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5on Google, Sep 22, 2017
The staff at Perfect Body Laser made me feel safe and confident in their abilities. They took great care of me when administering the procedure. Good follow up as well. While I was told I wouldn't see results for awhile, I did see some very minor improvements from the beginning. After all said and done, I am very pleased with the laser treatments I had done at Perfect Body in Bay Shore. I would tell anyone looking for laser treatments on Long Island to visit Perfect Body. more »
Business Response:
Julia, Thank you for your confidence in us. We are very happy to hear that we met your expectations! We truly appreciate the heartfelt thanks.
5on Google, Sep 19, 2017
I've been going to Perfect Body Laser Center in Bay Shore for years now. The treatments I schedule range from laser facials to laser hair removal throughout the year. The whole staff is very sweet and welcoming, including when you call to book an appointment. Every laser treatment I've had done has been extremely personalized based on how my skin was at that time. In the more recent months I have worked closely with NikkiMarie for my laser bikini hair removal. Although I was a bit nervous, she was very gentle and calming during the process that I thought would be much more painful! I also love that they offer a variety of products to purchase as it saves me a trip to the mall/shopping online (and the prices seem to always be better, too!). I am constantly giving gift cards to friends/family for Perfect Body Laser - it makes great presents ... and I love receiving them too :) more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 19, 2017
I love this place!! I've been going to Perfect Body Laser Center in Bay Shore for years now. The treatments I schedule range from laser facials to laser hair removal throughout the year. The whole staff is very sweet and welcoming, including when you call to book an appointment. Every laser treatment I've had done has been extremely personalized based on how my skin was at that time. In the more recent months I have worked closely with NikkiMarie for my laser bikini hair removal. Although I was a bit nervous, she was very gentle and calming during the process that I thought would be much more painful! I also love that they offer a variety of products to purchase as it saves me a trip to the mall/shopping online (and the prices seem to always be better, too!). I am constantly giving gift cards to friends/family for Perfect Body Laser - it makes great presents ... and I love receiving them too :) more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 18, 2017
Best Laser Service on Long Island!! A++. So, I have visited Perfect Body multiple times for laser stretch mark removal from when I used to be about 45lbs heavier. They really know what they are doing, they even switched lasers half-way through because they wanted to use a new laser that they just got. They literally upgraded me at no charge to get me a better result. I am really happy with the way I was treated here on every level. I cannot say enough nice things about the employees at Perfect Body and how friendly, warm, caring and knowledgeable they are. I highly recommend them for your cosmetic needs. Bravo! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 18, 2017
Wouldn't go anywhere else! Since 1999, I've been getting laser hair removal for my upper lip and bikini area. Each year, I go for a touch-up, thinking it was the norm until I encountered Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics. I was informed that when done properly with state of the art equipment and by scheduling your appointments by complying with the hair growth cycle, the service is meant to be permanent.
For years, I wanted to get my arms done, but couldn't justify doing so if I needed to come back year after year. I started treatment in April and have been coming every 8 weeks and see a major difference in my hair growth. The hair is coming back finer and more sparse. Although I took a break over the summer because I get rather tanned, I came back for my treatment last week. Because I was so dark, the technician asked if I was exposed to the sun within a 2 week's span. Confirming I was not, she proceeded with the treatment on the same setting used on me last time. I was surprised to see a few marks on my arm hours later. I emailed a photo to the business and within minutes, I had someone call me to assure me that the marks were temporary were caused by the contrast between the dark root of the hair and the surrounding area. She reassured me that it would flake off if I kept the area moisturized. Just as she told me, within days, the marks faded. I am very impressed with their timely bedside manner and how genuinely concerned they are about their clients. True professional atmosphere and I wouldn't trust going anywhere else!
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5on Google, Sep 14, 2017
In April 2017 I had my first consultation with Ms. Foster at the Perfect Body Laser, and was very impressed with her transparency about the fee structure. She explained them clearly, and I feel comfortable with them. Equally important though was her explanation of the hair removal procedure. I’ve had two sessions and I am blown away at the amazing decrease in hair I have so far! I have a vacation scheduled in the next two months and they were great in working around my hectic schedule and prior engagements. I will recommend all my friends to Perfect Body as they are highly professional and thorough. more »
5on Google, Sep 13, 2017
After doing extensive research, I’m happy with my decision to do laser hair restoration at the Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics clinic. The consultation was very informative and made my decision easier to get the procedures done. The procedures went by quickly and comfortable and they even offer me coffee during my visits.

