The BirdEye Score®

May 2019


The BirdEye Score® is calculated as a single numeric value between 1.0 and 5.0 based on our proprietary algorithm. The following factors from third-party websites as well as reviews posted directly through BirdEye are applied to determine the total score. The goal is to incorporate all relevant aspects from a review into a single number determining genuine customer opinion.

  • Star Rating

    BirdEye, as well as most third-party review sites, give customers the ability to review businesses on a scale of 1-5 stars. The higher the overall star rating, the higher your BirdEye Score®. Unstructured text-only ratings will be evaluated on sentiment based on NLP (see #8).

  • Review Recency

    The more recent a review, the more accurately it represents the business's current state. Recent reviews are weighted higher than reviews posted years ago.

  • Review Depth

    More in-depth reviews provide a more detailed picture of the user’s experience than a short comment. Longer and more thorough reviews will be weighted higher.

  • Reviewer Authenticity

    Reviews that are directly associated with a platform account like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, and others and/or utilize a real name and picture are weighted higher than ones not associated with a user account or even posted anonymously

  • Verified Customer

    BirdEye has the ability to verify whether users are real customers through our direct CRM integration. Verified customers are considered more authentic by the BirdEye proprietary algorithm.

  • Reviewer Bias

    The BirdEye Score® is meant to be an objective measure of customer sentiment. Users who tend to only leave 5-star or 1-star reviews will be weighed lower than users who tend to provide more nuanced assessments of a business or service.

  • Source Authority

    Different review platforms are weighed in accordance to their overall domain authority. Reviews on well-known sites like Google will hold more weightage than those posted on smaller, niche sites.

  • Review Sentiment

    Through natural language processing (NLP), BirdEye determines how balanced and objective the review is compared to an extremely one-sided review (either negative or positive). The more objective the review is, the more highly it will be weighted.

  • Spam & Slander

    The BirdEye Score® is designed to be immune from manipulation by competitors. Based on BirdEye’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine Athena, reviews that include slander or are identified as spam will be excluded from the BirdEye Score®.

  • Employee Reviews

    The BirdEye Score® is meant to measure the real experiences of customers. Reviews that have been identified as posted by employees of the business violate BirdEye’s guidelines for fair representation and will not be taken into account.

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