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5on iTunes, May 20, 2018
Version : 10.1.0
App works well. Simple to use.
I just started using this app. 5-2018. Easy to set up. Easy to understand. Well thought out. Has a lot of features.
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4.7on Getvoip, May 18, 2018
I use Ring Central because it has proven to be reliable and easy. Any updates that are needed come automatically and doesn’t take an extreme amount of time download.
It is very easy to find a
number to call for support and customer service. The technical team is the best. I’ve used Ring Central for a long time and will continue to do so. more »
5on iTunes, May 17, 2018
Version : 10.1.0
Great Product
I have been a satisfied customer for over two years and have no problems. Definitely five stars.
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4on Whichvoip, May 17, 2018
Loan processor
Very satisfied, I would recommend Ring Central to any body I know. So far I have done with several friends I know
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5on Capterra, May 17, 2018
Postive, ring central works great for our Business
Pros: Easy to setup phones, the soft phone is awesome I use it all the time. I like getting ym voicemail in email. Simple cloud managed solutio
n. If you have solid internet the call quality is very good.
Cons: Some times administration can be a little confusing. Usually it is decent though. It is cloud based, when amazon had an outage last month, the phones were down for a bit.
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5on iTunes, May 15, 2018
Version : 10.1.0
Great Service
Intently purchased ring central and it has been great. I get email notifications for all call and it also provides the text message in my emails. It’s a re
ally great service and I can customize the services anytime with easy. more »
4.7on Getvoip, May 14, 2018
Product has improved over the years. It is the most complete offering I can find. It is comlex but works great! more »
3on iTunes, May 11, 2018
Version : 10.1.0
Can’t change iPhone ringtone
Just signed on to RingCentral and downloaded this app, so far everything seems to be working. One major pet peeve is that you cannot change
the ringtone on your iPhone for RingCentral incoming calls. I don’t even know how the RingCentral app assigns the ringtone because it’s not even the default ringtone on my phone. I called support and they said this is a known issue, but when I checked online documentation people of been requesting this week her for years. The user interface can definitely use improvement. And functionality on the mobile app is not the same as the desktop soft phone, many features missing when compared to the desktop soft phone. more »
5on Capterra, May 10, 2018
Best Business Voip I have used
Pros: I have been using VoIP for a long time now. As far as service, they are very good. Their system is set up for the end user to be able to set up their own sys
tem and arrange it however they want. It is nice that you don't have to call tech support every time you want to change a feature.
Cons: The ALL ACCESS is also a bit of a con for some people. Too much power means you can easily mess up the system. You can delete accounts or rearrange the phone tree if you aren't careful. (This is only for super users/Admins)
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5on iTunes, May 10, 2018
Version : 10.1.0
Great app Easily configured to suit your taste. Try it. You'll like it!
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4on Capterra, May 10, 2018
pros and cons of ring central
Pros: i really like the ease of the system. its very user friendly and its nice to be able to send different rings for different people.
Cons: i have not had
anything happen to dislike the product. the only dislike i have, is you cannot not always see where the calls are coming from. It will show us an internal ext and it will; be an outside call and it wasnt transferred. more »
4.8on Whichvoip, May 10, 2018
Great Service
Versatile, robust, all around great VOIP system. A bit more expensive than other providers, but the total control and versatility makes it worthwhile. Ability to have a fully equip
ped office and at the same time allow work from home or while traveling is fantastic. Business phone, fax, and texting on one platform with one number makes all the difference in the world to customer service and satisfaction. more »
5on iTunes, May 10, 2018
Version : 10.1.0
Excellent App!
I love this app! If I’m on the road or just away for lunch, it allows me to communicate with callers just like I’m in the office. Full UCaaS functionali
ty from an iPhone app, and it’s reliable too!
For those of you reporting call quality issues, you need to turn OFF VoIP calling over your data connection when not on WiFi. This will allow you to use your cell phone minutes for RingCentral calls and improve you cal quality too. The coverage and quality for cellular data still isn’t as good as standard cellular voice, so that’s why you should change this setting.
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4on Capterra, May 09, 2018
The future of small business phone systems
Pros: Not only does this software use my number, I have an additional number as well as fax capabilities. It also has text capabilities and the RingCen
tral features like RC meetings and Glip. It can be used through a softphone, computer, or cell phone/tablet. All of this costs as much as I was previously paying for one line through our phone company.
Cons: It can be a pain when needing to use it on another computer. I have to go into the website, deactive the other computer to use it on the one I am on at the time. It's an extra step that takes time that I usually don't have.
Overall: It's saved me money and given me more capability than my phone company ever could. It's also made it so I can be anywhere in the world working and still be able to use my business phone. It's been a great investment.
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5on Gartner, May 09, 2018
Improved collaboration through seamless integration and single end to end solution!
Welltok's overall experience with RingCentral has been outstanding. From the implementation to the execut
ion of users in production, we have seamlessly transitioned from a variety of products and solutions to one, integrated, full-featured solution that allows all our users to work within the same framework. Collaboration and productivity have increased from being able to work through issues in real time whether through chat or instant meetings, all without leaving the RingCentral office suite. Although there have been very minor issues that had minimal impact, each one has been met with excellent customer service, quick resolution, as well as detailed resolution notes allowing us to continue to have full confidence in the solution and service. more »
5on Capterra, May 08, 2018
Good phone system with a myriad of useful integration options.
Pros: The native integration with Glip, allowing us to have our project management and our phone system work in tandem, makes colla
boration across departments a breeze.
Cons: The UI, while internally consistent, does start off seeming somewhat unintuitive so it took a little while to get used to how it all works.