After a year of treatments I went back for my re-evaluation, where they photographed my scalp (after pictures) and made sure I didn’t have any further concerns and my results are absolutely amazing. It is with great pleasure that I post this review.

I am hopeful that anyone looking for laser hair restoration on Long Island will try Perfect Body Laser. It was well worth it for me!
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5on Google, Sep 10, 2017
I’ve gone to perfect body laser in bay shore three times so far and it's been a great experience every time. The staff has been kind and courteous and my clinical consultant has given me honest advice about what I truly needed. For example, I have other areas I wanted addressed and she could have said pay for this area, but she told me that it may do more harm than good and actually talked me out of spending the extra money to do it. This honesty makes me trust Perfect Body Laser. The lasers are top of the line and really effective on me. Also, the wait is never too long and it makes me feel like a VIP. LOVE IT! more »
5on Google, Sep 09, 2017
Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics is clean, professional, and most importantly very effective and affordable. I truly enjoyed visiting the business for my laser treatments, and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the future. The staff explained the procedures to me clearly, and it was quite easy and efficient to obtain an appointment in a timely manner. Anyone looking for aesthetic treatments, this place is definitely worth your time! more »
5on Google, Aug 30, 2017
I have had several laser tattoo removal treatments around the U.S. one of the most effective treatments I have had yet was by Perfect Body Laser. Their prices are good and unlike many doctors and spas around Long Island, Perfect Body does not try to lock you into useless treatments at high prices, they do not have to. Quality, experience and value sell their services.
A treatment can be uncomfortable, but it is short lived and not unbearable. Perfect Body does not disappoint.
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5on Google, Aug 29, 2017
I had acne growing up and it left some good scaring on the cheeks of my face. As I got older the acne went away but the scaring was still there. I literally (and I mean literally) tried everything from microdermabrasion, over the counter creams, and home remedies - nothing worked. It got to the point were I was just going to give up.

Luckily, someone recommended I try Perfect Body Laser. I researched and saw that they worked wonders for many people in getting rid of acne scars. I signed up for a couple of sessions and I saw gradual improvement each time. The staff was nice and the technician did a great job every time.

After a handful of sessions my rice sized scares are now the size of a needle points and some are not even noticeable anymore! For someone that has struggled with acne scars his whole life this was amazing.

It is a no-brainer to recommend Perfect Body Laser & Asthetics!
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5on Google, Aug 29, 2017
Jemima and Taylor are unbelievable! I came in to see why I had some superficial veins and red spots on my legs and to my amazement, they were able to get rid of them ALL. After 4 procedures I look and feel so much better. I used to have to hide my legs and was embarrassed, now I have been wearing more revealing skirts etc and it feels so good. The people at Perfect Body Laser have been so friendly and helpful to me, I can't thank them enough! more »
5on Google, Aug 22, 2017
After relocating for my job unexpectedly from California, I needed to continue my laser tattoo removal that I was having done by my dermatologist back home. I searched for laser tattoo removal experts in Long Island, but I was surprisingly disappointed at the inconsistent reviews other places have. I'm not one to solely rely on reviews, but if I could learn from someone else's experience, why not? I came across Perfect Body and went for the free consultation. I was very exited that they offered the same laser tattoo removal machine that I was using back home. Here's the best part, I had two laser treatments at Perfect Body and their two treatments were more effective than the 3 I already had at home. When I complimented Adrienne at Perfect Body, she said it was because other places do not change their flash lamps to save money, making the treatments less effective.

