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5on Google, Sep 06, 2016
Our son had an amazing experience at Agape. It was not always an easy path for him but the changes we saw in his life over the two years he was there were definitely life changing. Agape was what our son needed at that time in his life to give him options and opportunities going forward. Agape has truly been a blessing to our family. more »
5on Google, Sep 06, 2016
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5on Google, Sep 06, 2016
My son graduated from Agape in the Spring of 2016. He owns his troubles and is doing well at College. He is even volunteering some. I have gone from having the primary feeling around this young man being fear to it being pride. more »
4on Google, Aug 05, 2016
God used this season to change my family ! more »
5on Google, Jun 17, 2016
I've waited about a year to leave a review on this school to give myself time to reflect back and see how my life has changed.
As much as it pains me to give this school 5 stars, I can'
;t help but do it. As much as I had said I hated it and talked down on it, I can't deny the fact that I ACTUALLY got the help I needed here. Although it may not have been the most professional help or the most effective, it definitely still helped.
First off, the education system is beneficial for self-motivated students (like me, who finished 3 years of high school in 9 months). I was never a bad student, but I do believe I learned more at Agape than I would've in public high school.... not because I was lazy or unmotivated, but because of the DISTRACTIONS. Drugs, alcohol, and girls had taken over my life by the time I was about 15. These MAJOR distractions greatly impacted my life in unthinkable ways... my parents kicked me out, I started getting worse grades (C's and D's), and I began cutting class and often times not even coming home (or to school) for days on end. Thankfully my dad was smart enough to nip this in the bud and send me away.
How grateful I am now.
Agape taught me how to take responsibility for my actions. Agape taught me how to be a YOUNG MAN instead of a boy. Agape taught me key scripture verses that still help me in my times of trouble. Agape has taught me so much, and I am ever so thankful for that. Even though the school is (in my opinion) run like a prison, where daily schedules are followed to a T, and punishment is handed out like candy, I have to acknowledge that those of us foolish enough to get sent there DESERVE that treatment. Although it was prison-like in many aspects, the staff (with exception of a few) where quite the opposite. While at Agape, I found myself developing meaningful relationships with my superiors. I looked up to some of them like my father. I can GUARANTEE that these godly people aren't here to hurt you, only heal you. Bro. Rarrick, Bro. Aabye, and Bro. Jackson... I can't help but thank you for being there for me in my time of need and helping me with an outstretched hand. You have made a lasting impression in my life, and really helped me change for the better. Same goes for the rest of the staff who put their time and effort into helping young kids re-discover who they are.
I cannot say I am completely changed from Agape. I've still done some of the old things I used to, but I now know self-control. I received my Honors Diploma 2 years early and already have a year of college under my belt and I haven't even turned 18 yet. I have a summer job now, and re-built nearly all the relationships which were broken when I left. My life is now on track and I am GENUINELY happy. Thank you for helping me, may God bless all of those at Agape ten-fold for their life-changing ministry.
- Michael Calabrese, Class of 2015
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2on Google, May 21, 2016
Why does such a rich school feel they need donations from the towns people this school is rich as all get out. Don't donate to a place that has more than enough money and then some. Donate to a place that would really appreciate it. more »
4on Google, May 12, 2016
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5on Google, Apr 29, 2016
I thank God daily for Agape. My grandson would not be alive today if it wasn't for them. The first time I visited, I could not believe how well behaved the boys were. The untuly, belligerent boy we left in their care is now a well mannered young man. Thank you to all the Agape staff. more »
1on Google, Apr 25, 2016
I believe that this school is a place in which incompetent parents dump their children. You force a unrealistic god down the throats of young men, as well as, ruin what are considerably the best years of theirs lives. at the high school ...MoreI believe that this school is a place in which incompetent parents dump their children. You force a unrealistic god down the throats of young men, as well as, ruin what are considerably the best years of theirs lives. at the high school ages, 14-19 years old, young men are supposed to develop life lessons. We learn are mistakes and our respects. However, sending your child too a concentration camp of Christ and forcing these teachings through a pastor, who will probably make a pretty little catamite of your child is not the way to deal with them. Whole heartedly, I hope those that send there child away from their embrace, to a place that forces teachings that you are too incompetent to deliver.... Well, too those mighty few who believe their life is superior to that of a child, the future of the nation (that your generation so wonderfully ruined). This is what brings me too the conclusion that god is dead. more »
5on Google, Apr 25, 2016
I love the place I was there from 1999 until 2002 then work for them for the summer of 05 it was awesome and met some great friends there. I miss that place. more »
On BirdEye, Apr 17, 2016
No common , Failed me big time. more »
5on Google, Apr 02, 2016
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3on BirdEye, Mar 13, 2016
Agape helped this dad out when my wife passed away and son was getting into trouble. Not sure if I should have let him get into trouble with law, as that is what happened in spite of Agape. I will always appreciate Agape, as my son will probably always hate you. Thanks, Dean Wilson more »
5on Google, Mar 06, 2016
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5on Google, Feb 13, 2016
We were so thankful to this school where my son turn to a brand new person. After spending a year in Agape, my son became so different. Everything was in disorder on him before going to this school, but after studying in this school, he became a loving, kind, obedient and thankful person. Although he went through a difficult even painful change process in the first few months, but it is so worth it. It's priceless to see a person to change from use to be a "prodigal" to a new man. We praised God for using Agape to turn around our son!! more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 13, 2016
