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4on Google, Jan 18, 2018
I do not like having a new dentist, hygienist, etc. so frequently, but the latest ones seemed much better than some of them have been. If you wish to see the same person, this is not for you. more »
4on Facebook, Dec 27, 2017
I went to Aspen dental to replace a tooth in my denture. I dropped off. Denture, came back three hours later ,to pick up completed denture. I am very happy with the service , at Aspen dental more »
5on Facebook, Dec 15, 2017
Great experience. All of the ladies were super upbeat and personable. I actually had a great time with all of them! I didn’t have to wait and was never rushed. I had a thorough examination and was explained the findings so that it was easily understood. They came up with a dental plan and went over all the costs perfectly. I will continue with office and am looking forward to my next visit!! more »
5on Google, Dec 07, 2017
Praises, praises, praises to Aspen. My dog destroyed my flipper. Friendly efficient Aspen team made me a new one within 5 hours, minimizing my embarrassment. more »
5on Google, Dec 02, 2017
I absolutely hate going to the dentist so much so that I have put it off for 8 years. My husband had a tooth chip and ended up going to Aspen dental. Every appointment he came home from he was beaming. He couldn't stop saying how nice everyone was and how his teeth felt the best they had in as long as he could remember, for an affordable price. After not being to the denist in many years I was starting to get concerned and knew this was my time to go. I am so happy I did. Like he said, everyone is so nice! I left with a recommendation for a very small, affordable procedure. The scheduling was a breeze and I am so happy my husband chipped his tooth because now we both have peace of mind knowing our teeth are healthy 😂 more »
5on Google, Nov 18, 2017
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4on Google, Nov 10, 2017
So I went there for my free exam and x-ray today. I was helped quickly because there was no other patients. Not a great sign but people don't like going to the dentist. I was helped by a nurse and I will say this was the worst part of my experience but wasn't horrible. We took the first x-ray which was fine and quick. Wish she would have explained what was happening and why they used the machine they did. Then she started scanning inside my mouth, which was very uncomfortable. She needed to retake a lot of them which was irritating. At one point she left the room and started having a conversation with her co-workers, which frustrated me because I just wanted to get my scans done because it was so weird and uncomfortable to do. Next the dentist came and talked to me about my teeth and what needed to be done. She was my favorite. She was very informative and made me feel good about the health of my teeth. She explained what my best alternatives were for my treatments. Halfway through, the nurse that was doing my x-rays and was putting her fingers all in my mouth started coughing and had to leave the room. Had I known that the nurse was sick I would have asked for someone else to do the x-ray. Now I am worried I am going to catch her cold. She did sterilize her equipment before scanning but I noticed that she didn't use any sanitizer on her hands before putting her gloves on.

Finally the manager went through all my financial opportunities provided by the company and went through all the prices of my fillings and other services. She was very conscious of my struggle and that the appointments would be expensive and I felt like she would work with me to get the best treatment for a price I can afford.

Notice I have been using She for every worker, that is because every worker was a women. THAT IS AMAZING! I felt so happy to be coming into a business, (even the dentistry industry) and working with women. Not only women, but diverse women. I definitely want to come back and support these amazing women!

Please come and at least get informed of your oral health and work with these women.

