Feedback on Restaurants is Important for Growth

Aanchal Narad

3 min read Last Updated May 22, 2020

Feedback on restaurants defines a restaurant’s reputation. You might ask how and why? With the increasing prevalence of review sites, everyone can be an online food critic, and thanks to social media and mobile devices, most people are. A study in the Economic Journal revealed that just an extra half-star rating makes a restaurant 30-49% more likely to be fully booked at peak hours. In this study, there were no changes in the quality of food or service–the only difference was star rating.

Perception is everything

Together, customers and search engines define your brand’s perception. Customers research online to build an informed opinion before choosing where to dine out.

Feedback on restaurants

Online searchers want lots of accurate information without much effort on their part. Rarely do they venture past page 1 of online search results. You have only a few seconds to stand out against the competition. Local search results rank restaurants based on rating, volume, and recency of reviews. When left to their own devices, customers either say nothing at all or wait until anger fuels their feedback on restaurants. Therefore, this results in skewed average ratings, which do not necessarily reflect the restaurant’s performance.

How do you get new feedback on a restaurant?

Simple! Make it easy for your customers to write them. Generating new reviews from across your entire customer base can balance the scales. Birdeye’s in-moment SMS feedback tools prompt all your customers for reviews immediately following a visit. Through the tool, you can reach out to customers on their phones and capture sentiment while it’s still fresh. With such a convenient outlet, even customers who wouldn’t normally post online are inclined to share.

Not only does feedback on restaurants put restaurants on the map but it also an invaluable business development tool. Insights from customer feedback help all departments, from owners and management to servers and kitchen staff, learn exactly where to improve. Restaurants can highlight positive reviews on their website and social channels to use authentic experiences as promotional material. Hence, the testimonials from happy customers will help online searchers get a feel for what a restaurant is like far more effectively than menus and professional photographs.

Manage reviews, book more tables

To help restaurants streamline review management, Birdeye’s automated restaurant feedback collection process pre-qualifies sentiment, directing happy customers to post on top review sites like Google and Facebook. Birdeye’s integration with OpenTable allows restaurants to easily collect new customer reviews on OpenTable, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations. This review site alone has over 15 million reviews.

restaurant feedback

Claim your restaurant on OpenTable to reach more diners, instantly book reservations, and get new reviews. What about unhappy customers? Birdeye routes them directly to management to share feedback in private, enabling quick issue resolution and preventing problems from escalating into public view. Respond to negative reviews promptly and thoughtfully to turn frustrated customers into loyal ones.

With the ability to solve issues in a pinch and sprinkle praise across major review sites, restaurants have the recipe for that 5-star online reputation that hungry customers crave.

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