I recommend this school to any parent with their trouble teens. The kids may be angry for being send there and tell upu ...ot is a waste of time because they choose not to change or stay in their addiction or rebellion! But as a parent, I know I have done my job to give my son a chance to change and show love sacrificially. The staffs at Agape are wise and firm! They are not easy to be manipulated by these kids. Let's face it, most of us would not send our children to the boarding school if they were in thir perfect obedience. Trust God in using this place to change our next generation for Jesus. My son had received support long after he graduated from Agape. It may not be perfect and never am I! It is a good place! Trust God He will use your boy! more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 10, 2016
I visited Agape during the Thanksgiving Holiday in 2014 and enjoyed the friendliness yet professionalism of each staff member. The young men are surrounded by people who want the best for them. Great place! more »
5on Google, Feb 08, 2016
It was not an easy road when you have a son who went through the wrong path. But God is faithful. He uses Agape during his teen years. Even after he graduated from high school, the staff had stayed in touch with my boy. They prayed for him long after he is out of the school and continued to guide him out of his big dark hole. The transformation and journey that my son went through are amazing. Only God can take credit for that. I appreciate everything that Gos had done through the Agape Boarding School and it's staffs. I expect great things happen in this campus. Thank you again! more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 03, 2016
Although our son was not a good fit for the program because of his severe destructive behavior, the staff was supportive and encouraging and went to great lengths to help our family. They even helped to find alternative placement for him which was not easy. more »
4on Google, Jan 31, 2016
In your consideration and devoted student of Agape boarding school,
I continue my memories in this school, and in this family. In a manor valued by a relationship with God and rebuilding a relat
ionship with family and loved ones and learning how to work in any position in any task that was given.I stared my race in 2011 September 14th but as for God I walked the plat form in shock as to what second chance Gods has done in and threw my life not regretting any moment. But yes I walked the plat form but not with a diploma until I finished what has been stared ,I graduated in December 18th 2014 and persevered knowing that it seemed impossible.Your son has one choice ,one chance ,one second chance to be changed and transformed for the kingdom of God.
Jonathan Hannula
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5on Google, Jan 08, 2016
I'm posting a review for Agape since I have a desire to pass along my personal experience. As a transport company, we've dealt with this program for over 7 years. I have had the unusual chance to see students before and after Agape.
Generally, when we "show up" at a students residence to take them on an "adventure" to a program...well, to say the least they aren't too happy. We have a unique chance to communicate with the student before being enrolled. During this time we also, get a chance to see the students reactions &attitude which it is helpful to report this to the program.
Throughout the years, Agape staff have always communicated and interacted with utmost professionalism and compassion towards the new students.
I have also experienced the frequent chance to take a student home after their graduation period. Several students we had transported to the program. WOW, what a complete 180. Many of our transported students still come to us when we're at Agape and tell of their changes in life. It is really great to see the transformation in these young men!!!
I, as a business owner and parent would highly recommend Agape to any family that is struggling with their son.
High Regards to Agape and their staff!!
The Transport Company
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5on Google, Jan 08, 2016
Wonderful place with staff that truly care about helping and changing the lives of the students. more »
5on Google, Jan 01, 2016
This is a great place to help young men overcome obstacles in their lives. The school is built upon God and His Word, the Bible. The staff love the students and truly care about them. If you have a teenage son who is struggling and needs help, Agape Boarding School is THE place to send him. more »
4on Google, Jan 01, 2016
I was sent to agape for my behavior I want to say thank u agape for what you have done for me agapes helped me a lot if it wasn't for agape I'll be going down the wrong path right now but thank God they showed me things I never knew would hep me they helped me understand that God loved me they helped me start the next step of my life where it needed to be. Thank you more »
4on Google, Jan 01, 2016
There is a lot of things that are good and bad about the place. Unfortunately i wasn't one of the successful ones once i left, But I'm working on a brighter future. I hated being there and would beg to come home. But it wasn't the right thing for me to do, going there helped me graduate high school pretty much 1 1/2 years early. I was going to drop out before I went there. It saved my life for the time being and helped me become a firm believer in Christ. I still go through my own struggles, But don't we all. I would love to be able to visit one day again to see some old faces. Shout out to the 17 year old section with Brother Rarrick. ahaha. Miss you. Im glad they still support me today and I don't think that support will ever leave no matter what I do. But i plan on being good to play it safe lol. Thank you for helping me in the long run even though I'm going through a rough patch in my life now. I wouldn't be the man I am today, I could talk about all the bad things... but no parents would take it seriously. So if you want to send your son there its up to him to change remember that. You are guiding the path for him, just better hope he takes the wheel. more »
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Agapé Boarding School offers a wide variety of opportunities for troubled boys. We help boys get back on the right track toward a bright future. We provide accredited academics, counseling, mentoring, sports, and many of the activities that boys enjoy. We are one of the lowest cost boarding schools for troubled teens in America. Agapé offers the same (if not better) quality and outcomes as the more costly therapeutic boarding schools. In fact, we are about 1/3rd the cost.

Th sprawling ranch campus of Agape Boarding School, located in Missouri, is an amazing place with multiple sports facilities, a huge game room, pool, dozens of horses (including equine therapy), a vast array of exotic and farm animals, a rodeo facility, and so much more. The approach here is very disciplined and structured, but loving, relational and caring. Our belief is that a truly changed heart ultimately comes from a personal relationship with God.
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