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Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch

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 6900 Sumner St, The Colony, TX 75056US

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5on Facebook, Jun 01, 2018
Wonderful! more »
3on Facebook, Apr 11, 2018
I’ve been here for almost three months now. The process of getting in the apartment was awful. My first leasing agent didn’t even put down anything we had discussed, I told him I would come in on a certain day to sign the lease. I show up and they had no idea who I was. So we had to start the process ALL over again. I was suppose to only pay $40 app fee and $500 of my first full months rent. The leasing consultant couldn’t get a hold of someone and I had to pay $150. I don’t mind paying but don’t tell me something and not do it. Then getting ahold of anyone is IMPOSSIBLE!!! They say the will leave them a message and they will call back. It took me writing a review to get anyone’s attention. I was suppose to speak with the manager about the POOR customer service and never got in contact. The environment and community are great so far but the apartment isn’t worth what I am paying and I wish I haven’t signed my lease and looked else where. more »
3on Facebook, Mar 06, 2018
The main problem I'm seeing right now is that I cannot find a number to report suspicious activity to. There is currently a white pick up truck parked right outside my baby's window... two adults making out and laughing loudly as well as drinking glass bottles of beer and peeing in the bushes... I walked down and asked them to be quiet and they laughed and said they are just locked out of their apartment. We have never seen that vehicle or either one of the people that I spoke to so that's very unlikely. I have searched the Thousand Oaks website and can't seem to find a complaint hotline or anyway to alert the patrol. Not very happy with the fact that we have people patrolling the grounds yet they don't catch things like this that have been going on for hours...
*side note- the couple, possibly don't even live in the Thousand Oaks complex, has since gotten in the back seat of their pick up and are remaining quiet- presumably having sex- right outside my front door. Not happy with this at all.
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5on Facebook, Feb 19, 2018
It's pretty awesome when you live in a community that cares about you the way this community cares. My wife and I were gone and a shipment of chairs came 5 days early while we were away. Edvin Cisneros, on his own time, went to our apartment and pulled the shipment off of our front porch and took them to the leasing office for us. Thank you Edvin, we appreciate you! more »
Business Response:
Thanks for the 5 stars and the review, David! We definitely appreciate you as well.
5on Facebook, Jan 29, 2018
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5on Facebook, Oct 18, 2017
Thank you Edna Correia for professionally resolving an issue! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 14, 2017
I had been attending a nearby graduate school program for several months when my housing arrangements as a guest suddenly needed the room for their family. Though Thousand Oaks had always been on my commute to school, I'd always expected it to be out of my league. To my surprise, the speed, service (and price for a studio apartment) had me up and running within that same weekend. Since my residence began I've had nothing but good things to say about the staff and esp. interactions with my account manager, Vianei Ponce. Whatever concern came up on my end as a first-time renter Vianei's always helped me figure out (from questions about rate changes to helping find lease renewal options that fit my post-graduation contract work). Thank you to Thousand Oaks! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 08, 2017
I moved out of Thousand Oaks Austin Ranch about 6 months ago. I moved to the Addison area to be more centrally located and cut down on traffic for morning commute. INSTANT REGRET. my wife and I were so spoiled by Thousand oaks Austin Ranch, From the (4)!!! amazing pools and amenities, great gym, social spaces, walking distance to cool restaurants, and a massive cool dog park. while where we live now is nice, I would gladly move back and deal with the traffic if i wasn't locked into another lease. Lastly the personal care we received from the entire maintenance staff when needed, and our phase manager Edna Correia. I WOULD AND HAVE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LIVING HERE! more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Aug 31, 2017
Great views and trails in the area!! I have lived here for over 4 years and the property has been so helpful!!! If u ever need anything I call Sharon Thibidox!!! She's really the best property manager ever!!! It's a great place to live ) more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Aug 30, 2017
We LOVED living at Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch! My husband and I moved in 3 years ago right after we got married, and it has been the perfect place to start our lives together. The neighborhood is quiet and safe; I always feel safe walking around at night alone and there is a Security Patrol car I see at least 3x a week. The staff has always been helpful and quick to respond. In the 3 years we've lived there we've experienced the normal problems like A/C going out or a leaky sink, and maintenance has always responded within at least 1 day, shorter if your A/C goes out in July in Texas! The front staff was always welcoming and willing to answer questions, whether we were looking at upgrading to a new apartment or had a question about the complex or why our bill wasn't what we were expecting. The area around Austin Ranch is growing and expanding so much there is always new things to do and great new restaurants to visit. I will greatly miss living here and enjoying its vast amenities. I'm sure we'll be back often for the great restaurants and other awesome things to come to this neighborhood. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Aug 28, 2017
I have lived here at Austin Ranch for over 3 years now. I plan to stay for at least two more. I love the community and everything about it! more »
5on Facebook, Aug 16, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jul 26, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jul 23, 2017
Moved here from Dallas about 4 months ago. I wanted somewhere that had the best of both worlds- enough nature where I can escape and have adventures with my pup, but local enough where retail/bars/restaurants were close by. TO Austin Ranch is a perfect match for my needs! Not only is it in a great location, it is totally affordable. I have DOUBLE the space compared to what I would be getting in Dallas for the same price. All my neighbors are friendly, retail owners are friendly, it's like one big loving community. Not to mention, the whole area is very dog friendly- which is important. I see myself staying at Thousand Oaks for a very long time! more »
Business Response:
Thanks for the great review Sam! Happy to have you at Thousand Oaks!
5on Facebook, Jul 08, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jun 25, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jun 21, 2017
I've said it before and I'll say it again... Austin Ranch is a wonderful place to live!! I have lived here for several years and can't say enough good things about this community. It�39;s not just that you don't have any problems, the Austin Ranch team goes out of their way to go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at home (please don't raise my rent ;)
Dr. Temple
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5on Facebook, Jun 15, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jun 15, 2017
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5on Facebook, May 24, 2017
When we lived there several years ago. We loved it. Now we are in a place we don't love as much as we loved austin ranch. If prices went down my family would move back in a heartbeat. We loved taking long walks and loved how everyone was so friendly. We are watching the prices and hopefully come December/January prices will be low enough to move back home. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 08, 2017
I love living in Austin Ranch. Very dog friendly and so much natural beauty with the forest trails, pools, bike riding trails, sculptures and lovely landscaping touches. Nothing else in the city is like this community! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 29, 2017
Great community! Maintenance is really fast, staff is really friendly. more »
5on Facebook, Mar 23, 2017
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5on Facebook, Feb 03, 2017
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4on Facebook, Jan 27, 2017
Its a good complex with many amenities. Rates are getting a little ridiculous though. Currently in a 640-670 sq ft and my rent is about to go up to $960...still though plenty to do, just wish it was a little more cost effective. more »
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