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5on BBB, Mar 14, 2018
Highly recommended. My attorney was John Murray. He is a Criminal Defense attorney based out of the Rancho Cucamonga Court. Very astute, kept me informed during my lengthy case, genuinely cared, and ultimately received a good deal. Though I thought I did nothing wrong he advised me the jury might not see it that way and we developed a plan and went from there. Again highly recommended. more »
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5on BBB, Mar 07, 2018
I was in an absolute panic after receiving a DUI, and had no idea what to do. I had consults with a number of different attorneys and ultimately decided on working with ****** Law Group. Karthik Krishnan took on my case and I'm glad that he did. From the very beginning, Karthik has been extremely helpful, responsive, and informative throughout the entire process. He takes the time to and responds to all my calls and texts in a timely manner and has gone above and beyond my expectations.
I am extremely satisfied with how good of a job he has done with handling my case matter out of the East Los Angeles Courthouse and that I was able to help you avoid a DUI conviction. Mr. Karthik was able to present a solid argument on my behalf, and ended up with a lesser charge. This has made a huge impact on my life, and has allowed me to maintain a job so that I can support myself while dealing with this whole situation. Karthik has surpassed *** of my expectations and I can definitely say that I am able to feel confident knowing that I have such a great attorney on my side. I highly recommend both Mr. Karthik and ****** Law Group.
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5on BBB, Mar 02, 2018
I would like to say that I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of criminal defense. In particular Karthik, was really helpful. He helped me with a misdemeanor charge in the Pasadena courthouse. At first it didn't look promising due to a previous conviction and lack of evidence. But he was able to get it down to an infraction without anything posting on my record! Great Job and thanks especially since it wasn"t my fault but got caught in the middle! Very responsive and knowledgable! more »
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5on BBB, Feb 27, 2018
Attorney Karthik khrisnan and shouse law group is excellent at their profression they are always very professional and make you feel relaxed given the hard times you may be going through there's nobody better and I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else more »
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5on BBB, Feb 26, 2018
The Shouse Law Group, what can I say but "Consummate Professionals Team", in a scary time of my life.
This Fall I was presented with a serious accident charge that occurred way back in 2000, tha
t due to my PTSD's memory loss issues I was totally unaware of the accident and events. As a senior gentleman now that had never had trouble with the law and a clean record for all my life, I was facing needing to hire a lawyer to take on my case in court.
Not knowing what to look for, how to find someone that understood my need for defense but my inability to pay grand amounts of fees, and needing to count on a stranger for a positive outcome was immediately a daunting and painful place to be in.
I talked some of my close friends that had prior experience in having to hire defense and I had the basic list of what to look, and took that list as my guide through the many sites of Law Offices on the internet. Yes, there are plenty of good lawyers available, how did I come to pick The Shouse Law Group? Well, my list as my guide I went through many sites and found that reviews speak a world about a Law office, its teams, and its pick the right one.
I was impressed by the thoroughness of down-to earth content, reviews that provide enough detail from plain talk people like me, and Shouse Law Group client reviews spoke to high level of results.
Now which one of these fine people would match my list, the reviews made me unserstand thatShouse Law Group has lots of talented Legal professionals!
What I learned from the Shouse Law Group website was the high degree of trust warmth and gratitude Clients placed when mentioning Mark ****, it made my choice easy and I called, left message and he responded right away in spite of a large case load.
I now had my Lawyer, from Shouse Law Group.
Mark's intake interview clamed many of my fears of the unknown and whether or not I hired the right person for me. Mark's calls with me then provided the building of the well-developed case to present and the case went like clockwork as planned and now an innocent defendant became and innocent outcome. Mark **** of gets results.
I found it easy over this few months to absolutely know that I was working with a trustworthy and strategic person , and found him compassionate to the effects of PTSD I live with and how it could have made me more of a victim in different hands. He is a well-seasoned person and am very glad to say I picked the right lawyer. What I found in Mark is he is available to his clients needs, trustworthy, does his homework, thinks out of he box and really represents the needs of the clients throughout the whole process.
Thanks to Shouse Law Group and Mark **** I am able to start rebuilding my future, and moving forward. Read the, website, and find out for yourself why they are here to help. Then call...
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5on BBB, Feb 06, 2018
First and foremost, I would like to thank the team at ****** Law Group for quickly responding to my inquiry during this stressful time in my life. I was being charged with a Felony ADW with a Strike for a crime I didn't commit. I acted on self-defense but unfortunately the courts needed proof.
