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5on Realself, May 27, 2015
Hi to all the Lip Lift researchers! My overall story is long which started when I was only 15 with a botched nose job. Fell into a cycle of surgeries...most bad...and some good ...and here I am. Because of my past and because of the disasters I've had with my nose, I took a very long time to have this lip lift. I actually had one years ago with a revision rhinoplasty and it wasn't too bad but it was the surgeon's first one. I let him do it because he was concerned about someone else ruining what he had accomplished with my nose, which was a lot. After the lip lift, there was one side that fell lower because a stitch had been left for a month, and I tried a couple of more tries to improve things with another Dr but I failed. That was 7 years ago. I have been researching a lip lift Dr to do a revision but I've been so scared because my nostril area is bad enough as it is. I didn't want to make matters worse. Terrified of increased nostril show more than what I have. I know all the popular Drs and I was leaning towards a Dr in San Diego but somehow found Dr. Vartan Mardirossian in Jupiter Beach, FL. He actually only has one before/after pic on his website but the fact that he publicizes it as a "be younger in an hour" on his website told me he is comfortable with the procedure. I later found out that he has done many and saw additional pictures. I also met two of his employees that had the procedure and they looked great. This made me more sure but still...I was scared and sent many emails to Dr. M. He was so patient and understanding. I finally made the decision and I had surgery yesterday. I drove almost 2 hours to Jupiter Beach from Miami. I had the surgery which was a breeze compared to what I expected. He used a large Q-tip type of thing with a topical antibiotic on it and put it in my upper gums. This numbed the gums immediately and he then injected into the gums like a dentist. It did not hurt and was bearable. I didn't feel anything and I was so relieved when it was over. I hung out for a little bit to let the traffic subside and drove myself back to Miami with no problems.
So far so good. What I would like to highlight to the researchers on here is the incision. Look how neat it is.
My nostrils/nose have been through a lot as is obvious. I am not as lucky as most of you that have untouched natural nostrils with a nasal sil so keep in mind what Dr. M had to work with. I share this because imagine what he could accomplish with a natural nose/nostril area. He actually wanted to improve the nostril symmetry and he did. It will never be perfect but the main goal I had was improvement. I have that and I do have some upper teeth show. My philtrum length was 20 mm and he removed 5 mm.
This whole experience has been easy for me thankfully and I'm at peace. I am a bit more swollen today and I called Carolyn, the nurse, and she assured me that it gets worse before it gets better. (You would think I should know that by now.) She said as of Day 3 which would be Saturday, I should see a noticeable decrease in swelling. I will post additional pics as time goes on.
I'm having my stitches removed on Monday.
Thank you, Dr. M! I appreciate your aritistic talent, kindness and not to mention your great sense of humor.
Looking forward to additional procedures with you!
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5on Realself, Apr 03, 2015
I'm so happy, after taking much time to decide, that I chose Dr. Mardirossian for the S-lift and brown lift. His staff is both professional and so nice. Dr. Mardirossian answered and explained everything thoroughly. After looking at his before and after photos, his work is amazing. The aftercare is wonderful with Dr. Mardiorssian checking up and making sure you are okay after surgery. I couldn't be happier with the results am so happy I went with him. I feel much more comfortable with the look of my face. more »
5on Realself, Mar 14, 2015
I just looked tired and droopy. My neck and jaw line were hanging and I felt like I had aged significantly over the past few years. I always wanted my non existing jaw line fixed and I was getting married...... So I jumped in with both feet and I can not tell you how happy I am with the results! I look like My old self again but better. Three months later I had my wedding and people we're floored at how great I looked but not one person knew that I had Work done.... Not even my mother! Every day people that I've know for years comment on how I haven't aged a bit in the 17 plus years they've known me. Sooooooo worth it! more »
5on Realself, Jan 11, 2015
I've always had a long face and somewhat loose skin on my neck. I decided to get an S -lift when I noticed the beginnings of turkey neck and jowls that made my lower face appear more square and less feminine. I've had fillers like radiesse in my cheeks and even had cheek implants put in a couple years ago, but was still noticing that my face appeared drawn and my neck too saggy. more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Very friendly. Very professional. more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
excelllent more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
My biggest concern was how nervous I was. Prepare to be amazed at the ease in which all the staff members make you feel. Compassionate, great listening skills and beautiful office. more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Dr. Mardirossian was very detailed & personally did the injections…..not a PA or esthetician more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
I had a very good experience and would definitely go back. more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Very friendly, prompt service, would recommend more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Make sure you allow enough time to treat yourself. She takes her time to take care of your skin needs. Truly a superior experience. more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Great experience! Very professional! more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Friendly staff more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Wonderful staff ...beautifully decorated office and plenty of time with doctor ,no rushing at all ... Would absolutely consider more work with him more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Nice caring doc, easy to find. Clean & professional. more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Dr. is great. Felt right at home, great staff too. Will be returning. more »
on Groupon, Dec 27, 2014
Very personable, seems to really care about the patient more »
5on Realself, Dec 12, 2014
My four years old daughter Maggie got a chin surgery at Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence. I give Dr. Mardirossian and his staff 5 stars! They are professional, knowledgeable,highly experienced, warm and everyone is dedicated to making your experience comfortable and rewarding. Thank you! more »
5on Realself, Nov 25, 2014
Talk about immediate gratification and an amazing transformation! Dr. Mardirossian performed the lip lift procedure last week and instantly my upper lip was restored to a more youthful and fuller appearance. No fillers, no down time and no pain. I am overjoyed by the ease and beauty achieved in less than an hour!!!! more »
5on Realself, Nov 22, 2014
Dr. Mardirossian was outstanding. I was very comfortable from the first consultation to the follow-up. He personally answered all my questions including e-mails. I even received a personal call from Dr. Mardirossian at home several hours after the procedure. Exceeded expectations. +++ recommend! more »
5on Realself, Nov 22, 2014
I am extremely pleased with the way my upper lids came out. It is a natural look, the incision line is invisible. My eyes look rested and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend this procedure with Dr. Mardirossian. The office staff made my experience very pleasant. They were all professional and met all of my needs before, during and after the surgery. I had very little discomfort , swelling or bruising. The recovery was easy and I am so happy I had this done at his office! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 27, 2014
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5on Realself, Jul 22, 2014
Vartan Mardirossian, MD has brave enough to take on fixing my nose, reconstructing a rhinoplasty from 35 yrs ago. Over the years, my nose was flattening and becoming asymmetrical. Too much cartilage had been taken out and you could see where the cartilage and bone joined. No other doctor wanted to handle the reconstruction surgery due to how the original surgery was done and the amount of scar tissue inside my nose. Over the years I had been using filler to improve the appearance. The reconstruction surgery was more involved than expected and required taking cartilage from my ear to build up my nose. Prior to surgery, Dr. Mardirossian explained to me what the problem was, what the surgery involved and what to expect during recovery. Surgery was well executed - I now have a beautiful, straight nose. My ear looks good, too. Dr. Mardirossian has a great personal touch, has been very attentive before and after the surgery - I highly recommend him. Dr. Alan Jacobson is in practice with Dr. Mardirossian and I highly recommend him, also. more »
5on Facebook, Jul 18, 2014
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5on Realself, Jul 09, 2014
Done just perfect!, great bedside manner, the whole experience was wonderful, any questions were answered. The staff made me feel very comfortable and were very nice! I would highly recommend.
ollow up appts were made and the staff and doctor were very gentle and provided great aftercare. I love my results more »
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