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3on iTunes, Mar 17, 2018
Version : 10.0.3
Works sometimes, but if you’re not on WiFi it’s 50/50. I wish it would tell you if someone else in the organization picked up the call. That would be extremely help
ful. more »
3.5on G2 Crowd, Mar 16, 2018
Great VoIP solution that startups can afford
What do you like best?
Price is not so high, works good, can add many extension numbers without additional cost, lots of good features, you can
be reached wherever you are.
What do you dislike?
It was hard to choose the plan and we had to spend much time to speak with representatives in order to have good offer. Also, sometimes, it is hard to navigate among so many features.
Recommendations to others considering the product
If you are small or medium size company you should try this solution. If you are enterprise, you can afford other tools as well, but RingCentral has most features you can wish for.
What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
We are a startup company, and our employees are in different cities and countries, so it is very helpful for us to have a VoIP system in order to be reachable all time. Also, the tool helps us to have as much options as big companies have, but spend much less money for it.
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3on Capterra, Mar 13, 2018
My experience has been middle of the road
Pros: I like that my staff can receive their work calls on the road without having to give out their personal phone numbers.
Cons: The customer se
rvice can be difficult to reach. I am constantly dropping calls and/or the call quality is very poor. more »
4on Capterra, Mar 13, 2018
Variety of Features for Office Use
Pros: Easy to use and set up phone system with high quality sound. The online site for the back end has a variety of features you can set up and it is very eas
y to navigate and use. They also have a windows desktop app to use even more features/functions the physical phone itself cannot.
Cons: We have had one phone that does not work for some reason must be defective. One occasion we had an issue with none of the phones working despite having a proper internet connection and support could not figure out the issue, it has seem to resolve itself since then.
Overall: Easy to use, variety of functions besides phone calls, multiple features for setting up phone for a business.
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3on Capterra, Mar 12, 2018
We have tried to use this for interviews
Pros: I like that this can be used instead of calling form your cell phone where applicants are able to see your information
Cons: I do not like ho
w hard it is to use. The video function does not always allow me to call out to applicants more »
5on G2 Crowd, Mar 12, 2018
Efficient and Cost Effective
What do you like best?
Moved from land line to RingCentral transferring the same numbers seamlessly. Reduced costs - dropping two lines and keeping only one di
rect business line and one dedicated fax line.
What do you dislike?
sometimes confusing with new upgrades and bells and whistles
Recommendations to others considering the product
Great live person service when needed. Having a rep assigned to keep contact with us.
What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Problem - getting information from voice mails and faxes to appropriate staff. Now all team members receive voicemail and faxes via email, reducing paperwork and filing procedures. This information transcends to our iPhones as well
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3.5on G2 Crowd, Mar 12, 2018
Easy User Interface, Periodic Technical Issues
What do you like best?
I like that the interface is user friendly and that employees can use it as a multi-function device. You can call out
and receive calls, fax, and text. There is also a video chat option as well as a chat feature within the program called Glip which allows you to communicate with your team easily if they are busy on the line with a customer.
What do you dislike?
Periodically, we experience log-on issues, dropped calls, poor reception, or issues where we cannot call out at all. That is a big issue when the phones are ringing constantly and cannot be answered due to technical difficulties.
What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Ability to have all calls directed to every employee who is available on RingCentral, the ability to work remotely without having to have use of an office space, ability to easily transfer customer to proper representative.
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4on Capterra, Mar 11, 2018
Great Features
Pros: I love the ability to track all communications (texts, phone calls, voicemails) in one place. The interface is easy to use. There is also an app you can put on your phone so
that you can take calls and texts from your cell phone but use your office line. No reason for clients to know your personal phone number!
Cons: On the more expensive side so you should really evaluate whether this will work best for your team. When having the app installed on your computer and your cell phone, you tend to get a lot of notifications when your phone rings. That can be annoying.
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4on Capterra, Mar 11, 2018
Overall A Good Choice
Pros: Integration with CRM is cool. The iPhone app is a plus. VOIP is certainly a value-add compared to the old world of PBX.
Cons: The standard computer voices are a
little less than ideal and there seems to be some delays between menu prompts but not a huge hassle. more »
4.9on Getvoip, Mar 11, 2018
I might have to say this is by the best solution in the market. We have been using multiple solutions for years and consolidating our solutions was a big priority this year. We can’t be any happier with their phones, conferencing solution and Glip product. more »
5on Capterra, Mar 09, 2018
Easy to use
Pros: I used this when my financial advisor wanted to meet but couldn't do it in person. Was fairly straight forward and made connecting simple. Pretty easy all the way around.
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4on Capterra, Mar 07, 2018
Does the job. As long as everything is set up, there shouldn't be many more problems.
Pros: - Able to download the call recordings
- Able to see calls for the past 60 days
- Sho
ws Caller ID for the people who called the number
Cons: - Unable to download the voice messages along with the call recordings
- You have to know to choose "Extension" and not "Admin Portal" in order to find the voice messages
- Sometimes the calls don't get transferred over to the number at the office, so there can be many missed calls at one point
Overall: - Ease of use after everything is already set up and you know how to find the recordings.
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4on Capterra, Mar 07, 2018
We use RingCentral daily for company inbound and outbound calls.
