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Better understand the performance of every customer interaction and touch point with actionable, easy-to-understand reports.

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Gain insights across your entire customer journey and at every interaction — and digest it all with easy-to-understand reports.


Replace spreadsheets with visual data reports in your preferred format and build custom dashboards based on role or use case.


Empower your teams with personalized reports and dashboards that turn huge amounts of data into achievable goals and actionable next steps.

Track metrics
Configurable Dashboards

Track the metrics that matter

Monitor key performance metrics, track your CX teams’ progress, and keep all your locations in check with easy-to-build, drag-and-drop dashboards.

Visual Reports

Visualize data anyway you want

Simplify complex data by using your preferred chart and table options or by keying in on the data elements you want to focus on.

Visual Reports
Report Filters

Slice and dice your CX data

Use report filters to key in on specific insights at the brand, location, channel, and customer level.

Report Filters
Comparison Reports

Compare performance across locations

Compare performance between locations or time periods to track progress and quickly identify opportunities to improve.

Comparison Reports
Real Time & Historical Data

Track performance trends over time

With real time and historical data, you get the best of both worlds — continuous measurements that keep you up to date and an ability to understand past, present, and emerging trends.

Real Time & Historical Data
Report Actions

Share reports with ease

Ensure consistent performance across locations and keep execs informed with shareable reports and dashboards across the spectrum of customer experience.

Report Actions

Get real-time insights across the entire Birdeye platform

Review Reports

Get actionable insights from your online reviews. Use AI to summarize hundreds of reviews in seconds to quickly learn what’s working — and what isn't.

Listings Reports

Monitor the performance of your listings across locations, track and grow profile impressions, and rank for the right keywords.

New AI Feature

Social Reports

Access insightful social reports to measure performance across locations. Identify top performing content, measure growth trends, and create custom reports.

Messaging Reports

Monitor active conversations and response times by location and employees to ensure consistent, high-quality experiences.

Survey Reports

Use AI-generated survey analysis and reporting to quickly gather the insights you need to make data-driven business decisions.

Ticketing Reports

Reach customers across text, social, webchat, and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of reports are included within Birdeye Reports?

Birdeye Reports comes with reports and analytics that cover the entire customer journey from search to sold. You will find comprehensive reports for Reviews, Listings, Inbox, Social, Surveys, and Ticketing.

How often are the reports updated with the latest data?

The data within all Birdeye reports is updated in real-time. You’ll have the latest data every time you refresh your screen.

What review sites do Birdeye Reports pull information from?

Birdeye Reports pulls data from over 200 review sites including major ones such as Google, Facebook, Foursquare, and industry-specific sites like Healthgrades and TripAdvisor.

What social platforms can I track using Birdeye Reports?

You can track location-level performance on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

How can one distribute reports easily to other team members or locations?

Birdeye reports and dashboards come with multiple options to customize, download and share the insights in the format and visualization of your choice.

What are the different customization options available within Birdeye Reports?

You can visualize the data in the chart type that works for you the best. You can easily add or remove data elements from a report if you want to focus on specific information. You can also compare the data over different time periods and locations to track and report relative progress.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of the data we use in these reports?

Birdeye Reports is backed by the same enterprise-grade security that has come to define the Birdeye platform over the years. Learn more about our security measures and policies here.

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