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5on Customer Lobby, Feb 15, 2018
Treatments that give REAL RESULTS! Loved my results!
I have been going to Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics for several years. My first treatment I went for was tattoo removal. I can’t express
how grateful I am to finally have that mistake gone for my body, was very impressed!
I’m currently having Clear and Brilliant and Fraxal Dual on my face for dark spots and acne scarring. I’ve had several treatments and I already notice a huge difference in my skin. Not only are the dark spots fading but my skin looks and feels younger. Friends family and coworkers can’t believe how clear my skin looks. I am beyond satisfied with my experience there. They also offer home care products which are surprisingly affordable. I strongly recommend PerfectBody.
I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
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5on Customer Lobby, Oct 03, 2017
Highly recommend. I had been looking everywhere on Long Island to get my laser cellulite removal done. However, after reading reviews on the other locations and learning more about which lasers work - someone else had mentioned Perfect Body Laser. So, I started reading reviews on the company - and they were AWESOME!
When I finally went in for my consultation and ultimately my treatments, they definitely lived up to their reviews and good name. I was actually late for my appointment, and Carla did everything she could to get me in! When we went to do the treatment, I was a little scared, that it would hurt. But Kara walked me through it and made me comfortable with the treatment. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends, family, and anyone else who is looking to boost their self esteem & get laser cellulite removal on Long Island.
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5on Customer Lobby, Sep 30, 2017
Great experience at perfect body. Great experience at Perfect Body Laser! ENTIRE staff is awesome ,kind and caring.
I was made to feel very comfortable , everything was carefully explained to me
from beginning to end. Couldn't be more pleased with the way my laser lipo went and the way the staff treats you. Would definitely recomend Perfect Body as the number 1 choice for anybody thinking about liposuction alternatives. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 28, 2017
I can’t say enough about how happy I am! Pay attention!!! I can't say enough about how happy I am! Thanks to the group, and especially Nicole at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics; my first experience with tattoo removal was so much better than I anticipated. After meeting the owner and researching more about the process.. it was clear they had a well established practice with lots of experience. They use state of the art laser technology and the price is fairly reasonable considering the art I had removed. I was afraid it would be too painful, but it was nothing like I thought it would be. The discomfort was well worth the finished outcome! They are very passionate about what they do, and the attention and kindness I received from everyone at their office has made it so comforting to go back. I have one more to go! I'm so amazed that a forever mistake was so easy to take off. Thanks Marissa!!! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 28, 2017
Perfect Body is the best!! Sooo happy with the services they offer! Every single experience I have at Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics has been exceptional. I have had a few different people for laser hair removal sessions and laser facials, and cannot believe how quick, efficient, and comfortable they make the experience. Getting laser hair removal treatments is a pretty personal thing; so to have someone make it such a welcoming experience is pretty great. I'll always come back here for everything I need. Thanks so much :) more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 23, 2017
Amazing experience, I can’t wait to finish my tattoo removal with them! After consulting with a few places on Long Island for Laser Tattoo Removal, I made a final stop at Perfect Body Laser on Sunrise Highway in Bay Shore. I was beyond impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise they have. Rather than guessing at how long or how many treatments I would need to remove my forearm tattoo (the other places I went had no clue), Pat was able to ask me a series of questions which corresponded to a specific amount of treatments I would need. Not only were the treatment options and pricing clear and concise, but he took the time to explain every nuance of what was to be expected during and after the laser tattoo removal treatments.
So far, I am extremely happy with my experience at Perfect Body. I already see the tattoo fading and I am really happy I chose Perfect Body to get these laser treatments done. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
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5on Customer Lobby, Sep 19, 2017
I love this place!! I've been going to Perfect Body Laser Center in Bay Shore for years now. The treatments I schedule range from laser facials to laser hair removal throughout the year. The whole staff is very sweet and welcoming, including when you call to book an appointment. Every laser treatment I've had done has been extremely personalized based on how my skin was at that time. In the more recent months I have worked closely with NikkiMarie for my laser bikini hair removal. Although I was a bit nervous, she was very gentle and calming during the process that I thought would be much more painful! I also love that they offer a variety of products to purchase as it saves me a trip to the mall/shopping online (and the prices seem to always be better, too!). I am constantly giving gift cards to friends/family for Perfect Body Laser - it makes great presents ... and I love receiving them too :) more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 18, 2017
Best Laser Service on Long Island!! A++. So, I have visited Perfect Body multiple times for laser stretch mark removal from when I used to be about 45lbs heavier. They really know what they are doing, they even switched lasers half-way through because they wanted to use a new laser that they just got. They literally upgraded me at no charge to get me a better result. I am really happy with the way I was treated here on every level. I cannot say enough nice things about the employees at Perfect Body and how friendly, warm, caring and knowledgeable they are. I highly recommend them for your cosmetic needs. Bravo! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 18, 2017
Wouldn't go anywhere else! Since 1999, I've been getting laser hair removal for my upper lip and bikini area. Each year, I go for a touch-up, thinking it was the norm until I encountered Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics. I was informed that when done properly with state of the art equipment and by scheduling your appointments by complying with the hair growth cycle, the service is meant to be permanent.
