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5on BBB, Jun 17, 2018
Trinity was a blessing to my family! My daughter's behaviors had gotten worse, the three weeks before I sand her to Trinity. She was not coming home from school until 7 or 8 at night. She was skipping classes. Her grades went down. She was smoking marijuana every day. I would not know where she was. She run away at night three times I had to file runaway cases with the police. Every time I tried to talk to her she would yelled, curse and act very angry and defiant toward me. She would not even ride in the car with me. She stopped going to her therapist and to church. It was a very desperate time. I would not sleep at night most days worrying about my daughter. Then, I was referred to Trinity. I called them and they responded immediately. They listened and cared for my situation. They helped with the insurance paperwork and recognized that we were going through a crisis and accelerated the process so we could take her sooner than planned. Kyle and Kara picked my daughter up at the airport in Billings Montana so I wouldn't have to spend more money and time. It took them approximately an hour and a half to get there at midnight. Angie ********spent almost 2 hours listening to my concerns and explaining to me how they would work with my daughter. Once there, they were close to my daughter making sure she would not hurt herself in any way. They had chores for her. She had to earn privileges. She learned how to deal with her emotions and irrational thoughts. She learned how to replace bad behaviors with good ones. She learned how to managed her anger issues. Every week she wrote to me and we had family therapy. My daughter used this opportunity to tell me why she was mad at me and I had the opportunity to explain. These therapies were hard sometimes, but they definately helped. We both learned to communicate better. I learned that she was not a little girl anymore. The last letters showed me the big changes in my daughter. She told my son "I thought I would not like this place but I really like it!". She enjoyed being there. Her therapist Mel was wonderful. Very sweet. The whole Trinity team helped my daughter, and I will always be thankful!
My daughter and I can talk for long periods of time now. We can do things together. We found a therapist that she likes.She accepted the fact that she could not go back to the same school and peers. If we disagree, she goes to her room to calm down. She came back loving horses and I found this place where they give horse therapy. Her first appointment is tomorrow.
I could not have found a better place that Trinity for my daughter. They care a lot for all the girls and their families. And the fact that this place was based in Christ beliefs, was very important to me. I wanted my daughter to hear about God, since she had been raised in church.
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4on Facebook, Apr 08, 2018
We felt that Trinity did an excellent job evaluating our daughter and helping her to the best of their ability. She has a RAD diagnosis and unfortunately our daughter chose not to help herself while in their care. She has since moved on to a more intense care facility. We were grateful for the prompt and constant communication about our daughter that Trinity gave to us. We feel like the environment they provided at Trinity gave our daughter ample opportunities to heal, and learn to self regulate her emotions and behavior. We would recommend this place to other parents who have children that are on a self destruct course. We are grateful for the wonderful outdoor experiences, safe living environment and Christian beliefs they provided. Lastly, Trinity provided us with information through some testing about our daughter that we were not aware of that will help her greatly in the future. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 28, 2018
Trinity Teen is/was a true God send for our daughter and family. The entire process from 1, speaking directly with Angie for screening to confirm staff skillsets are available and 2, discharge to confirm available resources for continuous ongoing support for entire family; created a treatment plan that was individualized to our daughter and family. This alone was completely different from what other facilities provided.

The ongoing support from the time we traveled from Texas, dropping her off at the ranch, weekly (at my request sometimes daily) check-ins, collaboration of treatment plan (pre, during stay, post) and frequent travels to town for onsite medical treatment for confirmation of medical or mental diagnosis – we felt like we left our daughter in the care of Family vs. a treatment facility. The level of commitment and dedication to my daughters complete level of care provided by Mel, Kara and Krista surpassed all expectations. Each night I was able to be at peace with our decision of placing her in the care of TTS. Again, this was different from her stays at other facilities.

When we embarked on this journey of identifying a facility to support the needs of our daughter and family – not an easy task, quite daunting. After much prayer, Trinity Teen Solutions was found as I searched my insurance plan for covered facilities. I’m beyond thankful that it did; this “facility” has far exceeded our expectations. The facility focus is “family oriented”, with a love and desire of the Lord and self-respect that is modeled by the staff has been the best care our daughter has received to date. (She has many inpatient, PHP and IOP admissions prior to TTS).

Our daughter is not “healed” nor “fixed” she is acknowledging (as well as us) that during her healing journey she may require a level of care that may exceed the traditional family household and for this we are grateful. TTS taught her much during her stay; basic life skills, self-awareness (and respect) that is not complete but the surface has been scratched and strive to become a positive influence to younger siblings. All of this could not be accomplished or challenging during rages and revolving door of inpatient stays.

