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5on Facebook, Nov 28, 2012
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5on Angies List, Sep 26, 2012
Refaced my kitchen cabinets, added a new cabinet and installed sliding drawers in the cabinetsFrom first meeting to completed job, they were wonderful. Provided great advice, suggesting things to consider, design options, etc., totally without up-selling. Started and completed the job on the promised dates. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and neat crew, who cleaned up every night when they left. End result was wonderful ... transformative.I found this company on Google, vetted them on Angie's List ... I really believe the commericial "Thank you, Angie".(I have no connection to this company except for the work they did!!!) more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 26, 2012
I'm so pleased that I selected this company for my kitchen remodel. I was a little skeptical at first as I saw one bad review but everyone else seemed to love them, so I decided to try them out, and I'm glad I did. From the start the owners and staff were very attentive and came up with a great design at a fair price. They weren't the cheapest or the most expensive. Ikea and Home Depot were less, but I couldn't get the personalized attention that I got from the everyone at Dreamwork, where the owner's were always available if I had any concerns. Paul told me not to expect that a job like this would go without any hitches, but they were so minor, they're not worth mentioning. I would recommend this company to anyone who is considering remodeling. I never found out the whole story behind that one unhappy person, but based on my experience and the many other reviews I read on this and other sites, these guys are great, And I plan on having them do my bathroom next! more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 06, 2012
Dreamwork Kitchens did our kitchen and it went perfectly and we love the results. The new cabinet doors and counters are exactly what I wanted. They were on time, on budget and the owners and workmen were thoughtful, professional and a pleasure to have in our home. This was the most painless home improvement project that we have ever done, and after 28 years of living in a 100 year old house that is saying a lot. more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 12, 2012
We did our kitchen last December with Dreamwork- done on time and on budget- rare for a complete kitchen renovation. It really looks beautiful. The workmen, particularly Shem, were very professional, and did outstanding detail work. We were out of town a few days during the work and they were very trustworthy in our house. I would highly recommend them. more »
5on BirdEye, Jan 26, 2012
We've been enjoying our new kitchen for almost a year now. Everything is as good as it was when it was first installed. We still love everything that Dreamwork did for us and recommend them to all. more »
5on BirdEye, Aug 07, 2011
My husband and I couldn't be more delighted with our new kitchen. Paul Bookbinder's innovative design is a perfect fit for my family. He listened to my needs and desires for the space. Along with his partner and wife Liz, who worked effortlessly with me in choosing colors, materials, etc., they created a warm, inviting space. They, as well as their employees, showed a work ethic rarely found today. I highly recommend the Bookbinder's and Dreamwork Kitchens. We are planning on having them do our Master Bathroom this winter as well. more »
5on Angies List, Jul 13, 2011
I used Dreamwork Kitchens. I last used their services in the fall of2005. They did the complete remodelingof my kitchen.They did an excellent job. They are probably going to do a minormodification in my kitchen. The workthey did worked out beautiful and fine. Ithought their price was fine. It was thesame price that they had quoted and so that was fine. I've used them at that time and I will usethem again for that small modification.I particularly liked their tile person whom I am using now for anotherproject. They were very responsive. I think I had a small issue with punctuality. They were very professional. Their co-ordination was sometimes a bit of aproblem. I needed to be around a littlebit more to co-ordinate and the tile person actually ended up doing a lot ofthe coordinating. I'm currently usinghim now for another project. I will usetheir services again in the future. more »
5on BirdEye, May 12, 2011
I have had the pleasure of not only knowing the folks at Dreamwork Kitchen for several years, but also in having them totally renovate and remodel my kitchen and bathroom in my apartment. I had been living in a building close to 50 years old, and the fixtures and general appearance were just desperate for modernization. I knew that the work would only be done properly and to my specifications if trusted pros did the job. Dreamwork was the first and ONLY company I had to call to ensure this happened.
From the planning stages in their showroom to completion, every aspect of the job was handled with speed, care and attention to my personal needs and requests. Each day there were people there from morning until late afternoon, stopping for a break here and there, but for the most part, simply getting the work done...and done RIGHT. Using various subcontractors, some fixtures and bathroom items were removed and replaced, all under the watchful eyes of Paul and Liz Bookbinder who came by the apartment more than once to see how things were going, and to lend a hand with little touches of expertise that otherwise escaped someone as un-savvy in this stuff as I am.
I never had a problem with an aspect of the job, or with the dedication and professionalism of the workers who I trusted in my home, often times while I wasn't there myself, and I'm not usually one who likes doing that...I felt very comfortable with the guys who were coming and going, knowing they were bent on making sure I came away with a great feeling of the job they did for me. They turned my kitchen and bathroom into rooms that looked like they were in a BRAND NEW apartment...now the REST of my place looked out of date! The work was THAT good...as it should be from advertised professionals such as the folks at Dreamwork.
