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5on BirdEye, Mar 23, 2017
I was a skeptic but no more! There's nothing like solid results to make a believer out of someone. In addition, the service is responsive and helpful. We definitely see a difference with increased new customers as a result. Thank you. more »
5on BirdEye, Mar 22, 2017
Our company Premier Software assists law firms and have provided Birdeye to many of our law firm clients, with great results. To quote two separate attorneys in the last month, one family litigation attorney said it has 'helped immensely' and another estates and elder law just last Friday 'exponential' increase in activity. I use it for my own company as well. more »
5on Facebook, Mar 18, 2017
Superb product and excellent customer service. Highly recommend more »
on BirdEye, Mar 17, 2017
haven't seen much happen for my business yet more »
5on BirdEye, Mar 17, 2017
Exceptional!! Found our new electrician!! Highly recommend!! more »
5on BirdEye, Mar 16, 2017
In an industry that relies on good reviews, BirdEye has helped us stay ahead of the competitors and capture our best reviews. Would highly recommend! more »
5on BirdEye, Mar 09, 2017
My experience has been great!! Jacqueline has been very patient and very helpful, not to mention knowledgeable. She is super friendly and goes the extra mile. Answers all my questions and never thinks twice when I ask her for help. more »
5on G2 Crowd, Mar 08, 2017
Easy-to-use platform, fast and friendly customer service, flexible in catering to your needs.
What do you like best?
It is very easy to get in and start working in BirdEye without any form
al training. Everything is self-explanatory. The site combines all of the information and puts together great graphs and data for you to really know where your company stands. Their staff is always available to answer any questions an give great suggestions on how to maximize your reputation based on the data. They also are able to make alterations to the site based on your needs.
What do you dislike?
There is nothing that I dislike at this time. If you have a problem, they help to resolve it.
What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?
Gathering all reviews in one database and analyzing the results based on several social media platforms without having to flip between several sites and remember multiple log-ins.
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5on G2 Crowd, Mar 05, 2017
Innovation at It's Finest, With Great Support
What do you like best?
I've offered this to my law firm clients since early 2016 with great results. I enjoy the speed and ease of u
se of the BirdEye interface. Quick to set-up new accounts, great infographics to share with clients. Very interactice. Aalways get my questions answered fully and quickly. Especially like the integration with Facebook.
What do you dislike?
Initially took awhile to wrap my brain around the best process to recommend to clients for obtaining reviews.
What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?
Has been effective in moving firms up in local serarch results. Clients report more activity including traffic between firm web site and social media.
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5on G2 Crowd, Mar 02, 2017
Our Partnership with Birdeye Has Been Nothing Short of Spectacular
What do you like best?
Adam and the team at Birdeye have worked extremely hard to provide it's partners with both an
amazing product and amazing customer support. Anytime there have been issues with my clients or their accounts, they have been quick to respond and remedy the situation. In addition to great support, the product itself is much better than anything I have seen on the market. They've managed to build a review platform that helps businesses not only GET reviews but also (and maybe more importantly), MARKET those reviews online. The user interface is simple, the features are abundant, and it works very well for all of our clients. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Adam and the team at Birdeye for many more years!
What do you dislike?
Integration is a bit choppy - while there is not a whole lot that you can do about that in the short term, it just adds a level of customer support that we would rather not handle. Ideally, for clients like us that white label the software, it'd be nice to have a support rep that takes over the integrations - as if they were a part of our team with no mention of Birdeye so that it always goes smoothly.
There are also so many product and design updates that get pushed to the live site and no communication is made to the resellers.
What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?
Helping our clients get more online reviews and marketing them across the web.
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5on BirdEye, Mar 01, 2017
Birdeye has thus far exceeded our expectations! As a dental office, we are finding that folks are looking for medical professionals with excellent reviews and these reviews give them confidence about selecting new doctors. Birdeye has assisted us in gaining more reviews in more places. Their service is top notch and the program is easy to use! more »
5on G2 Crowd, Mar 01, 2017
Pleased with the relationship with our company and Birdeye
What do you like best?
Being able to control who you are requesting review's from, being able to remove bad reviews, and wat
ching over the growth and response on social media.
What do you dislike?
There is a waiting period of 24 hours sometimes before you see it on Birdeye
What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?
Online presence and how it helps bring others in as new patients.
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5on G2 Crowd, Feb 27, 2017
Overall Great Experience
What do you like best?
BirdEye is very easy to use and the training was quick and very efficient.
What do you dislike?
Nothing, we are very happy wth e
What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?
We were unable to capture all of our patient successes in one place and with BirdEye we can now do that and contact the patients from their platform.
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on BirdEye, Feb 22, 2017
I think you need to review the performance standards for your employees. Blake Taylor is extremely unprofessional and decided to use harassment as a way to try and earn my business. Sorry but that is the worst approach. more »
5on G2 Crowd, Feb 22, 2017
Has everything you'll need & MORE!
What do you like best?