As I stated, I’m beyond grateful for TTS, specifically Mel, Kara and Krista – our team; now, I’m hopeful as we continue on this journey there our available resources that care as much for my daughter mental health as I do. Prayers for continued blessings, mercy and grace to the entire TTS staff!
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5on Facebook, Oct 04, 2017
Trinity's healing ministry has been the answer to all our prayers. We are so happy to see our daughter healed, happy and full of the Love of Jesus. May God Bless each and every one of Trinity�39;s staff members. more »
Business Response:
Thanks Amy for the kind words, it was a pleasure to help you and your family. The Trinity team will continue to keep your family in our prayers. God Bless!!!
5on BBB, Jul 29, 2017
I ask myself, how does one compose a letter about Trinity Teen Solutions, a place that offered services I never thought our family would ever need? I guess the best response could be one wo
rd at a time, just as we have had to live one day at a time since our (at that time) 12-year-old daughter attempted suicide. How absolutely Blessed and grateful we are that Trinity was here for us all.
Quickly the realization and need for Trinity’s specialized help became all too real. Thanking Lord for our 2nd chance with her, we found ourselves led to Trinity after what seemed like a lifetime of research, but in reality, was only a few very long days. Such an unexpected “blow” to our usual “routine” really took its toll on our small family. It is impossible to describe how those beginning days ran into each other as my husband and I searched for reasons that brought us to this awful time and place in our lives, also what our daughter must be feeling – where she felt she had no other recourse.
Our family (myself, husband, sibling, grandparent, trusted friends) researched many possible solutions, from the large institutions in our state, to other state options, to boarding schools, what would our benefit plans reimburse for, etc.… Recognizing that we could not keep our daughter safe alone, could not have eyes on her 24 hours a day was also very defeating for us as parents. We were looking for something smaller that we prayed would not introduce to much of the outside real world we lived in, and still be able to help our daughter in her individual needs. Raising her in our small Baptist community church and school, so much of the world and outside influences just did not apply here, or so we thought. We were hopeful to locate treatment in a place free from boys, sex, substance abuse, homosexuality, and so on. Though Trinity has other girls in their program that have those issues to deal with, we felt it would be on a much smaller scale that the other large institutions available. We were drawn to the faith based, small all girls setting where we were hopeful of more “one on one” assistance. After all, our goal was to have our daughter back home with us as soon as possible, both mentally and spiritually healthy.
We found the day we brought her to Trinity was unbelievably trying, sad, scared and many other terrifying emotions. We had to trust that they would keep our beloved daughter safe from herself as well as working on her other needs; education, therapy, family living & staying physically healthy, just to name a few. Their specialized core staff is truly hand-picked for each of their individual talents and fields, each one reaching out to us when & if the need arose. We found that very refreshing as well as uplifting. Somehow, when we heard from them, we were hearing from our daughter also, that was something we desperately needed.
Per our ongoing correspondence during those four months we came to know the staff as firm, consistent, helpful, caring and loving, just to mention a few…. The hardest part for my husband and myself was only being able to see our very missed daughter weekly for our therapy sessions. We came to trust that during the time we were not able to see her, they were working with her in so many ways to bring forth and help reshape her needed living skills; how to be responsible, how one can loose and earn privileges, how to care for those dependent on her, coping skills for when life is not perfect, pitching in with chores, working through therapy and school work, how to talk to us, how to consider compromise, ect…Just to mention a few. They worked with our daughter tirelessly and then helped us as a family to see areas of change that could be beneficial for us all. She shares with us often her time and lessons with the animals living at Trinity, so much so, that we believe the therapy involving them was among some of her best experiences.
In short, Trinity was there for our daughter when we, as parents, were not enough. By God’s grace, she is now home. Though we continue to work through things and towards wishful goals, one day at a time, with the Lords help. Still not a “perfect” family, but moving in the right direction.
We are still in contact with Trinity as there remain billing and insurance issues still outstanding and find that even though our daughter is no longer in residence @ Trinity, we all find that we miss them a bit in our own ways and how Blessed we were to know Trinity was there for us.
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Business Response:
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Trinity Teen Solutions. It was a blessing to be part of your family's healing. God Bless, Angie
5on BBB, May 10, 2017