Pros: I love that my voicemails are sent directly to my email. This makes listening and looking back on them super easy! I also l
ike that it keeps track of missed calls, calls received, and calls made for quite a while back. I have been very satisfied so far!
Cons: When I get a voicemail it will say that it has gone to my extension when I know that my colleague and I both got the call (so it would be the support extension, not personal). This can make it confusing when trying to distinguish who the call was supposed to go to. It's not a huge deal, just thought it was a little inaccurate in that aspect.
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5on iTunes, Mar 07, 2018
Version : 10.0.2
Work like a charm
We use RC for our company. It works so well and is so consistent that using it is barely an afterthought.
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4on Capterra, Mar 07, 2018
Good software for virtual meetings and sharing screens.
Pros: I have a couple software vendors that constantly use it with me for trainings and to go over new features as well as troubleshooting
. It seems to have everything you need.
Cons: Maybe its a common thread among all similar software but I always find the connectivity and video quality lacking regardless of how fast your internet connection is.
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5on Capterra, Mar 05, 2018
Inexpensive great VoIP Service
Pros: We use RingCentral for our phone service,
Unlike our past experiences with other cheap services providers their call quality is crisp and clear,
Cons: Limited list of phones supported, only old Yealink phones,
Poor inexperienced (overseas) customer service,
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5on iTunes, Mar 05, 2018
Version : 10.0.2
Very functional and easy to use
Wonderful to keep the world thinking I am in my office! Extremely valuable when in lousy mobile phone signal but positive WiFi signal.
>Also, keeps business callers away from my personal cell #.
Never failed. Can’t say that about any other App!
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4on GooglePlay, Mar 04, 2018
Works great. Makes it easy to manage users. more »
Business Response:
Hello Adam, please send an email to rcmobilefeedback@ringcentral.com with details of the issues you're experiencing so we can better assist you.
4on Capterra, Feb 28, 2018
Can't lose a meeting with this, connect from everywhere
Pros: The possibility to connect to meetings with a lot of devices, by web application, desktop application, mobile application or ev
en by phone, just attending to the meeting number.
Cons: As I'm in a country with a very bad internet connection, meetings via web application are very hard to do, it is a pain to connect, Other meeting applications have no problem with this, so I don't know if RingCentral need a little more bandwidth or something.
Overall: We use this for web conferences, it can record the meetings and can be accesed even from a mobile phone whitout internet connection, so even employees with no internet access can join.
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5on GooglePlay, Feb 28, 2018
I really can not tell you how wonderful this app is. It is easy to use, well designed, and works very well. more »
5on Capterra, Feb 27, 2018
Its great to do videocalls!
Pros: What I like the most is that works perfectly when your team works in different places around the world.
Cons: What I like the least from this software is
that you cannot do an audio recording from the video call. more »
4on Capterra, Feb 27, 2018
A little pricey, but worth it
Pros: It is reliable and flexible enough to accommodate most office setups. It has all the features we need to manage inbound calls well, send faxes, etc.
s: Support can be difficult to work with, but we rarely have the need for it. It can be difficult to figure out where things are in the configuration interface, but I would not say it is any worse than any others I have looked at (it's just a consequence of having many options). more »
5on Getvoip, Feb 27, 2018
We had the best experience working with Christy setting up our newest location. We have 12 offices across the country, and adding onto a unified system has been surprisingly simple. I look forward to continue working with Ringcentral. more »
4on Capterra, Feb 26, 2018
Great all around communication tool, fills lots of needs
Comments: Overall, I really like this software. It fills all my needs at a decent price and I like the design of it.
Pros: Lots of
features available, pretty much everything you would need as a small business. Simple & intuitive interface, easy to use.
Cons: Some other companies have more options for the same price. Sometimes it gets confusing using this with Ringcentral meetings.
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3on iTunes, Feb 25, 2018
Version : 10.0.2
Not a fan
I have to use Ring central because my company does but I’m not impressed. It crashes all the time.
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Phone System
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For businesses who need a full-featured communications solution that adapts easily to their business needs, across locations, number of employees, types of devices, and budget, RingCentral is a cloud business communications solution that delivers flexibility, optimizes communications, and improves productivity with the best value. Unlike legacy phone systems, RingCentral is location, device and transport independent, designed for end users, is instantly activated, scales in minutes, and eliminates on-premise phone system hardware.

Since 2003, we’ve invested in our own custom cloud computing platform that delivers the reliability your mission-critical business communication demands, while enabling us to innovate and stay ahead of the evolving needs of the modern work world.

Our vision makes possible simplicity like no other. We’re not a phone company; We’re a cloud business-solution provider. We’ve thrown out the old PBX along with it’s rigid rules and eliminated the complexity and unnecessary expense of managing your business communications the old way. Buy, set up, access, and control your entire RingCentral service online, or on a mobile device, just as you manage your other cloud solutions.

We’ve democratized communications, leveling the playing field by providing a sophisticated, fully-featured business communications solution for all businesses, regardless of technical expertise, business model, size or budget. End-users are empowered like never before to control their preferences instantly, from anywhere.

Under the hood is our state-of-the-art custom architecture, built on and taking full advantage of the inherent flexibility and scalability of the Cloud—the internet. Our cloud platform delivers reliable, mission-critical business communications to over 300,000 businesses of all sizes.

20 Davis Drive, Belmont, CA 94002
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