Would have given 5 stars if the first half of my visit went better.
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4on Google, Nov 10, 2017
was good more »
5on Google, Nov 02, 2017
Missed my appointment by 30 minutes and the staff worked through their lunches to help me. Very friendly and helpful. Can't say enough good things about them. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 21, 2017
Great staffs, even dentist was very professional with me and concern your issues and take care of it professionally. more »
Business Response:
It's so nice to hear that, Daniel. Thank you for sharing that you had a 5-star experience. - Emily, ADMI
5on Google, Oct 13, 2017
So happy with this place. The staff and doctors were absolutely amazing and kind. Definitely my go to place from now on. more »
4on Facebook, Oct 13, 2017
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5on Facebook, Oct 07, 2017
After reading a couple of negative reviews I was a little hesitant to go to Aspen Dental. But I had broken my front tooth and had other issues so I made the appointment. The telephone receptionist was super helpful and informative when I made my appointment . They even called me back later in the day to confirm things. I was greeted by a lovely young lady who warmly welcomed me. She gave me a clip board and asked me to provide the information requested and return it to her. At precisly my scheduled appointment time, a technition escorted me to an xray room. There I was given an extensive series of xrays. (These xrays were free with my visit as I do not have insurance.) After being shown to an exam room, I was offered a blanket because I was cold. I thought that was very thoughtful and great customer service. Moments later the doctor arrived...Dr. Nika Mahbai. She was wonderful! We discussed my immediate issue (broken tooth) and after an exam a longer term schedule to get my mouth back in shape. Before the tooth repair, the manager came in and advised me of the cost. I almost cried because it was so reasonable and affordable. Dr. Mahbai returned and fixed my tooth in no time at all. It was virtually painless and she did an amazing job! I was escorted to the business office to pay and go over future needs. The manager, Arely Gallegos was so helpful and explained all procedures and costs in detail. There was no pressure to continue with the plan, but after seeing how affordable the cost is going to be, I booked my future appointments. Going to the dentist is no fun. I get that. But mostly it's expensive! Aspen Dental is affordable and the care is top notch. I'm super excited to get my smile back. I am grateful to Dr. Maibai and all of the Scholls Ferry Aspen group. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 03, 2017
Pleased with my experience. I had a sore caused by my lower partial. Dr. Filed down the area on the denture. Just need to wait for the sore to heal. more »
Business Response:
Thanks for sharing, Judy. I'm glad you had a positive experience, and I hope you feel at ease soon. - Emily, ADMI
4on Google, Sep 28, 2017
My mother's experience was very positive at the Scholls Ferry site. The staff attended our family in a friendly and courteous manner, for a first visit. My sister arrived and remained with mother for an augmented review of a thorough and comprehensive consultation of work type available and payment options. Impressed with referral from two esteemed co-workers. 5 star consideration fon final visit. Cheers! more »
5on Google, Sep 21, 2017
Fantastic service. The team was truly accommodating and extremely informative. Pleasant atmosphere and a job well done with the procedure I needed done. more »
Business Response:
I'm so glad to hear it, Ken! It's great that the team accommodated you, and helped you have a positive experience. - Emily, ADMI
3on Facebook, Sep 04, 2017
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5on Facebook, Sep 01, 2017
Fantastic experience! Well, I was in as bad a pain as I've ever had in my life. NO sleep or food. No amount of pain medication had any affect. They saw my obvious desperation and squeezed me in for a procedure. It went beautifully without a moment's discomfort, let alone pain, since I got out of the chair. I was in tears of joy and hugged the dentist and her assistant. Been planning to bring them a fruit basket or something. My gratitude to the entire staff. more »
5on Google, Sep 01, 2017
Super knowledgeable and helpful staff didn't make me feel self-conscious about my teeth even though I haven't been into the dentist for a long time. Very comforting and informative. more »
4on Facebook, Aug 29, 2017
Was able to schedule an appt within a week. Staff was professional. Hygienist was great. more »
5on Facebook, Aug 26, 2017
The treated me supper nice even with all my issues an gave me full pricing an and set my next appointment you start a course of action to get all of my issues resolved. I'm super happy with them more »
5on Google, Aug 10, 2017
Staff are the greatest. Care was excellent. I got dentures about 1 year ago and I have not had a bit of trouble. Thanks to everyone at Aspen Dental. more »
Business Response:
I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your new smile, Dave! Thanks for sharing. - Emily, ADMI
4on Facebook, Aug 10, 2017
Staff is all on same page. Friendly, professional and care about you. I look foreword to a long and healthy relationship. Thanks Staff and Dr. Reddi more »
5on Facebook, Aug 01, 2017
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5on Google, Jul 14, 2017
The entire staff was informative, helpful and sympathetic to my needs. Was able to get treatment quickly and the financial person was of great assistance. Very good experience. more »
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Aspen Dental dentists are skilled clinicians trained at some of the nationís most prestigious dental schools. The dentists at each of our offices possess a thorough knowledge of dental and denture procedures. And though their backgrounds are diverse, our dentists all share one common goal: to give each patient a healthy mouth. Itís our pledge to deliver great careóbut also fair pricing. So you can trust that youíll get low, no-surprise pricing. And if your insurance pays less than what we quote, weíll cover the difference.more »

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