Blaze Pizza Using BirdEye Platform

DIY pizza franchise Blaze Pizza doubles locations and keeps nationwide ratings high with BirdEye’s real-time sentiment reports

Blaze Pizza was founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel and currently has 184 locations nationwide. The restaurant’s mission is to create the ultimate customer experience by encouraging self-expression and providing fast, friendly service.

Customer feedback used to describe Blaze Pizza
Decipher Increasing Customer Feedback

On pace to open one new location every five days, Blaze Pizza had no way to accurately measure and address the increasingly overwhelming volume of online customer feedback received across a breadth of social channels. They needed to thoroughly understand daily consumer sentiment in real-time to keep up with an ever-expanding customer base and needed to monitor various channels in real-time, including NPS, social media, review sites, and mystery shopping. Their goal was not only to maintain a high overall rating but also to ensure every individual location delivered an above-and-beyond experience to its local customers.

Engage Locally with In-Moment Feedback

With the BirdEye platform, Blaze began aggressively comparing locations, focusing on performance by category. They assigned target keywords to sentiment, highlighting customer issues of top concern. This way, Blaze was able to track specific success metrics amidst the massive flow of feedback and respond accordingly.

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BirdEye for Blaze Pizza - DIY pizza franchise doubles locations and keeps nationwide ratings high with BirdEye's real-time sentiment reports.
Stable Growth and Customer Happiness

Currently, Blaze Pizza’s average rating is 4.3 stars across 184 locations, based on 26,840 reviews from 16 sites. They have substantially more reviews than competitors despite being a much younger company and have maintained a consistently high Net Promoter Score. Blaze Pizza’s primary competitor has always been itself. They continue to use BirdEye to listen daily to feedback, honing in on locations and striving for excellence in all categories.

Success Metrics

BirdEye platform was deployed in August 2015. Results were calibrated in February 2016:

  • Held a consistent 4.3 overall ranking with 2x more locations and 175% more reviews
  • Stayed in-tune with daily customer feedback at a national and franchise level
  • Received over 11,000 reviews from 16 sites
  • Expanded faster than all fast-casual pizza chains

There is a strong relationship between sales and reputation. Stores with 4.4 stars & above had same-store-sales growth of 14%. Stores with 4.0 – 4.4 stars had same-store-sales growth of 9%. Those stores below 4.0 stars had negative same-store-sales

Jim Mizes , President and COO at Blaze Pizza

About BirdEye

With BirdEye, it’s easier than ever to get new authentic customer reviews, building trust that leads to more sales. In today’s reputation economy, BirdEye provides the eyes, ears, and algorithms necessary to create the five-star customer experiences that keep your business at the top.

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