Upon contacting and acquiring the services from the ****** Law Group, I was appointed to Karthik ********* Karthik kept me in the loop with any new details and he was very attentive to any questions or concerns I had. He was empathetic to how I was feeling and he was determined to help me. It was very stressful because I had never been in legal trouble and I didn't know what to expect. He took the time out to listen to every single detail pertaining to the alleged crime and information.
My wife and I were very scared of the outcome but we felt confident with Karthik. He took the time to discover any evidence that might've been out there and he found it! He was able to bring my Felony down to a Misdemeanor Battery and through hardworking and determination, Karthik was able to get all charges dismissed!! He helped get my life back! He's impacted my life tremendously and I will never forget it. I would DEFINITELY recommend Karthik to anyone in need of legal assistance! Thanks again for the help Shouse Law Group!! Keep up the great work!
Much Obliged,
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5on Facebook, Feb 06, 2018
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5on Avvo, Feb 02, 2018
My 21 year old son was facing certain jail and or prison time. Mike and his partner Kareem Ramadan made very convincing argument to the judge. They kept my son out of jail and was allowed to continue work release and not be incarcerated. The odds of this outcome were astronomically bad and they were able to pull off the miracle. I would recommend these great people to anyone! more »
5on Avvo, Feb 01, 2018
I hired leo to take care of my case in which I was accused of identity theft and commercial burglary. In a huge and complicated case, Leo was always attentive and after negotiations he managed to get the case dismissed. For me, it was very important because I am in the process of getting my American citizenship and losing this case could lead to deportation. Now I can breath again and have my life back. Leo was always ready and available to speak with me, even struggling to understand my English. He always made sure that I understood everything that was going on and answered any questions I had. He always made the extra effort to make sure I could understand everything, even with my English being broken. If you are in real trouble and are looking to hire an honest laywer you should hire him... thank you for your services Leo, I have no words to describe my gratitude. more »
5on BBB, Jan 31, 2018
I consulted with Attorney Mark **** at the Shouse Law Group regarding a sensitive legal matter. The advice he and his firm gave was clear, to the point, effective and accurate. He was responsive and called me back promptly. This is a law firm worthy of your trust. more »
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5on Facebook, Jan 30, 2018
If there's one phrase I'd use to describe my experience it'd be: peace of mind.
Karthik and I spoke for about 20 minutes during a free consultation. I was so impressed and confide
nt in his ability after that 20 minutes that I decided to hire him as soon as we hung up.
Karthik was there every step, answered all of my calls and texted me back always within at most a half hour. Anyone with experience dealing with a criminal case knows how crucial good attorney-client communication is to your mental well being. Karthik is a textbook example of a communicative lawyer!
I fully endorse Karthik's skill, experience, and his communicative nature
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Thank you for the kind words. The attorneys and staff at Shouse Law Group are dedicated to fighting for the best resolution possible in our clients' cases while also keeping our clients informed and empowered throughout the process.
5on Avvo, Jan 25, 2018
I highly recommend her, she is very good at what she does. Sho took care of everything I needed and then some more »
5on Avvo, Jan 24, 2018
Elisa Guadan is a prime example of the type of person you want in your corner! She made me feel like I was in good hands from the day we met and took off so much stress and pressure of my shoulders. She always made herself available to me and made me feel like I was the only client of hers that mattered! Elisa is a great communicator and walked me through the entire process enroute to getting my charges dismissed. I truly have her to thank for my Freedom and anyone looking for a true, genuine person to help you during your lowest point would be making a mistake to not use Elisa and her services. more »
5on Avvo, Jan 24, 2018
I had a wonderful experience with Leonard Manalo and the Shouse Group. I found out by accident that I had a bench warrant from a DUI I received almost 6 years ago. I did everything the court told me to do back then, paid the fines on time, and submitted all paperwork to my then-lawyer, so I was panicking over the entire thing. The Shouse Group contacted me within hours after I first reached out to them, and they couldn't be more professional and empathetic about my case. Leo Manalo was assigned to my case and he went to work right away. He got the warrant recalled within two days after initial contact, confirmed that my probation was terminated immediately per all of my completed documents, and even identified an issue that should be resolved as he files for expungement. He answered all of my questions as patiently as he could and was able to calm me down. I couldn't be happier about my experience and my only regret is not hiring them all those years ago. I highly recommend Leo Manalo and the Shouse Group. more »
5on BBB, Jan 24, 2018
Criminal defense attorney John ****** handled my case, he was very professional and was able to lower the charges, he is well aware of the law and how to handle any issue, definitely the guy to call if you are in trouble more »
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5on BBB, Jan 24, 2018