I really like the customer service and proactive approach from the BirdEye team. They also added in additional review feeds u
pon request. When we looked at other reputation management tools that was not really an option. Every manager on our team is excited and happy with the results. Super great reporting that we've never had before. We can't wait to dig deeper and share reporting with more members on our team. It was not a hard decision at all to go with BirdEye. Don't waste your time looking at anything else!
What do you dislike?
The inability with some review sites/channels to manage review response within BirdEye dashboard.
What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?
We needed to keep everyone informed on the many businesses we run within our resort apprised of customer reviews/experiences good and bad in real time and respond to anything or complete service recovery in a timely manner. We also needed an overall rating and the ability to monitor ALL channels in one place.
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5on G2 Crowd, Feb 17, 2017
Forever West Transport - Amazing Service!
What do you like best?
Automating the request for reviews works so well for us. This service has increased our exposure and saved time!
do you dislike?
There is really nothing to dislike, I would recommend to anyone.
Recommendations to others considering the product
Very good results. Give it a try!
What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?
Time savings and substantially increased the number of reviews we receive.
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5on G2 Crowd, Feb 17, 2017
Fantastic Platform with a Wonderful Support Team
What do you like best?
The platform & the team.
The platform is extensive, covering all of our customer feedback listening and analys
is needs. It also provide things that were bonuses for us like presence management and survey tools. And they really take it to the next level with the review request process and integration capabilities.
In addition, I've really enjoyed working with every single one of their team members. Each has been incredibly helpful and gets things done. They've also develop a few things even since we started just a few months ago. This company is always working to improve. :)
What do you dislike?
The social listening tool wasn't as extensive as I'd hoped but I know they are currently working on building more out and making it a better tool.
Recommendations to others considering the product
Get a demo, try it out for 30 days, you won't be disappointed. And if there is some idea you have, or just feedback in general - tell them! - They have taken action on just about every piece of feedback I've given, I've been really impressed and it's created a great experience and incredibly useful tool.
What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?
Customer Feedback - Where is it and what is it really telling us? Are we following up and addressing the issues as well as the customer individually? - BirdEye helps us do all of this and track it! :)
They've built additional integrations that allow us to pull in our secret shopper reports into the same system as well. They're working on some custom reports for us as well.
The biggest thing that was new to us was the review request system, allowing us to switch to a proactive stance on obtaining customer feedback on a consistent basis to improve our online reputation. It took us from customer feedback management, to true reputation management.
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5on Facebook, Feb 15, 2017
It's been 48 hours and we already have more reviews than we've had in 3 years! We have tried many different tactics to get reviews on our own and it just didn't do anything for us. BirdEye is definitely worth it! Our account manager Michael is very helpful too! Love y'all! more »
on BirdEye, Feb 11, 2017
Review done already. Tech support wasn't great initially through glitches but got better as last request prompted a call although I wish it was quicker more »
5on Facebook, Feb 10, 2017
Great product.. Wonderful staff to help nagivate. I couldn't be happier! more »
5on Capterra, Feb 06, 2017
Nothing else like it
Comments: The way that Birdeye alerts and captures reviews, and lets you share reviews is unique and valuable. Pricing could be better. It's disappointing that you can&
#039;t share Yelp reviews. more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 02, 2017
Awesome! more »
4on Facebook, Feb 02, 2017
Our company very much appreciates the prompt service from our BirdEye rep, Alisha. She has always been available for assistance with the program. Thank you! more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 01, 2017
Very happy with this service. Hafsa was very helpful with setting things up for us and helping me fully understand the details of the system. I would definitely recommend. more »
5on Facebook, Jan 31, 2017
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2479 E Bayshore Rd, Suite 100, Palo Alto, CA 94303
Reputation Management
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BirdEye enables businesses to monitor, manage and amplify their online reputation. BirdEye reputation management platform collects all reviews in one place, generates new customer reviews, manages negative reviews and automatically distributes the best reviews to the business website, Facebook, Twitter, Google search, and 100’s of local sites. As a result, businesses get more word-of-mouth referrals, leads and repeat customers. Here’s how BirdEye benefits your business:
· Collect All Customers Reviews in One Place — BirdEye aggregates your existing reviews from top sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook and 100’s of local sites. Hear everything your customers are saying about you online. · Generate New Reviews from Your Customers — With our automated email and SMS communication, you connect directly with your customers.
· Manage Your Negative Reputation — BirdEye allows you to manage negative reviews. Act proactively on customer feedback and resolve customer issues in real-time. · Amplify Your Positive Reputation — BirdEye auto-posts your best reviews to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Google search and 100s of local sites. Your business attracts more traffic on Google search, stands out vs. competitors, and gets more leads. · Measure Your Business ROI — BirdEye sends you a monthly report card that shows growth in reviews, aggregate rating, visitors and ROI. BirdEye platform was built by Yahoo and Google alumni in San Francisco. Our best-in-class reputation management service powers 500,000+ businesses and is trusted by top SEO companies and digital marketing agencies.
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