For years, I wanted to get my arms done, but couldn't justify doing so if I needed to come back year after year. I started treatment in April and have been coming every 8 weeks and see a major difference in my hair growth. The hair is coming back finer and more sparse. Although I took a break over the summer because I get rather tanned, I came back for my treatment last week. Because I was so dark, the technician asked if I was exposed to the sun within a 2 week's span. Confirming I was not, she proceeded with the treatment on the same setting used on me last time. I was surprised to see a few marks on my arm hours later. I emailed a photo to the business and within minutes, I had someone call me to assure me that the marks were temporary were caused by the contrast between the dark root of the hair and the surrounding area. She reassured me that it would flake off if I kept the area moisturized. Just as she told me, within days, the marks faded. I am very impressed with their timely bedside manner and how genuinely concerned they are about their clients. True professional atmosphere and I wouldn't trust going anywhere else!
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5on Customer Lobby, Jun 22, 2017
True Laser Professionals! I absolutely love Perfect Body. I have only been a customer at Perfect Body Laser for about 6 months, but it is a very unique, professional and state of the art laser center. Since I've been here they added two new lasers to their "fleet". It seems like they constantly upgrade their equipment. I love that the staff is fully certified and the facility is award winning for the last 8 out of 10 years! Perfect Body is the benchmark for cosmetic treatments in New York.
Make sure you ask about the easy-pay programs. This helped me to afford much more than I initially thought I could get done.
I am very happy with the treatments, quality and the results of my procedures. Will recommend!
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5on BirdEye, Jun 10, 2017
My mother and I have gone to Perfect Body for the last year or so. We are both very happy with the treatments we receive. Everyone is so nice to us and they always find a way to get us in for treatments around both of our busy schedules. Perfect Body is a great establishment when only the best will do. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jun 05, 2017
A good experience having laser at Perfect Body. Over the last few months I was going to Perfect Body Laser getting Clear & Brilliant Perméa on my face for color correction and skin-tone evenness. Not only have I noticed a significant improvement, but almost everyone I know has said something positive about my results. I am more than happy with my choice to use Perfect Body. They were good with me all around. Price, service and results were all just right for me. A great place! more »
5on Customer Lobby, May 31, 2017
A great find! Thank you Perfect Body Laser for the exceptional experience. At a time when I was feeling like I couldn't find a reputable laser facility that I trusted to do skin resurfacing, along came Perfect Body. I was impressed with the level of service I was given, not just by the technicians, but by everyone I made contact with there. They were efficient, kind and very skilled at the treatments they administered on me.
My skin looks rejuvenated, radiant and I see a lot less sun damage from these Fraxel treatments. I think this place is fantastic and I will be sure to refer others to Perfect Body as well. Great job! Thank you.
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5on Customer Lobby, May 17, 2017
Laser Tattoo Removal HEAVEN! I wanted to take the time to thank Perfect Body for getting rid of my tattoo after another place failed at it. I am so grateful for the professional service I was given and the smart staff that helped me. Im not surprised you guys are everywhere. Keep up the good work. Thanks a bunch. more »
5on BirdEye, May 12, 2017
From the minute I walked in to Perfect Body, I was Impressed. Beautiful Décor and always very Clean! The staff greet you immediately with a Smile and are very prompt with appointment times.
uring my Consultation with Adrienne, She explained everything very thoroughly, I was having Laser Hair removal and she was very accurate in what to expect as far as how it would feel, how many sessions I would need and what kind of results to expect.
Carla, did a great job with my sessions which where fairly painless, she always took the time to review where I was at with my treatments and made me feel comfortable.
Overall my experience at Perfect Body was Excellent!! and most importantly I got the results I was hoping for!
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5on Customer Lobby, May 12, 2017
my laser tattoo removal. thank you perfect body for doing such a good job on my shoulder tattoo. I got a stupid tattoo in the city when I was 17 years old and I really grew to hate it. After a few sessions at perfect body laser my tattoo is almost gone! I wouldnt trust anyone else with laser. They really know their sh*t! Thanks more »
5on Customer Lobby, Apr 26, 2017
Fantastic Results! xoxoxo. Im a patient of Perfect Body. I've been using fillers for years and that seemed to help with the loss of volume over the years but I noticed that my skin also started to loose the elasticity in my skin. I went to Perfect Body to see what other alternatives were out there that could help. They agreed that I was not ready for any surgery yet and I should try the Fraxel laser. I was a bit nervous because they showed me pictures of the healing process and what to expect. However, they also made me so feel comfortable and eventually all my nervous tension went away. Its a quick and easy procedure with a day or two of (social) down time. It was painless and I recovered very fast from the laser. I thought I needed to hide away for a week or so but after a few days the redness started to go away and I was able to go out again. I think what helped me heal so fast was after the first day I started to wash my face with Cetaphil 3xs a day then reapply the aquaphor.
Very important thing to do to keep the face clean so you do not get any infections. I started to see the results as my skin was healing. After 5 - 6 days I was completely healed.
My skin looked amazing. It just looked better and better as time passed. I was told to expect a 20% improvement on the tightening and I was extremely happy with the results. I will do it again as soon as I'm told it's time again with no hesitations.
It's a great treatment for anyone who is not going to do a surgical procedure on their face or neck, someone like me that just needed a boost to tighten my face and neck.
Recovery is fast and painless. Results are fantastic.
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5on BirdEye, Apr 10, 2017
I like the fact they they actually called me back to check my progress from the procedure I had done. I thought only surgeons do that. I was pleasantly surprised. In my opinion, they have very good business practices. My results were what I expected and what they said they could be. I am very pleased. more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 01, 2017
~Phenominal~ This place did a great job on my wife's acne scars. I bought her a package last year and the laser made a huge improvement on her skin tone and the unevenness of the surface. Her and I are THRILLED with our decision to use Perfect Body. You made a huge impact on my wife's life by making her less conscious of her acne scarring! Thank you so much! Kevin~ more »
5on Yellow Pages, Mar 24, 2017
I just left my second laser hair removal visit with Perfect Body Laser, and I am again very pleased with the entire experience. Carla is awesome, and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed during the process. She's also efficient, and the process takes about 10 minutes. It's been 6 weeks and my neck where I've experience razor bumps is still hairless.

