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How Fairlawn Real Estate upgraded their reputation & digital curb appeal with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Established in July 2015, Fairlawn Real Estate stands out in the Midwest property management market. Their family-owned company extends across Illinois and Indiana, supported by a growing team of passionate individuals. Fairlawn Real Estate prioritizes customer service and works to ensure satisfaction for each of their customers. From warm greetings to swift and equitable solutions — they believe this is the future of property management.

  • July 2021
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Fairlawn Real Estate’s commitment to providing a personalized and positive customer experience is the core of their service. They recognized how experiences shaped their reputation and wanted to enhance how prospects found them online. Birdeye helped them build a comprehensive, Google-first strategy that would improve their reputation, reduce turnover, and increase closing ratios while recognizing the unique characteristics of each property's target market and brand identity.

“Whether we’re catering to students or luxury communities, Birdeye has helped us train our teams to provide better customer service and develop lasting relationships that contribute to our sustained success in each pocket of our portfolio.”
Allison Ross
Allison RossSenior Marketing Specialist, Fairlawn Real Estate

Unlocking success with Insights and Reporting

Through Birdeye, Fairlawn Real Estate has been able to carry out actionable improvements through trend-spotting. One example of this is when Fairlawn Real Estate used Insights’ keywords to identify an influx in positive reviews that mentioned community tours with the staff. These reviews were isolated to a particular portfolio so the marketing team reached out and asked the leasing manager, who drove the positive reviews, to conduct a training session and share her expertise with the entire company. This allowed Fairlawn Real estate to foster learning and enhance the touring experience for everyone across the company.

Birdeye Insights and Reports offer a new perspective, enabling Fairlawn Real Estate to examine keywords, feedback, and other prevalent information to commend top-performing leasing teams and apply their methods across the Fairlawn portfolio. This collaborative learning dynamic enhances Fairlawn Real Estate’s overall strength and extends to property performance, providing them with a seamless way to proactively address issues.

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Benchmarking: Deciphering competitive advantages

Benchmarking has been another beneficial addition for Fairlawn Real Estate. Through quarterly reports, they gain valuable insights into their competitive ranking that delve into specific ranking categories, such as staff, maintenance, and amenities, equipping them with a nuanced understanding of how they stack up against their competitors.

Fairlawn Real Estate's leasing team capitalizes on this data to highlight amenities and services that set them apart from competitors, promoting value in every interaction. Benchmarking offers a straightforward approach to identifying specific strengths and weaknesses and provides daily snapshots to stay up-to-date in a dynamic and competitive industry.

Armed with this knowledge, Fairlawn Real Estate combines data from Insights and Benchmarking to devise strategic plans that tailor marketing strategies for individual property locations while acknowledging the diverse needs of each target audience.

“Birdeye has significantly improved our approach to improving experiences. This creates a culture of ongoing enhancement, ultimately adding to our overall resilience and success in the industry and our individual markets.”
Allison Ross
Allison RossSenior Marketing Specialist, Fairlawn Real Estate
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Maintaining happy residents with Ticketing

Allison typically responds to property reviews, but first gathers insights from the onsite manager before crafting her response. In the past, their communication relied on lengthy email exchanges. Birdeye's Ticketing has reshaped Fairlawn Real Estate's feedback management process, giving them seamless communication and swift resolution.

Ticketing is equipped with efficient automation to make this process effortless. Upon receiving a new review, a ticket is assigned to the property manager so they can contribute comments before it moves to Allison. Fairlawn Real Estate’s collective goal is to complete this entire process within 48 hours, further demonstrating their commitment to fast and effective customer service.

This process ensures real-time perspectives that guide action plans when addressing concerns and positive feedback. Ticketing has accelerated their efforts to promptly update residents on the actions taken to address any issues when needed and reply to happy residents acknowledging the incredible service and amenities their properties provide.

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"With our Birdeye dashboard, we gained new perspectives at every level. Benchmarking ensures we remain aware of our position in individual markets, while Insights and Reviews provide a more inward look into our overall performance."
Allison Ross
Allison RossSenior Marketing Specialist, Fairlawn Real Estate

Built for multi-location brands

Fairlawn Real Estate prioritizes a personalized and positive customer experience, recognizing its deep impact on reputation and online visibility. By partnering with Birdeye, they have built a strategy to elevate their reputation, reduce turnover, and boost revenue, all while tailoring their approach to each property's market and identity. 

To see how Birdeye can help improve your business’ online reputation, schedule a demo today, call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com. 

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