In business, so often reputation and word of mouth is EVERYTHING...I'm here to tell you that I was beyond pleased with the work done for me by these folks, and you will be, too!
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5on BirdEye, Apr 21, 2011
Having my kitchen worked on by Dreamwork kitchens was by far the single greatest decision I made after purchasing my new home. We could not be more pleased with the whole experience. They were prompt, professional, and their creative decisions were on point. Our kitchen is now the nicest room in the house. Anyone out there, who needs kitchen work done, should stop looking, and call these guys. I would give a 6th star if I could. more »
5on BirdEye, Mar 14, 2011
Our renovated kitchen is fantastic! Dreamwork completely transformed our dated '80's cabinets, countertops and backsplash! The work was completed on time as promised and the coordination of the contractors was seamless. All our concerns were addressed immediately and they could not have been nicer about it. We were additionally gratified by the patience shown in what must have seemed an endless series of questions from us.

We hosted two major family get togethers recently, and friends and family who were very familiar with our old kitchen were wowed, and they were not just being polite.

Great work. We would recommend Dreamwork Kitchens unconditionally.
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5on BirdEye, Mar 13, 2011
I am thrilled with my new kitchen. The cabinets are better than I ever imagined and the counter is beautiful. Moreover, your professionalism, and those of your employees is a breath of fresh air in these modern times. more »
4on Angies List, Jul 26, 2010
Dreamwork kitchen helped me design a kitchen. I also bought cabinets through them. I went into their show room, they didn't come to the house.They didn't do everything, I also bought other items through other people, too. They were nice and helpful. It was my first time doing a project like that and Paul definitely helped me feel more confident about the process. I expected him to come up with more creative options then I could come up with myself and I wound up coming up with most of the stuff myself. He used software that was very helpful in visualizing things and he showed me exactly how it worked. The cabinets were very nice and high quality, however the backboard seemed to be a very different quality as the cabinets, not near as nice. I thought I should plan everything at once so I could make sure the color of the cabinets would go with the color of the stove, and measure the refrigerator, etc. and he just seemed to think the fridge would be a standard size. When I got it it was not a standard size, and it didn't fit the standard opening between cabinets, that was a little disappointing but not a huge deal. The thing that was a little more disappointing was that when I chose the color of the wood cabinets I wanted to double check that I was really going to find counter tops that would go with them and he basically said I would definitely find one that I love. When it came time to pick out the tile stone (after I had the cabinets) the ones that would have been perfect to go with the cabinets I couldn't get. I did find a different stone but it wasn't nearly as nice as the one I wanted. The kitchen was all put together, he was fine and nice. There are just some things I would have done differently. more »
5on Angies List, Oct 16, 2008
In the apartment I've been living in since 1996, the kitchen and bathroom were the two rooms that "looked their age" the most. The building had been built in the 1950's I believe, and the fixtures and general appliances within the rooms clearly looked like they had been "original" to the apartment. I wanted to have a total remodeling done of both rooms, bringing them current with how they looked, their functionality and to add to the value of the apartment in general. I visited the Dreamwork showroom where Paul and Liz took a great deal of time showing me what my options were for transforming my kitchen and bathroom into something really great. Designs were chosen, colors selected, tiling and appliances were picked out and the work began. After the initial demolition of the existing rooms, the contractors from Dreamwork started the reconstruction process. Day after day, the work would continue, and although I had to essentially move out at one point due to lack of plumbing (which is often important), I would check in with Jim (the lead guy on the project) either by phone or by just going over to see what was being done on any given day. Once the project was really moving along, each new day afforded me another look at what my apartment was going to look like when it was all complete. New blue glass tiles on the bathroom floor were a really cool touch, and kept with the already existing color scheme of the rest of my apartment. I had a brand new bathtub fitted over the existing old one, and you'd never know it! New plumbing fixtures brought the bathroom into the 21st century, and actually made me enjoy my bathroom...who ever says that??? My kitchen was also totally demolished and reborn with brand new cabinets and a blue stone countertop that looks fantastic. I even added a single tile I had purchased in California knowing that I wanted it placed in my new kitchen. The guys working in there randomly placed it as part of the wall tiles, and it just makes it so much more of MY kitchen, not just THE kitchen. The end result was a totally remodeled, contemporary kitchen and bathroom that compliment the rest of my apartment as well as my own personality and lifestyle.Everything from start to finish went as smoothly as I could've hoped for. The people who I trusted in my home to do the job well and do it right, did exactly that. Any time I needed to reschedule a delivery or a start time, it was handled without a problem. The guys were never late, and they always left only after the day's work was done, never in the middle of anything. All phone and email contact I had with Paul himself or any of the people in his shop was easy and professional the way anyone hired to do a job should treat a customer...but often do not. If I ever have to do other remodeling work in my apartment, Dreamwork is the company I keep. I have also recommended them to several of my friends who have mentioned they might be in the market for similar work in their homes. more »