Trinity Teen Solutions is a wonderfully designed residential treatment program. I couldn't give a higher recommendation. All the staff I interacted with were very caring and helpful. Before her time at Trinity, my daughter was miserable and admitted to hating herself. She didn't care about who she hurt, she just wanted attention and quick fixes. Our whole family was a mess. The staff and program at Trinity broke through and my daughter discovered a way to love herself. Is she perfect? No, of course not. But she can handle life in a balanced, healthy way as she never could before going through the program. Trinity healed my daughter and healed our family. Thank you. more »
Business Response:
It has been an honor. Thank you for the kind words.
5on Facebook, Jun 15, 2016
The Woodwards are incredible people, very dedicated, with great big hearts! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 20, 2016
Although it took awhile to get adjusted and everything and finally get with the program. Trinity helped me out a lot and I'm very grateful for everyone there more »
5on BBB, Oct 29, 2015
Trinity was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was going down a very rough time before trinity. I suffered from some trama from past incidents in my life. I was suicidal and was starting to experiment with drugs. All of these things were happening when I was 15. I spent 18 months at trinity and it was the best thing my family could have done for me. The staff there really helped me find my actual identity and the treatment I received helped me move past the trauma in my life. I miss the ranch everyday it was my little safe haven where I had no fears of becoming suicidal again. The skills I learned there taught me how to become successful in the real world I wouldn't have been able to graduate college or have a good career that I do now. Trinity just didn't only help me but helped my family address the issues that needed to be worked on to make a better home environment for me to come back to after I graduated Trinity. I see some bad reviews about trinity on other review sites I was at trinity during those years and with those girls. I really upsets me that some of the other girls try to blame Trinity for the way they act, and make up horrific stories and lies when trinity is only there trying to help. This is my story and I am completely thankful for the Woodward family and all my Trinity sisters and staff for the continuous support as I keep tackling this journey of life. more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for your kind words. You are so missed and we are all praying for you to continue the good fight of maintaining the growth and change you have worked so hard on, you are soooo worth it!!!
5on BBB, Oct 28, 2015
I sent my daughter to Trinity several years ago. She was there over a year and it was the best thing that happened to her and my family. I learned a lot as a parent during her treatment. Trinity helped my wife and I become better as parents to help my daughter become the amazing person she is today. She got caught up in the wrong crowd like most teenagers can find themselves easily doing. She quickly became out of control and was dabbling into to drugs and running away and was slipping up in her school work along. The biggest thing for me as a parent was that I wanted my daughter to be safe and get the treatment she needed. We tried several other treatment programs and none of them were effective. Trinity is so unique and the treatment they used really helped my daughter get over her traumas along with get her life back on track along with give her life skills in order to become successful after treatment and to become better in the real world. The staff there are very professional and made the small treatment program to be a extension of my family along with give her the therapy needed. I'm so thankful that there was a good alternative and a place to help my daughter and my family. I would highly recommend Trinity. I don't know where my daughter would be today if it wasn't for the treatment they provided. It's nice that Trinity is so small and they could give my family and daughter the individual attention we needed. I still keep in contact with Trinity and the staff there and occasionally go back and visit with my family and let my daughter remember see the place that had such a big impact on her life. Along with see her favorite horse at the ranch Precious, and her favorite dog Faustina. more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for your support and for your recent visit. It was great to reconnect.
5on Facebook, Jun 08, 2015
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5on Facebook, Apr 30, 2015
Having both my parents busy with their careers, and growing up in LA I found myself hanging with the wrong crowd. My parents being so busy with their jobs I was hardly ever monitored and did terrible things to get back at my parents for trying to parent me when they could . I hated my family when I was in my teens. Trinity help me rebuild my relationship with my parents and saved me from being a lost soul in this world. If it wasn't for Trinity I would not be where I am today I thank them for helping me and my family. more »
5on Facebook, Mar 13, 2015
Trinity saved my life. I graduated Nov 5 2010. Miss JD and Patrick more »
4on Facebook, Mar 05, 2015
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5on Facebook, Dec 01, 2013
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Trinity Teen Solutions is a Christian based, state-licensed residential treatment center that offers healing and therapeutic services to troubled girls between the ages of 12-18. Unlike many residential treatment centers, TTS provides a home-like environment for troubled girls who have lost sight of their potentially limitless future that has been made possible by Him. For more information, continue reading or call 307-202-8400 to speak with one of our caring Family Advocate’s, immediately.more »

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