I have been getting laser hair removal for a little over a year in different cities and I can honestly say Perfect Body Laser is already one of my favorites. The clinic is beautiful and the receptionists are very friendly. I have yet to have a problem scheduling. The first time I got in within two days, and for today's appointment I called yesterday. I am definitely looking forward to trying out some of their other services. It's not cheap, but I wasn’t looking for a cheap service and I highly recommend paying a little more for a quality experience.
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5on Customer Lobby, Mar 09, 2017
Great Laser Clinic! Will recommend. A friend sent me to Perfect Body after having good results from laser tattoo removal. They definitely did right by her, so I always like to go by referrals when looking to a new service provider etc.
Perfect Body was great. I paid them for laser hair removal on several areas of my body. They use really good equipment and although the price wasn't the cheapest, they used a laser that only required 7 treatments. So, in the long run, I would've paid double somewhere else because it would've taken double or triple the sessions.
I also like the fact that they have a laser hair guarantee. I made the right decision coming here. I hope this review helps.
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5on BirdEye, Mar 03, 2017
PB was very helpful in assisting me and my daughter with eyelid tightening and face tightening. We both researched diligently and came across Perfect Body. We chose them because they were extremely knowledgeable and they have been around for a long time. We are pleased with our results and would recommend them again and again. more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 22, 2017
After having treatments done at Perfect Body, I would rate the overall appearance, clenaliness, information process, the staff and the results as excellent. They are awesome! I am very Pleased. I would recommend you all to anyone. Continue the good work. Good luck! more »
5on BirdEye, Jan 03, 2017
Impressive Results more »
5on BirdEye, Dec 11, 2016
I recieved a package for skin tiightening and body reshaping at Perfect Body. I was satisfied with my experience. I found my results to be good and exactly what was expected. Initially they had to change the treatments because I was having difficulty tolerating, but they changed me to another laser without any additional charge, even though I had two previous treatments. As a Nurse, I am very consious of clinical information, protocols and medical/technical studies before I undergo anything. The consultation was very rich with information and they answered all of my (many) questions. I felt very comfortable. I am happy I chose Perfect Body Laser. I already referred my cousin, and will continue to refer others. more »
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1150 Sunrise Hwy, Bay Shore, NY 11706
Medical Spas
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Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is a full service Medical Spa and laser skin care center located in Bay Shore, Long Island, NY. Perfect Body Laser specializes in non-surgical: laser skin tightening, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser fat reduction, laser stretch mark removal, (superficial) laser vein removal, laser hair restoration, laser skin rejuvenation, cellulite removal, laser face lifting, laser neck lifting, laser body contouring, laser skin resurfacing and much, much, more.

Perfect Body Laser only offer’s the absolute best services and technology, providing our clients with amazing results. Our variety of FDA approved, revolutionary, non-surgical procedures will help you look and feel you’re best with no needles, no cutting and no downtime and is safer than traditional surgery.

Perfect Body Laser is proud to be ranked “#1 in New York” and “TOP 5 in the U.S.” by Solta Medical for (10) consecutive years for Thermage CPT and Clear & Brilliant and Fraxal for skin tightening, body contouring and laser skin rejuvenation!

Most procedures and technology we offer have been featured in the media such as; Oprah's "Look 10 Years Younger" episode, Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, The Kardashian’s, The Doctors, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, CBS 2 NY News, Extreme Makeover, Fox News Channel and many more. Our mission is to provide our clients with outstanding service and superior results. Our staff of certified professionals works hard to meet the goals of our clients without the high risk and cost of surgery!

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