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Curating a perfect digital blend with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Based in Colorado, BlendWorks Digital Marketing is an agency that gives local businesses everything they need to take their online presence to greater heights. Their firm recognizes that well-optimized websites and prominent digital presences aren’t luxuries but vital assets that can drive growth and profitability for local businesses. Their experienced team crafts digital strategies that elevate their clients’ online ranking and align seamlessly with their goals.

  • January 2020
“Digital marketing is all about blending different forms of marketing together to help businesses get online exposure. That’s where our name comes from and why I started this business. Birdeye plays an important role in how to manage key factors that affect our clients’ SEO. It was the missing puzzle piece to becoming the all-inclusive firm we are today."
 Lisa Bengtson
Lisa BengtsonFounder and Owner


The demands of daily operations, customer management, and a constant stream of tasks can easily push marketing to the bottom of a business owner's extensive to-do list. But in a world where online reputation plays a pivotal role in success, BlendWorks Digital Marketing saw an opportunity to give their clients a platform that enhances their digital footprint while reclaiming precious time and resources. Birdeye was an ideal partner to help their clients propel their online reputation and manage digital listings, all with the ease of knowing their clients were in capable hands.

A better way to manage listings

BlendWorks Digital Marketing serves a diverse clientele of local businesses across various industries.  Despite varying products and services, their clients share one common objective—to boost their online visibility and effectively manage their digital footprint. BlendWorks Digital Marketing empowers their clients with tools to transform their online presence into a strategic asset rather than just an afterthought but aimed to elevate these tools and take their reputations to the next level.

Birdeye simplifies listing management so BlendWorks can create,  update, and manage business listings for their clients’ locations all in one place. This significant impact on their SEO rankings has boosted their online storefronts and equipped them with accurate and attractive Google Business Profiles. This has proven outstanding results for their customers and their bottom line.

“With Birdeye, we have seen major improvements in our client’s listings but one account that stands out is a realtor that moved from the third page of Google to the top 3 search results. He went from likely to never be found to sitting at the top in just 6 months.”
Lisa Bengtson
Lisa BengtsonFounder and Owner
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From automation to exposure

Automation and integration were at the top of their list while searching for a software partner, and Birdeye matched their expectations for both. With Birdeye’s automation, their clients now have an effortless way to ensure every customer review receives a timely response while also streamlining the process of soliciting feedback through automated review requests. These time-saving capabilities not only enhance productivity but also seamlessly integrate with multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as JobNimbus, EZ Lynx, and Toast. 

Birdeye’s automation has proven to be a game changer, enhancing efficiency and engagement for BlendWork’s clients. They have seen improvements in the volume of reviews as well as an overall increase in star ratings. These have both helped happy customers share their experiences and allowed them to stand out from the competition.

Taking it a step further with AI

Another service BlendWorks Digital Marketing provides is crafting replies for reviews that require special attention. With Birdeye’s AI-assisted responses, BlendWorks now delivers their clients consistent, tailored replies while saving time and ensuring error-free responses. This capability to generate personalized responses on a larger scale has not only boosted their efficiency but also ensured they continue to provide the individualized attention that customers seek.

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“Birdeye provides numerous unique features that set it apart from competitors, but one particularly valuable aspect for us is the ability to create customized review requests. We appreciate the flexibility to tailor the colors and incorporate our customers' logos into these requests. This personalization has undoubtedly led to a higher response rate among our clients.”
 Lisa Bengtson
Lisa BengtsonFounder and Owner

The next generation of digital marketing

Through their partnership with Birdeye, BlendWorks Digital Marketing has evolved into an all-inclusive solution provider for local businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of services that includes effective review solicitation, streamlined listing management, and enhanced SEO value. This strategic partnership has provided them with advanced tools and technologies to achieve a range of significant improvements that have directly benefited their clients. 

Learn more about partnering with Birdeye today, call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com. 

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“We look forward to growing with Birdeye and what’s coming soon. Products like Google Seller Ratings, Mass Texting, and Payments are next level—especially with AI capabilities being added.”
Lisa Bengtson
Lisa BengtsonFounder and Owner

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

Winning over 400 awards for 10 quarters in a row, Birdeye is the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software for businesses of all sizes.

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