Welcome back to the Birdeye link roundup, where we share some business tips of the Week – tips and strategies to help you increase your online presence and get new customers.

1.Create a Great Employer Brand

To attract great talent, you want to have your business to have a reputation for being a great place to work. Read this article on Hubspot to find out how you can improve your brand, reduce turnover, and attract fantastic candidates.

2. Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Want more businesses to discover your website? This article from Zerys gives you more than a hundred tips that will help you rank higher on Google search and be found online.

3.  Optimizing for Voice Search

More and more consumers are using voice search in order to solve their problems. That means the structure of search queries are changing. (An example: “Alexa, tell me how I can get more reviews for my business.) This article from Moz shows you can adapt to the changing nature of Google search.

4. Creating a Simple Lead Funnel

These days, the average consumer is bombarded with tons of marketing. With so many messages being transmitted, it’s easy for consumers to try to filter them out. So how do you make your message stand out? This guide from Digital Attention Span shows you how to effectively capture the attention of leads viewing your website.

5. Check out our newly-updated article on removing Google reviews

Don’t let fake Google reviews stain your business’s reputation. Find out how to dispute, combat, and even remove reviews that you suspect of being fake.

Don’t let fake reviews destroy your reputation.

6. Digital Marketing Strategies to Focus on During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has caused major economic fallout and entrepreneurs are doing their best to keep their business going. Fortunately, modern technology enables many businesses to continue serving customers despite being unable to open their physical stores. To keep your business from going under, Matthew Gillman, the CEO of SMB Compass, shares four digital marketing strategies you need to pay extra attention to during this pandemic.

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