3 Ways a Positive Patient Experience Impacts Your Healthcare Practice

Patients today have become more informed and involved in their healthcare decisions to make sure that they get the best out of their investment. This involves comparing different healthcare practices and choosing the best one for their healthcare needs. Leading healthcare practices grow not by cutting costs but by improving patient experience and patient satisfaction. Here are three ways in which a positive patient experience impacts your healthcare practice:

Improves engagement

Understanding and working towards improving patient experience and patient satisfaction are vital for developing your practice’s online reputation. Several studies have shown that an improvement in clinical outcomes is associated with a positive patient experience.

Also, a good patient experience can have a positive impact on the patient’s emotional health, psychological well-being, pain management and symptom resolution. Focus on building compassionate relationships with your patients.

This way your patients are more likely to ask questions and follow recommended treatment plans. Satisfied patients will engage positively with your healthcare practice and won’t shy away from recommending it to their friends and family.

Increases a practice’s revenue

The correlation between excellent patient experience, patient satisfaction, and higher margins is real for healthcare practices. Researchers have noticed that margins in healthcare practices providing superior patient experience were almost double the margins of a healthcare practice that offered average experience. The research concluded that that the margins of a healthcare practice increased from 1.04% to 70% in six years with a 10% improvement in patient experience.

Patient experience is also used by insurance companies as a metric to assess the quality of care that healthcare practices are providing. This results in changes in the way insurance payers’ structure contractual agreements with your practice.  To increase your revenue and get better structured contractual agreements by insurance payers, it is important to step-up your patient experience and patient satisfaction plan.

 Improves your practice’s online reputation

Patients compare the online reviews and ratings of healthcare practices to find the best one. Prospective patients can see what others think about your practice and often times trust those review more than they trust traditional marketing efforts or promotions. This makes positive patient experiences critical for your healthcare practice as they translate into positive online reviews.

A positive online reputation based on patient experience also influences whether patients return to your practice or recommend it to those in their network. When patients form positive relationships and begin to trust your practice, they become more engaged in their care and cultivate a powerful sense of loyalty towards your practice.

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