley NV
LL Realty
25 reviews
Real Estate Services
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About Us | LL Realty

Linda Lawton, Owner/Broker L L Realty, has successfully led the dynamic LL Realty team to top ranks of real estate business in Northern Nevada. Assisting people in the buying and selling of homes since 1986, Linda believes in the fundamental basics of business such as excellence in customer service, and offering a professional environment in which people can complete their business transactions comfortably, and with confidence.
Our friendly agents have over 150 years of combined real estate experienced, and along with our support staff, we are eager to assist you. The LL Realty team makes it easy to find the right agent for you.
Real Estate Sales
We offer buyers and sellers the expertise and support to generate the greatest revenue for their properties.. Our key difference is that we are small company that offers a very personal and superior level of service. You are our priority!!! Our associates are skilled in the following areas;
• Identifying the optimal price based on thorough competitive analysis and market evaluation
• Listing and finding properties through listings in the MLS and local and national listing websites
• Identifying optimal buyers and sellers and negotiating agreements that will maximize our clients transaction price.
• Strong expertise to ensure knowledge and confidence throughout the entire transaction process -strong network of investors that can offer sellers an additional group of potential buyers
Whether you are looking to use Real Estate as an investment vehicle to help you reach your financial goals or sell your home, we can help make your project a success.

L L Property Management has built a very successful business by addressing the multiple needs associated with property management. We developed and refined the systems to maximize our investor's return by offering the following services;
• Maximize rental revenue through competitive market analysis and identifying optimal tenants
• Ensuring diligent rent collections and prompt disbursements.
• Manage all maintenance requirements through a network of contractors and proactive inspection of properties
• Resolution of tenant problems including eviction process

What Makes Us Better Than Our Competitors?

We are a complete service professional property management business that deals with all phases of the property management process. Our lengthy list of clients is a testament to the fact that our system works. Our skilled property managers are fully trained to know what to do in every situation related to rental management and landlord concerns. Some of the fine quality services that we offer include locating trustworthy and quality tenants, supportive landlords, advertising, screening applicants, collecting rent, and handling repairs or maintenance issues.