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Birdeye Referrals reinvents the way local businesses use word-of-mouth.

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Increase response rates, track success, and optimize your campaigns from an intuitive dashboard.


Automated and organized, Birdeye Referrals make it a breeze to turn a job well done into new business won.


Referrals bring new customers, while customer experience tools like Messaging and Insights keep them coming back.

Turn reviews into referrals

Get even more return on your reviews. Send referral requests to customers who leave you reviews to boost response rate and drive high quality leads to your business.

Convert leads with Messaging

Send text-friendly requests

Convenience is key. With Birdeye Referrals, you can send frictionless requests through text, social, or your mobile app and watch your response rate soar.

Rank higher. Rank accurately.

Modernize with messaging

A unified inbox that automatically alerts you to new referrals, lets you engage leads with a branded welcome message, or provide answers to their questions for even faster conversion.

Convert leads with Messaging

Track your performance

Birdeye Referrals removes the guesswork from traditional word-of-mouth marketing. From a single dashboard you can track campaign success, view referral reports, and optimize your requests.

Rank higher. Rank accurately.
Real results

Superior Storage uses Referrals to create superior leads



Brandon WipperfurthDirector of Marketing
Real results

Exclusive Furniture automates Referrals for more leads



Jeremy BellandWebsite Developer

Meet the all-in-one platform to drive customer acquisition and retention

Drive traffic

Put your business at the top of search with a stellar online reputation and local SEO.

Connect & convert

Message customers from anywhere, stand out on social, and collect payments faster.

Raise the bar

Create exceptional experiences that boost brand loyalty and set you apart from the competition.

Products that pair with Referrals

Birdeye is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience to offer a range of products that scale with your business.


Automatically generate reviews and amplify them where they matter the most.


Put your business on the map and be found everywhere customers search.

Common questions when considering Birdeye referrals

What does Birdeye Referrals do?

Birdeye Referrals turns your happy customers into your most powerful marketing tool. This automated referral software makes it easy to create, send, scale and track effective referral marketing campaigns via text and email.

What's the difference between a loyalty program and a referral program?

Referral programs reward customers for referring their friends and family to a business. They work well in almost all business cases, but are especially effective for infrequent or one-time purchases like healthcare or real estate. Meanwhile, loyalty programs incentivize customers to make repeat purchases and work best for retail stores and restaurants.

When should you ask a customer for a referral?

Identifying the magic moment is tricky, but here are some scenarios that we've seen work:

  • A patient loaves positive review after a dental procedure
  • A customer has just bought a car and is feeling great
  • 2-4 weeks after your client has moved into their new house

How do I measure the effectiveness of my referral program?

You should measure the effectiveness of your referral campaign across its life cycle in order to minimize leakages at every stage:

  • Revenue generated from the referral program
  • Number of referral leads received
  • Number of referral messages shared by your customers
  • Number of referral requests sent to customers

Why do I need referral software?

Physical referrals aren't scalable or trackable-just think about all the unredeemed referral coupons stuck under car seats or washed with the laundry. Referral software lets you send personalized referral requests to happy customers and experiment with incentives. You can track and maximize SUCCESS with end-to-end campaign reporting.

How can I ensure that only my happy customers get referral requests?

You can easily pair Birdeye Referrals with Birdeye Reviews, your CRM or NPS software to send automated referral requests to only your happiest customers. Birdeye offers out-of-the-box integrations to 3,000+ apps such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.

How do I choose the right referral incentives?

While it depends on your unique business goals, here are some best practices:

  • Reward both referrers and their friends
  • Cash rewards are easy, scalable, and universally loved
  • Tie it back to your business. For example:
    • A dental practice can offer teeth hitening services
    • A real estate firm can offer a finder's fee

What are the main capabilities within Birdeye Referrals?

Birdeye Referrals lets you:

  • Automate referral marketing by integrating with your CRM
  • Get referrals via text, email, social website, or on your mobile app
  • Test and optimize campaign messaging and incentives
  • Track and maximize results at every stage of your referral campaign


Start growing with Birdeye today

Start growing with Birdeye today

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