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5on Whichvoip, May 08, 2018
Consistent Dependable Service
RingCentral provides a secure service that does not require an extra line. The PDF quality of the faxes is a big plus. Being able to print only those faxes that I w
ant and need is another huge advantage. And finally the price. All this occurs inside personal service. more »
4on Gartner, May 07, 2018
Great package and affordable price for small companies
We have been using RingCentral Office for more than 3 years and having a great experience so far. Both web and mobile versions work good.
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4on iTunes, May 07, 2018
Version : 10.1.0
Great App But Not Without Issues
Very convenient way to have my personal cell phone double as my business phone and communications portal. However, there seem to be issues
with the fax function of the app...desk top app in particular with regard to content in some attachments. Specifically, when I try to send pdf’s that have images and/or images from software screenshots they do NOT go through...whether I am using the fax desk top fax function or sending faxes via email. Simple Word and Excel documents sent as attachments to faxes, even those with images, go through no problem. Extensive calls to Ring Central support have not yielded a solution which has dictated that I snail-mail some communications. Boooo! more »
4on Capterra, May 07, 2018
Ring Central for Office - Best Business Telephone System Money Can Buy
Pros: Ideal business internet phone system on the market. Everything in one place - telephone, fax, text, zoom meetings, qu
ick chat, you name it - Ring Central has it. The Ring Central App has benefited our business immensely. We can have sales associates on the road and still transfer calls from the office to them; the customer will not know whether they are in the office or on the road. Quick chat function (Glip) makes it easy to set up teams via chat (e.g. Sales Team) to push up daily targets, communicate fast and easily to a specific person, etc. People often respond to a message quicker than a phone call! The capabilities of Ring Central are endless. I would recommend anyone looking at a telephone system to check out Ring Central in detail.
Cons: Being an internet phone system, we have found the connectivity has been an issue. Some days the phone line will be extremely crackly, even though we have the best internet system available in our location.
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5on Capterra, May 07, 2018
Really easy to use.
Pros: As a remote worker, it's great for staying connected to the rest of the team. I can quickly start up a meeting because it also plugs in to my email, my Slack, and
I use the mobile app as well.
Cons: Changing meeting details or cancelling a meeting feels like a lot of steps. I wish it was easier to just move it in my calendar instead of having to go into the application to make changes.
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4on Capterra, May 06, 2018
Good quality, but expensive
Pros: If you are looking to get a VOIP system and you need to look around at all of the different options, most of the systems out there have the same features but so
me can cost you a lot more than others.
They do have a great outgoing fax (email to fax) system, you set up your email address in their system to allow outgoing faxes and simply email your attachment to (faxnumber)@rcfax.com you'll get an email confirmation of the attempt and success or failure.
Cons: Cost, I found a different system that saved me 1/2 each month. I did run into some voice issues with them, but they were able to fix it rather quickly.
Overall: Cost too much to get benefit.
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5on Capterra, May 04, 2018
Great tool, and very easy to use.
Pros: I love this tool because it connects directly to the landline, and it tracks all your outgoing, receiving, and missed called. It also keeps track of all t
he texts that are sent, and I love this feature!
Cons: My least favorite thing about ring central is that there have been a few times that it won't send a text message when I need it too. I have to log out and then log back in, and then it works. It may be an update issue.
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4on Capterra, May 04, 2018
Great for companies with remote employees!
Pros: It is an app on your computer that you download. Super easy to learn how to use. You can set up a meeting in just minutes. You can also easily se
e what meetings you have coming up.
Cons: dial-in info can be a little confusing. Their team that helped us set up everything was very helpful and thorough.
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5on Capterra, May 04, 2018
Great way to confidentially fax and make calls
Pros: I can make business calls and faxes directly from my computer saving me time and money. Great way to keep my info confidential at minimum pri
Cons: I primarily use this service for faxing so I haven't had any problems with it. I would recommend it to anyone.
Overall: Easy way to fax from your computer
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20 Davis Drive, Belmont, CA 94002
Phone System
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For businesses who need a full-featured communications solution that adapts easily to their business needs, across locations, number of employees, types of devices, and budget, RingCentral is a cloud business communications solution that delivers flexibility, optimizes communications, and improves productivity with the best value. Unlike legacy phone systems, RingCentral is location, device and transport independent, designed for end users, is instantly activated, scales in minutes, and eliminates on-premise phone system hardware.

Since 2003, we’ve invested in our own custom cloud computing platform that delivers the reliability your mission-critical business communication demands, while enabling us to innovate and stay ahead of the evolving needs of the modern work world.

Our vision makes possible simplicity like no other. We’re not a phone company; We’re a cloud business-solution provider. We’ve thrown out the old PBX along with it’s rigid rules and eliminated the complexity and unnecessary expense of managing your business communications the old way. Buy, set up, access, and control your entire RingCentral service online, or on a mobile device, just as you manage your other cloud solutions.

We’ve democratized communications, leveling the playing field by providing a sophisticated, fully-featured business communications solution for all businesses, regardless of technical expertise, business model, size or budget. End-users are empowered like never before to control their preferences instantly, from anywhere.

Under the hood is our state-of-the-art custom architecture, built on and taking full advantage of the inherent flexibility and scalability of the Cloud—the internet. Our cloud platform delivers reliable, mission-critical business communications to over 300,000 businesses of all sizes.

20 Davis Drive, Belmont, CA 94002
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