I am very happy I found Perfect Body for my laser tattoo removal. I will be sure to recommend Perfect Body Laser to anyone in need.
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5on Google, Aug 21, 2017
I am so happy I found Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics . Everyone is super friendly, nice atmosphere , and I have only seen positive changes in my skin since going there for the last 6 months. I highly recommend going there. I have seen Kara and Brianna and both of them were so welcoming , knowledgable and I can tell they are passionate about giving me the best treatments. I've been having Fraxal Dual for acne scarring left over from my teen years. I think anyone looking to get laser skin resurfacing on Long Island should go to Perfect Body! Thanks for helping me fix a problem I have been putting off for too long. more »
5on Google, Aug 18, 2017
So, I wound up becoming a patient at Perfect Body Laser when my bf bought me a gift certificate around the holidays. I had mentioned that I always wanted to go there and I guess he was listening (for once). It took me months to go in to pick out what I wanted. All I have to say is wow! Perfect Body is gorgeous. I'm big in first impressions and I was amazed at how well-managed they are. From the secretaries to the consultants to the nurses and Aestheticians, all super nice, smart and knowledgeable. I went in wanting one thing and left there getting something totally different thanks to an educational consultation. And I swore I knew exactly what I wanted before I went in. Boy was I wrong. I wound up getting 6 sessions of VelaShape III and Exilis Ultra for some stubborn areas on my thighs.

I am very happy with my results. You have to go to Perfect Body , trust me you won't be disappointed.
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5on Google, Aug 05, 2017
I was looking for a reputable place to get laser tattoo removal on Long Island. A work associate mentioned that he was getting laser tattoo removal and it was going well. Turns out he was having his tattoo removal done at Perfect Body in Bay Shore. I went to Perfect Body on his referral and decided to pull the trigger and remove a tattoo that has been plaguing me for 7 + years.

My treatments are going very good. My tattoo fades a lot with each session. The people there really know their stuff. They are very, very thorough and pay attention to every nuance of pre and post treatment concerns and precautions. I like that!

I'm not an easy person to please and I am very pleased with choosing Perfect Body Laser to get my laser tattoo removal! Highly recommended!
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5on Google, Aug 03, 2017
I am VERY pleased with the work that was done by Perfect Body. I had multiple laser fat removal treatments performed resulting in my flanks, upper abs, and lower abs responding nicely. I was able to have my treatments done in stages where I had my flanks done first and then went back 6 months later to have my upper and lower abs done - best decision ever! This beats the hell out of surgery. The entire staff and nurse personal were extremely friendly and helpful and the overall environment made me feel very comfortable! I would recommend Perfect Body to anyone! more »
5on Google, Aug 01, 2017
I am very happy I invested in this laser fat removal procedure; my results five months later are amazing. Jemima and her team took great care of me before, during, and after my laser treatments. The entire team was professional, friendly, and punctual. The first few months after treatment the results were not easily apparent, but that is what I had been told should be expected because the treatments work gradually.

I did a TON of research before choosing Perfect Body Laser. I traveled a fair amount of distance to get the treatments there. IT WAS 100% WORTH THE DRIVE. This procedure changed my physical appearance as well as my health behaviors. It improved my self-esteem and my quality of life.

I realize that getting the results was relatively easy compared to the greater challenge of maintaining and enhancing the amazing results I obtained. I’m more motivated than ever to exercise and eat better. I am exercising more frequently than before, and have introduced new work-out routines. I am eating out less than previously, and have significantly cut back on the amount of fat and alcohol in my diet. I look and the feel the best ever have!

Perfect Body Laser & Esthetics is the place to go for non-surgical laser fat removal.
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5on Google, Jul 30, 2017
I've been going to Perfect Body Laser in Bay Shore for laser hair removal for nearly one year now. I go every 6/8 weeks and I have always experienced the best level of customer service, every single visit!! Lauren is a very talented laser aesthetician and she is always very thorough and actually cares about her clients! The whole staff always makes me feel so comfortable. The results are PHENOMENAL!