Criminal defense attorney John ****** handled my case through the West Covina court system and did an excellent job. Along with his colleagues my case was handled with precision and timing key to my defense. The end result was exactly what I hoped for and has set me up for a successful future despite the criminal charges that I was facing. If you are looking for counsel or someone to handle a case for you I would highly recommend his Law group. more »
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5on BBB, Jan 23, 2018
Mr ******** helped me with my legal issues out of the Metropolitan courthouse and he was able to obtain dismissals on all of my cases without requiring me to appear in court. I will recommend Mr ******** to anyone who faces legal issues. more »
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5on Avvo, Jan 18, 2018
I reached out to Elisa regarding a suspended license that I was unaware of. After I explained the specific circumstances of the situation, Elisa was able to provide a complete resolution to the matter without any money spent on my behalf. She was quick, professional, and respectful. I highly recommend working with her, I will definitely contact her with any future needs. more »
5on Avvo, Jan 15, 2018
I am not a California resident and received a DUI while visiting. I was unable to make a personal appearance, but Leonard worked diligently to ensure that I was properly and respectfully represented in my absence. Leonard worked quickly and efficiently to construct a plan for my DUI case, which ultimately lead to a dismissal of the charge. Communication was excellent and time was taken to always ensure that every question I had was fully understood and answered in comprehensive way. Never once did I feel as though I was being filled with blind hope, but rather a clear understanding of process of and the possible outcomes. more »
5on BBB, Jan 06, 2018
SLG is the way to go, no doubt about it! I was facing a very intriguing case that had me panicking and stressing over my immigration status here in the U.S. I was so blessed to get help from Karthik ******** at the Van Nuys courthouse, he is such an attentive individual, a very humble and understanding man. He is certainly the best! I mean in just a couple days, he had resolve everything on my case and dismissed the great stress of my shoulders by helping out by the immigration hiccup.
I would recommend this law firm to everyone that would ask, and even if they didn't I'll be spreading great reviews of it bc they did an amazing job, words cannot measure the gratefulness I have for them. Karthik ********* thank you so much for the help you provided for me, my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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5on Avvo, Jan 03, 2018
Mike is a rare and perfect mix of personality and professionalism. His deep understanding and experience in law show in both his verdicts and his client satisfaction. Throughout my case, I felt aware of its status as I was consistently updated either via email or by phone call. All information was communicated to me clearly in terms I could understand which I found very refreshing. Conversations always seemed to involve talking of hobbies and interest outside of my case as well as a healthy dose of laughter, both of which created a very comfortable environment. I would highly recommend Michael A. Scafiddi to friends and family, or anyone else looking for a great lawyer. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 31, 2017
I would highly recommend working with The Shouse Law Group. I found that each person I dealt with was professional, responsive and trustworthy. I was kept informed of my situation, guided throughout the process and I got the results I needed. more »
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Thank you for the kind words. The attorneys and staff at Shouse Law Group are dedicated to fighting for the best resolution possible in our clients' cases while also keeping our clients informed and empowered throughout the process.
5on Avvo, Dec 26, 2017
Unfortunately, I was charged with a crime. My wife found attorney John Murray and I'm Glad she did. John worked hard on my case and his efforts resulted in a dismissal. John kept me updated on the status of the case and I'm very happy with the outcome.
If you are looking for a Good Criminal Defense Attorney contact John Murray.
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5on BBB, Dec 26, 2017
The Shouse Law Group is a great firm. The individuals are dedicated and do what is necessary to get results. I was more than happy with the results that got me. They were always upfront and was with me every step of the way. I cannot recommend the Shouse Law Group enough. more »
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5on Facebook, Dec 23, 2017
I was blindsided by a difficult and frightening situation. I called Shouse Law Group, and they got back to me with all the pertinent information on the case the same day. Shouse Law guided me through the entire court process always giving me honest, professional opinions on what possible outcomes could be. Even with a difficult case like mine, they managed to get me the best possible result so I could move on with my life. more »
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Shouse Law Group provides top-notch legal representation throughout Los Angeles in the areas of criminal defense, DUI, immigration, employment law and personal injury. Our team of attorneys includes 4 former prosecutors and a former police sergeant. Together we share more than 100 years collective experience defending individuals.

Our California criminal defense attorneys help to get felony and misdemeanor charges reduced or dismissed. Our California immigration lawyers help clients to secure legal status in the United States. Our California employment law attorneys help workers to fight back against wrongful actions by their employers. And our California personal injury attorneys help accident victims to secure monetary compensation for their injuries.
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