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Harnessing AI and automation for seamless storage solutions

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Company Snapshot

National Storage Affiliates is a leading self-administered, self-managed real estate investment trust specializing in self-storage facilities across the United States. Operating 1,119 properties in 42 states plus Puerto Rico, totaling 73 million rentable square feet, National Storage Affiliates distinguishes themselves as one of the largest players in the industry. They’ve achieved rapid portfolio growth through various channels, including adding new PROs, captive pipeline acquisitions, third-party acquisitions, and strategic joint ventures. The company's history, rooted in the vision of founder Arlen Nordhagen, reflects a commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships, and providing exceptional self-storage solutions — solidifying National Storage Affiliates' leadership position in their industry.

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National Storage Affiliates' strategy is centered around understanding customer demographics to enable targeted and locally focused marketing campaigns that cater to diverse customer needs. They prioritize crucial customer touchpoints, utilizing automation and AI to enhance communications. Through the incorporation of customer ratings and reviews, National Storage Affiliates personalizes marketing to positive experiences and addresses areas for improvement using Birdeye's Reviews, Surveys, and Insights tool. National Storage Affiliates is dedicated to providing a seamless customer experience and strives for continuous improvement in the self-storage industry.

“The Birdeye team assisted us in creating tailored triggers for feedback requests, ensuring a seamless process that doesn't inconvenience our customers. We've seamlessly integrated these digital requests with our manual, in-person requests to achieve a well-balanced mix of feedback.”
Melissa Cameron
Melissa CameronSVP of Customer Acquisitions

Elevating customer experiences

National Storage Affiliates prioritizes a simplified and enhanced customer journey in the self-storage industry by meticulously designing reservation and rental processes to cater to diverse needs. From the initial search to the reservation and rental stages, National Storage Affiliates ensures a seamless experience, utilizing Birdeye’s automation and AI-driven tools.

Through a strategic blend of human touch and artificial intelligence, National Storage Affiliates efficiently map their customer journey and identify key touchpoints. Birdeye helps National Storage Affiliates stay committed to tech-driven strategies while also giving them an easy way to discover opportunities for improvement and efficiency

One notable application of this is how they use Birdeye to optimize rate increase strategies. By dynamically adapting to factors like economic conditions and customer sentiment, National Storage Affiliates ensures that rate adjustments align with customer expectations and market dynamics. Their commitment to actively seeking, analyzing, and acting upon customer feedback underscores National Storage Affiliates’ dedication to continuous improvement and a customer-centric approach in the self-storage industry.

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Building loyalty through feedback

Managing negative feedback and retention is crucial to National Storage Affiliates' customer engagement strategy. Birdeye helps employ a multifaceted approach where positive feedback is greeted with prompt, automated responses while negative feedback is met with a more nuanced response. 

National Storage Affiliates employs structured escalation processes to promptly address issues raised in negative reviews, recognizing the significance of resolving customer concerns. This systematic approach involves designated teams addressing specific problems, reflecting their commitment to proactive problem resolution. Actively engaging with negative feedback, using personalized templates, and implementing escalation processes, National Storage Affiliates strives to transform negative experiences into positive outcomes, fostering enduring customer loyalty.

Employing diverse methods has never been easier with Birdeye Reviews and Surveys.  Birdeye helps National Storage Affiliates capture real-time sentiments and gathers structured insights into satisfaction levels. The company meticulously analyzes this feedback to identify opportunities for improvement and shape strategies for enhanced customer satisfaction. 

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“One of the big reasons why we decided to partner with Birdeye was to leverage Insights. Birdeye helps shed some light on reasons for churn so we continually work towards lowering risk and increasing retention.”
Melissa Cameron
Melissa CameronSVP of Customer Acquisitions

Putting Insights to work

Another pivotal strategy National Storage Affiliates employs is performance analysis for strategic decision-making. Leveraging Birdeye Insights allows them to conduct in-depth performance analysis by location, facilitating a deep understanding of each facility's strengths and areas for improvement. 

Strategic customer discovery and decision factors are vital in their efforts to nurture lasting customer retention. National Storage Affiliates gain valuable insights by understanding how customers discover their facilities and strategically positioning themselves for visibility. Long-term retention is influenced by proximity, review scores, and review volume, underscoring the significance of effectively managing feedback and reviews for enhanced SEO.

Birdeye’s AI-driven sentiment analysis refines customer experience data across all channels, categorizing feedback into positive or negative sentiments. This sophisticated data provides National Storage Affiliates with actionable insights into customer satisfaction and areas that require attention.

Strategize with Birdeye

National Storage Affiliates prioritize streamlined options by leveraging Birdeye’s automation and AI-driven products for real-time customer sentiments, shaping strategies for enhanced satisfaction. National Storage Affiliates has teamed up with Birdeye to improve customer satisfaction, showcasing their commitment to building loyalty and delivering a customer-centric self-storage experience. Start strategizing with Birdeye!

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