5on Angies List, Sep 26, 2008
Worked up a design based on a rough sketch. Suggested products and finishes. Ordered products and arranged for delivery. Came in under budget!Liz & Paul at Dreamwork have done over 5000 kitchens, and they have pictures of every job they ever did. Paul was able to show us jobs that were comparable to what we had in mind, regarding layout, product, and even specific finishes. They used their software to work up a design and an order list. They were also able to show us 3D renderings. They are a very laid back shop, very confident in the work they do. There was no sales pressure. Dreamwork is a small, family-owned shop. Liz & Paul have years of experience in kitchen remodeling having previously been in the cabinet resurfacing business. I believe Paul also had prior experience in carpentry. Perhaps having been in that resurfacing business, which by its nature serves budget-conscious consumers, is why they were able to be so sensitive to our budgetary constraints. When we first saw their showroom, which is filled with some very lovely high-end products, we were a little concerned that would not be able to work with them. But they worked very diligently with us to fulfill our stated goal of keeping this remodeling project within budget. In fact, it came in under budget! We were very impressed with this, especially considering they probably had to put more time and effort in keeping to this design goal, for less ROI for them, then they would have for a larger, better financed job on which they would certainly make more money! Because we were under budget, we were able to add wooden drawers and pull sliders. To Liz & Paul's credit, again demonstrating their sensitivity to our budgetary goals, they did not even suggest this add-on. We noticed it our selves in the manufacturer's catalog and felt we could afford it. Overall the entire Dreamwork staff was very professional. We never had any problem reaching them. They were very cooperative in responding to repeated requests from us for last minute design changes and adjustments. And when several of the cabinet doors arrived with sub-par finishing, Paul came all the way out here again (we are in Jersey) to photograph the doors (a requirement of the manufacturer). New doors arrived the following week, at no further expense to us or effort on our part. I can with 100% confidence recommend Dreamwork Kitchens to any one in the area with any size job. more »
5on Angies List, Sep 22, 2008
Remodeled my kitchen; refaced cabinets, new countertop, etc.Every time I go into my kitchen, I get a big smile on my face. It is so much nicer and more efficient than my old kitchen, and cooking is now the joy that it should be. On my birthday, my husband put a bow on one of the cabinets and said, "Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day, and Happy Anniversary." It was all I wanted. Every design suggestion they made turned out to be a good one. We could never have anticipated all the little details that go into this kind of project. I thanked them profusely for all the advice, patience and psychological intervention. The work crew was very professional. They were always here when they were supposed to be; they were courteous and helpful; and they clearly took pride in their work. It's a rarity these days for a remodeling job to be done on time, on budget and to exceed expectations. more »
5on Angies List, Sep 18, 2007
I had my kitchen totally renovated by Dreamwork Kitchens. They tore out walls, gutted the entire kitchen, and installed new appliances.This was a very big job. It was a total renovation. The workers were very good and they were just very nice too. They followed through on everything. As a matter of fact, they are doing work on one of the elementary schools in Mamaroneck so I think that is a pretty good recommendation. The charge is difficult to say. They separated it all for me. I do not think they are on the low end, but they are not on the high end either. They are maybe a little bit passed the middle going toward the high end. It was all worth it though. more »
5on Angies List, Aug 07, 2006
They refaced some of our kitchen cabinets, and also installed new cabinets and a breadboard on top of the counters.There were a couple of things that were not done to the contract, and they were back within days and stood by their product. more »
5on Angies List, Jun 06, 2006
Estimate to remodel and refaced our kitchen.They seem to be very nice people to deal and they will be starting in July. We were very happy with what they showed us. more »
5on Angies List, Feb 21, 2006
5on Angies List, Nov 10, 2005
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401 Ward Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543
Kitchen & Bath
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DreamWork Kitchens specializes in kitchen & bath remodeling and cabinet refacing. Whether you’re interested in complete kitchens, refacing, or resurfacing cabinets we have the solution for you. New kitchen and vanity cabinets are available in custom cabinets, semi-custom and stock configurations; in framed, inset and frameless (European) construction. And, not only can we design a kitchen and supply the cabinets, we can install it as well.
DreamWork Kitchens is licensed in Westchester County, New York City, Connecticut and Yonkers. We are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for "Renovation, Repair & Painting" which requires strict adherence to the EPA rules regarding lead-safe remodeling practices.
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