Do online reviews matter?

Do online reviews matter? Yes. Why? Let’s start with how online reviews impact your digital strategy:

Are you a business owner? Have you thought about your digital strategy? Having clear goals and a defined marketing strategy, you could risk expending a lot of effort for very little return. From enterprise retail chains to local business with one or two locations, having a cohesive online presence and using the right mix of content to engage current and potential customers is critical if you want to grow your business in today’s omnichannel world.

If you are migrating your efforts towards more powerful digital strategies, you could be overwhelmed with how to balance managing your business operations and online presence at the same time.

Beyond simply having an online presence, you should define clear goals, understand the intricacies of a digital strategy, and work to maintain an ongoing cohesive message across all the various channels your business touches. We understand that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the thousands of sites and social media platforms out there. But don’t let this cause you to make critical errors by either spreading yourself too thin or not investing enough.

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do online review matter

Word-of-mouth is powerful stuff.

Why do online reviews matter? Because online reviews, like Google reviews,  are the most powerful form of word-of-mouth marketing. Before the digital era, businesses relied on family and friends sharing their business with their loved ones. Friends and family are still making those recommendations. They are just doing more it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. 

The U.S. Bureau of Statistics’ data states that 93% of consumers regularly read online reviews, 85% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 40% form an opinion after reading just one to three reviews.  That’s a pretty powerful impact. And having positive word-of-mouth marketing is just the tip of the iceberg to having an effective digital strategy. 

When customers can quickly and easily share their best and worst experiences, they open the door to help you connect and engage with them like never before. Online reviews matter, and are one of the most important strategies you need to master your digital footprint.

Whether you are just starting your digital efforts or re-strategizing for the upcoming year, the most impactful and easy way to improve your business’ online presence is by mastering your online customer reviews. From Amazon to local businesses, online reviews are critical to everyone. If you think that reviews about your business do not impact your revenue, think again.

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