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70 reviews
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5on Facebook, Jun 28, 2018
They take the time to find out about your case so they can find the best attorney for you more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 18, 2018
Great job on how fast you website perfoms. more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 27, 2018
Attorney Search Network was quick to respond to my request for a lawyer, and I was very satisfied with the lawyer they recommended. more »
5on BirdEye, Mar 30, 2018
I was searching for help to handle a tenant/landlord issue. Just one of the categories in the Attorney Search Network was extremely helpful. Thank you so much! more »
5on Trustpilot, Feb 24, 2018
This network is 5 stars !
I’d like to thank the attorney search network for linking me directly with an attorney who is reputable, honest, attentive, and always returns phone calls and emails
within a timely matter. After hiring an attorney who did nothing for me over the last year and a half I was desperate to say the least as well as scared and nervous of the next steps related to my case, After reaching out to the attorney search network they gave me three contact names of attorneys that are part of their network and I found one that is truly on my side. I would like to thank the attorney search network for their service and for their constant follow up to ensure that I found the attorney that’s going to take care of my case. I would recommend this network every day all day, thank you very much. more »
5on BirdEye, Dec 19, 2017
Within 10 min of calling, you had connected me to an attorney, who did take my case. Thank you! more »
5on BirdEye, Dec 11, 2017
Hgfff hi ihfdsfgjk more »
4on BirdEye, Dec 11, 2017
Goodnhfghjhgttry more »
5on BirdEye, Nov 05, 2017
All good.
Thank you
more »
5on Trustpilot, Oct 31, 2017
Great work D W Duke [Temecula Ca.] did …
Great work D W Duke [Temecula Ca.] did for us. Would recommend HIM to others. THANKS for the recommend !
Fred Nardi
more »
5on Trustpilot, Oct 31, 2017
Great work D W Duke [Temecula Ca.] did …
Great work D W Duke [Temecula Ca.] did for us. Would recommend HIM to others. THANKS for the recommend !
Fred Nardi
more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 28, 2017
Great professional people special Mr diego more »
5on Trustpilot, Sep 22, 2017
We could not be more statisfied.
Attorney Search Network put us in touch with a stellar attorney, who we were able to reach and hire for, what is normally, a very small project. Even though the
project did not even exceed four figures, he gladly visited our office, offered the best advice and was able to see us through a sitcky situation resolving the matter in a matter of days. We could not be more statisfied. more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 20, 2017
Friendly, courteous and fast more »
5on BirdEye, Aug 15, 2017
I need some very quick help, you folks provided thank you more »
5on Trustpilot, Jul 14, 2017
Saved me time and money.
Not long after I asked for a referral I received a phone call and an email. They found an attorney to fit my needs and a phone consultation was done the next day. I'
;m very happy with the service I received as it saved me a lot of time and money. I live in Mississippi and needed legal help in California. I'm so thankful for the referral and happy with my attorney. more »
4on BirdEye, May 11, 2017
To early to know more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 13, 2017
The rep. Was nice and caring. She followed up on my visit to make sure everything was going well. more »
5on BirdEye, Oct 20, 2016
Great customer service and referral services were done in a timely manner. more »
5on Trustpilot, Jan 15, 2016
Very easy service to use to find a great lawyer
I had no problems using Attorney Search Network to find a lawyer when I needed one most. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone in ne
ed of a lawyer. The service has lawyers for a really large range of legal needs, too. more »
5on Trustpilot, Jan 14, 2016
So helpful, quality referrals
The ASN staff are professional, helpful, and positive. They soon learned my preferred practice areas and gave me several quality referrals within those areas.
more »
5on Trustpilot, Jan 14, 2016
Excellent service, with trusted lawyers and an incredibly informative website.
I found Attorney Search Network when I needed some legal advice. The site was easy to navigate and I was able to fi
nd the exact information that pertained to my case. Attorney Search Network gave me a fast referral and connected me with an experienced lawyer. I would definitely use them again! more »
5on Trustpilot, Jan 07, 2016
Friendly, efficient staff.
Nice and knowledgeable employees are very helpful.
more »
5on Trustpilot, Jan 06, 2016
Efficient referral service
I've been a panel bankruptcy attorney for ASN for many years and everything is clockwork efficient.
more »
5on Trustpilot, Jan 06, 2016
Great resource for Consumers
Attorney Search Network is a great resource to consumers that need an attorney.
more »
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Attorney Search Network is a Lawyer Referral and Information Service established to help individuals find the right attorney by referring them to qualified legal professionals in most areas of the law.

We are a Lawyer Referral and Information Service certified by the State Bar of California (Certification # 113) and the American Bar Association.

Attorney Search Network is a State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral and Information Service (certification #113) certified to operate in the following California Counties: Alameda, Alpine, Amador, Butte, Calaveras, Colusa, Contra Costa, Del Norte, El Dorado, Fresno, Glenn, Humboldt, Kern, Lake, Lassen, Los Angeles, Mendocino, Modoc, Napa, Nevada, Orange, Placer, Plumas, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Shasta, Siskiyou, Solano, Sonoma, Sutter, Tehama, Tuolumne, Trinity, Ventura, Yolo and Yuba. Attorney Search Network meets all American Bar Association Standards for Lawyer Referral Services.



Attorney Search Network is a Lawyer Referral Service certified by the American Bar Association as well as the State Bar of California that provides valuable legal services to the public and it's own members.

Attorney Search Network has searched and found some of the most reputable lawyers in Southern California to assist you in your legal needs.


● Attorney Search Network offers to the public the advantages of being a well established Lawyer Referral and Information Service. In addition, it is important to observe that - Attorney Search Network is certified by both the American Bar Association and the State Bar of California.

● Attorney Search is committed to the highest standards of excellence to our clients and members.

● Information Service

● Attorney Search Network can not only promptly assist you by referring you to one of our panel members, but we can also refer you to other organizations that may be able to assist you in solving your problem.


If you would like to know more about our service, please feel free to contact us at any time. Click here to fill out our online referral form, or contact us directly Toll Free at (800) 215-1190.


● Our Legal Analysts will connect you with an experienced lawyer best suited to your needs.

● Our attorneys have clean records with the State Bar of California.

● For your protection, our attorneys carry malpractice insurance.

● We will find you an attorney close to your area.

● We have some of the highest screening standards for attorneys in the industry.


Attorney Search Network's Lawyer Referral Service will provide you with the effectiveness, confidence, and professionalism of its large list of attorney panel members.


To become the best source of legal assistance for people in need of legal representation. To provide a great business and professional opportunity for lawyers that are seeking to practice what they love and excel at.

To learn about the advantages of using a Lawyer Referral Service click here. If you have any questions about the information provided above, please call (800) 215-1190 or contact Attorney Search Network.

Call Attorney Search Network for a Lawyer Referral to one of Attorney Search Network's prescreened and experienced panel member lawyers or law firms.
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