My entire body feels baby soft smooth! Nikki and Age are also such a pleasure. This facility isn't just a hair removal solution, they actually care about every individual customer. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Perfect Body Laser to everyone I know! Real results people!
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5on Google, Jul 29, 2017
Very professional and modern facility. Highly recommended. The staff is top notch! more »
5on Google, Jul 07, 2017
i cant say enough about how happy i am! thanks to perfect body, my first experience with tattoo removal was so much better than i anticipated. After meeting with the clinical director Adrienne, it was clear they had a well established practice with lots of experience. The price is fairly reasonable considering the are i had removed. the slight discomfort was well worth the finished outcome! They are very passionate about what they do and the attention and kindness i received from everyone from everyone at their office made it so comforting to go back. only one more to go! Thanks Perfect Body!! more »
5on Google, Jul 06, 2017
I got a poorly done tattoo a while back and this place has been godsend. I first went to another tattoo place in Deer Park, which shall not be named, and the difference in the service between the two places was like night and day. Every single person i interacted with was friendly, professional and nonjudgmental. They make sure you know exactly what you're getting into before they get you in the chair and they are also very transparent about the number of sessions you'll need. They give everything you need for aftercare and I've been consistently amazed at how well the area has been healing. They even call me a couple of days after each session to follow up and ask if i have any questions. I cant recommend this place enough. You guys at Perfect Body are awesome! more »
5on Google, Jul 06, 2017
Love Perfect Body Laser! I Went in for Velashape (III) treatments and the staff was so friendly and encouraging! They really helped me feel welcome and comfortable. I had 6 treatments and lost inches! I decided to try the Laser hair removal as well since I had such a great experience with the Velashape III service. Such a cool technology- Thanks Perfect Body! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jun 22, 2017
True Laser Professionals! I absolutely love Perfect Body. I have only been a customer at Perfect Body Laser for about 6 months, but it is a very unique, professional and state of the art laser center. Since I've been here they added two new lasers to their "fleet". It seems like they constantly upgrade their equipment. I love that the staff is fully certified and the facility is award winning for the last 8 out of 10 years! Perfect Body is the benchmark for cosmetic treatments in New York.
Make sure you ask about the easy-pay programs. This helped me to afford much more than I initially thought I could get done.
I am very happy with the treatments, quality and the results of my procedures. Will recommend!
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5on Google, Jun 14, 2017
I have been coming to Perfect Body Laser for the past few months for tattoo removal and have been nothing but impressed! The ambiance is just what you want when you're visiting a place like this. It is clean, the staff is friendly and the location is easy to get too. I have been seeing Nikki for my tattoo removal and its coming along great! We take progress photos every visit and compare to see how its looking. Nikki is friendly, caring and always make me feel comfortable before any procedures. Tattoo removal is a long process, but I couldn't be happier to have chosen Perfect Body for this. My tattoos are almost fully removed and my skin looks great! You can tell by my photo just how great it is looking compared to my fresh tattoos. Thanks everyone at Perfect Body :) more »
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Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is a full service Medical Spa and laser skin care center located in Bay Shore, Long Island, NY. Perfect Body Laser specializes in non-surgical: laser skin tightening, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser fat reduction, laser stretch mark removal, (superficial) laser vein removal, laser hair restoration, laser skin rejuvenation, cellulite removal, laser face lifting, laser neck lifting, laser body contouring, laser skin resurfacing and much, much, more.

Perfect Body Laser only offer’s the absolute best services and technology, providing our clients with amazing results. Our variety of FDA approved, revolutionary, non-surgical procedures will help you look and feel you’re best with no needles, no cutting and no downtime and is safer than traditional surgery.

Perfect Body Laser is proud to be ranked “#1 in New York” and “TOP 5 in the U.S.” by Solta Medical for (9) consecutive years for Thermage CPT and Clear & Brilliant and Fraxal for skin tightening, body contouring and laser skin rejuvenation!

Most procedures and technology we offer have been featured in the media such as; Oprah's "Look 10 Years Younger" episode, Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, The Kardashian’s, The Doctors, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, CBS 2 NY News, Extreme Makeover, Fox News Channel and many more. Our mission is to provide our clients with outstanding service and superior results. Our staff of certified professionals works hard to meet the goals of our clients without the high risk and cost of surgery!

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