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On September 12th and 13th 2023, the first annual Birdeye View conference took place. It was a free virtual event that will help you put your business at the forefront of digital customer experience. The blog below describes what attendees would have expected prior to that event.

You’ll hear from product experts and industry executives as they discuss how businesses can harness the power of AI, improve online reputation management, connect with customers more effectively, and enhance the digital customer journey. 

Birdeye View

Speaker spotlight: Must-see sessions from our keynote presenters

Whether you run a small business or large enterprise, work in sales or marketing, or are passionate about customer experience, you won’t want to miss these expert-led sessions.

Kiran Bellare and Uday Ghatikar: Fireside chat 

Image with the details of Birdeye View Keynote Speakers - Kiran Bellare and Uday Ghatikar.

Kiran Bellare is the Product Head of Generative AI at Google. He is an expert in AI and natural language and holds patents in personalization technology.

Uday Ghatikar is the Field CTO of Google Cloud. He is passionate about innovation and spearheads collaboration between Google and the world’s leading organizations. 

During their fireside chat, Bellare and Ghatikar will discuss how AI is shaping businesses of all sizes and answer questions like: 

  • How does Google think about or customize experiences for local businesses using AI?
  • How has AI impacted how people search for and find information?
  • How does our partnership with Google put our customers a step ahead of the competition?

Tune in to learn how to provide exceptional customer experiences and ways you can implement best practices to make the best of Birdeye’s partnership with Google. 

Eric Boyd: The Evolution and Future of AI

Image with the details of Birdeye View Speaker - Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd is an engineering leader and AI expert. He leads the AI Platform team within Microsoft’s Cloud + AI division and played a key role in developing the Azure OpenAI Service. With a passion for technological innovation, Boyd continues to be a driving force in the AI landscape, inspiring audiences with his insights into the transformative potential of AI. During his session, you’ll learn: 

  • The impact of AI on consumer behavior
  • How AI can help businesses scale 
  • Where AI platforms are heading next 

This is a must-attend session for anyone who wants to leverage AI and get ahead of the competition. 

Jay Baer: Hug your Haters:

Image with the details of Birdeye View Speaker - Jay Bear

Jay Baer is a customer experience strategist, researcher, and the author of seven business books that have garnered New York Times best-seller status. The 7th-generation entrepreneur has founded five multi-million dollar companies and has lent advisory expertise to over 700 brands. He is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, tequila educator, and business powerhouse.  

During Baer’s session, you’ll learn: 

  • How “hugging your haters” can have a positive impact on your business
  • Why customer expectations are rising faster than ever
  • Why responding to every customer, in every channel, every time really matters

Tune in to learn why Jay says “hugging your haters” is the key to keeping customers happy and for your chance to win a free copy of his book! 

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